Seller's Documents Sample Clauses

Seller's Documents. At the Closing, Seller shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Buyer the following:
Seller's Documents. At the Closing, Sellers will deliver to Escrow Agent:
Seller's Documents. Seller shall deliver to Purchaser all of the documents described in this Section by April 30, 2002, at Seller's expense, each to be of current or recent date and certified to Purchaser unless otherwise noted below (the `Seller's Documents'). Purchaser shall have until the earlier of 1) forty-five (45) days after the delivery of all of the Seller's Documents, or May 15, 2002 (the "Document Review Period") to review and approve Seller's Documents. If Purchaser shall elect to substitute an Alternative Property the cost of obtaining Seller's Documents as to the Alternative Property shall be shared equally, unless such Alternative Property was substituted for another of the Properties due to an uncured title defect for such Property, and Purchaser shall obtain at Purchaser's expense any other documents ("Purchaser's Documents") required and deemed necessary by Purchaser to evaluate the Property or Alternative Property as listed in Section 7. Seller's Documents are provided as a convenience to Purchaser so that Purchaser may conduct all of its inspections, due diligence and review of the Properties to satisfy itself regarding each item, the Property and this transaction. Seller makes no representation or warranty to Purchaser regarding the accuracy or completeness of Seller's Documents. Seller's Documents shall include:
Seller's Documents. At least two (2) business days prior to the Closing, Seller shall deliver to Title Company as escrow, the following:
Seller's Documents. At Closing, Seller shall execute, acknowledge and deliver, as appropriate, to Buyer, the following instruments, items and documents:
Seller's Documents. The Seller shall have caused to be delivered to Buyer, at or before Closing, the following:
Seller's Documents. Seller shall execute and/or deliver the following to Buyer at Closing:
Seller's Documents. Within five (5) days after the Effective Date, Seller shall deliver to Buyer copies of the following information but only to the extent in Seller’s possession: (i) all existing surveys, environmental reports, engineering reports, soil and substrata surveys, and any other similar studies, surveys, audits, assessments, or reports in connection with the Property, (ii) all Leases and any amendments thereto, (iii) a current rent roll and tenant aging reports, (iv) operating statements for the Property for 2016 and 2017, and (v) copies of all maintenance and service agreements affecting the Property (“Seller’s Documents”). Buyer agrees that Seller’s Documents shall remain confidential. Buyer will not, without first obtaining Seller’s prior written consent, communicate or disclose to any person, directly or indirectly under any circumstances or by any means any information contained in Seller's Documents, other than Buyer’s attorney, due diligence consultants, accountants, and lender. Buyer may additionally disclose such matters to those (i) who need to review such information for the limited purpose of assisting Buyer in evaluating the proposed transaction, (ii) whom the Buyer has advised of the confidential nature of the information and the terms and conditions of this paragraph, and (iii) who agree to be bound by and comply with all terms and conditions of this paragraph as if they were the Buyer hereunder. Buyer agrees that it will use the information solely for the purpose of evaluating the proposed transaction and Buyer will not use the information for any other purpose whatsoever. Buyer agrees to take the same precautions to safeguard the information that it takes with respect to its own non-public and highly confidential proprietary data (which precautions the Buyer represents and warrants are and will continue to be commercially reasonable in all respects), and to be liable to Seller for any failure to so comply, provided that in no event shall Buyer be liable for consequential, special, exemplary or punitive damages.
Seller's Documents. Within five (5) days after the Agreement Date, Seller shall deliver to Buyer: