RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. On the termination of this Lease under paragraph 7 (Options to determine), or if this Lease is terminated by the operation of the doctrine of frustration, the Landlord is to be entitled to retain the proceeds of insurance for its exclusive benefit.
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RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. On the termination of this Lease under paragraph 5, or if this Lease is terminated by the operation of the doctrine of frustration, the Landlord will be entitled to retain the insurance proceeds for its exclusive benefit.
RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. On the termination of this Lease under clause 6.15 (Uninsured Risks) or if this Lease is terminated by the operation of the doctrine of frustration or otherwise, the Tenant is not to be entitled to any of the proceeds of insurance for its exclusive benefit.
RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. On the termination of this Lease Agreement under Clause 9.5 above, the Landlord may retain for its exclusive benefit the proceeds of the insurance (whether such insurance is provided for in Schedule “B-1” or Schedule “B-2” but excluding insurance proceeds from insurance purchased directly by the Tenant and relating solely to the property of the Tenant in the Premises) without obligation to rebuild or reinstate the Building.
RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. Following termination under paragraphs 6, 7 or 8, the insurance proceeds belong to the Landlord. Schedule 3 Review of Annual Rent
RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained, the Landlord shall be entitled to retain all amounts payable to it under any rental income insurance or fire insurance in the event the building is not repaired or rebuilt.
RETENTION OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS. That the Lender may retain proceeds received from an insurance company following a loss or damage to the Property and may apply them to reduce the mortgage debt, or, at the Lender's option, it may pay the proceeds, in whole or part, to me for the repair or replacement of the loss or damage.


  • Application of Insurance Proceeds Grantor shall promptly notify Lender of any loss or damage to the Collateral. Lender may make proof of loss if Grantor fails to do so within fifteen (15) days of the casualty. All proceeds of any insurance on the Collateral, including accrued proceeds thereon, shall be held by Lender as part of the Collateral. If Lender consents to repair or replacement of the damaged or destroyed Collateral, Lender shall, upon satisfactory proof of expenditure, pay or reimburse Grantor from the proceeds for the reasonable cost of repair or restoration. If Lender does not consent to repair or replacement of the Collateral, Lender shall retain a sufficient amount of the proceeds to pay all of the Indebtedness, and shall pay the balance to Grantor. Any proceeds which have not been disbursed within six (6) months after their receipt and which Grantor has not committed to the repair or restoration of the Collateral shall be used to prepay the Indebtedness.

  • Termination of Insurance A. Your policy will lapse if you do not pay your premium when due.

  • Continuation of Insurance All policies of insurance shall provide for at least 30 days prior written cancellation notice to the Secured Party. In the event of failure by the Debtor to provide and maintain insurance as herein provided, the Secured Party may, at its option, provide such insurance and charge the amount thereof to the Debtor. The Debtor shall furnish the Secured Party with certificates of insurance and policies evidencing compliance with the foregoing insurance provision.

  • Cancellation of Insurance There will be no cancellation or reduction of coverage of any required insurance without thirty (30) days’ written notice to the Contractor. Such notice may be sent by the Subcontractor’s insurance carrier, insurance broker, or the Subcontractor. Waiver of Subrogation. Subcontractor waives all rights against Contractor, Client, other subcontractors, and their agents.

  • Use of Insurance Proceeds The Contractor shall immediately use any payment received from insurance coverages to remediate civil or environmental damages, and to repair or replace any damaged or destroyed Materials. If an insurance company withholds payment on a claim, the Contractor shall assume the Costs of repair or replacement.

  • Duration of Insurance Contribution An employee is eligible for School District contributions as provided in this Article as long as an employee is employed by the School District. Employees whose employment terminates during the school year will be eligible for insurance and district contributions to insurance through the end of the month in which they terminate provided they pay the employee portion of the insurance premium for that month. Otherwise, the employee’s insurance will terminate as of the last day of employment.

  • Evidence of Insurance Receipt by the Administrative Agent of copies of insurance policies or certificates of insurance of the Loan Parties evidencing liability and casualty insurance meeting the requirements set forth in the Loan Documents, including, but not limited to, naming the Administrative Agent as additional insured (in the case of liability insurance) or loss payee (in the case of hazard insurance) on behalf of the Lenders.

  • Separation of Insureds All liability policies shall provide cross-liability coverage as would be afforded by the standard ISO (Insurance Services Office, Inc.) separation of insureds provision with no insured versus insured exclusions or limitations.

  • Modification of insurance requirements The Security Trustee shall notify the Borrower of any proposed modification under Clause 13.18 to the requirements of this Clause 13 which the Majority Lenders consider appropriate in the circumstances, and such modification shall take effect on and from the date it is notified in writing to the Borrower as an amendment to this Clause 13 and shall bind the Borrower accordingly.

  • Maintenance of Insurance; Policy Provisions The Contractor, at no additional direct cost to NYSERDA, shall maintain or cause to be maintained throughout the term of this Agreement, insurance of the types and in the amounts specified in the Section hereof entitled Types of Insurance. All such insurance shall be evidenced by insurance policies, each of which shall: