Section 8.1.1 Sample Clauses

Section 8.1.1. 19 Eligible employees will receive pay equal to their normal work day at the appropriate rate in 20 effect at the time the holiday occurs if all of the following conditions are met:
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Section 8.1.1. 11 When an employee is injured on the job and is unable to perform his/her duties as a result of an 12 on-the-job injury or occupational disease or illness, and is certified off-work by a doctor, the 13 employee may elect to use leave as follows:
Section 8.1.1. 8 Each employee shall accumulate one (1) day of leave for illness, injury or emergency (sick
Section 8.1.1 a. Section 8.11(a) of the Merger Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the words “(x) consistent with the Tax-Free Status, as reasonably determined by the Company, and (y).” b. Section 8.11(f) of the Merger Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows: “[Intentionally omitted].”
Section 8.1.1. BUSINESS ADVISORY COUNCIL 2 The governing board shall recognize a Business Advisory Council from the private sector to advise the 3 governing board on matters pertaining to the administration of the Agreement. These matters shall 4 include, but not be limited to, admission of states into membership, noncompliance, and interpretations, 5 revisions or additions to the Agreement. The Business Advisory Council shall advise and assist the State 6 and Local Government Advisory Council in the functions noted in Section 810. 8 Compiler’s note: On April 16, 2005 Section 811 was amended by deleting “AND TAXPAYER” from the title line; deleting 9 “create” and inserting “recognize” after “shall” in the first sentence and deleting “and Taxpayer” after “Business” from 10 the first and third sentences. The amendments to this section were effective upon its adoption. 1 ARTICLE IX
Section 8.1.1. Trustee to Give Notice of Default, But May Withhold in Certain Circumstances . . . . . 46
Section 8.1.1. Delay or Omission Not Waiver............. 43
Section 8.1.1. 1. Up to five (5) work days' absence, per occurrence, from work will be allowed
Section 8.1.1. 2 Eligible employees will receive pay equal to their normal workday at the appropriate rate in 3 effect at the time the holiday occurs.
Section 8.1.1. Acceptance of Appointment by Successor................ 45