Restricted Partnership Units Sample Clauses

Restricted Partnership Units. (A) Restricted Partnership Units shall represent Working Partner Interests in the Partnership, and shall be treated as a separate class of Working Partner Interests in the Partnership.
Restricted Partnership Units. Restricted Partnership Units shall represent a separate class of Working Partner Interests in the Partnership. Section (d) (iv) is hereby added to Section 4.03 as follows:
Restricted Partnership Units. Restricted Partnership Units shall represent a separate class of Working Partner Interests in the Partnership.”
Restricted Partnership Units. In connection with the commencement of the Executive’s employment, on the Commencement Date, the Executive shall be granted restricted limited partnership units in Holding (the “Restricted Units”) in an amount equal to the lesser of (i) three million (3,000,000) or (ii) such number as shall result from the following calculation: $50,000,000 divided by the average closing price on the New York Stock Exchange of a limited partnership unit in Holding for the twenty (20) trading days ending on and including the Commencement Date and rounded up to the nearest whole number. Subject to accelerated vesting as described in Section 7(c) or upon a “Change in Control” of the Company (as defined on Annex A attached hereto), the Restricted Units shall vest (and no longer be subject to restriction or forfeiture) ratably on each of the first five anniversaries of the Commencement Date, provided, with respect to each installment, that the Executive continues to be employed on the vesting date. In the event of a Change in Control of the Company, the Restricted Units shall immediately and fully vest and shall no longer be subject to restriction or forfeiture. The Executive will not make an Internal Revenue Code Section 83(b) election with respect to the Restricted Units. Applicable U.S. federal, state and local income and FICA tax withholding in respect of each vesting of an installment of Restricted Units will be satisfied by the Company retaining the portion of the Restricted Units in such installment having a fair market value (based on the closing price of a Holding unit on the vesting date or the trading day immediately preceding the vesting date in the event the vesting date is not a trading day) equal to the tax withholding obligations on the installment of Restricted Units vesting on such date (the “Withheld Units”) (it being agreed and understood that the Executive shall not be treated as a partner at any time in respect of any such Withheld Units for tax purposes). The Company shall pay to the Executive the cash distributions payable with respect to the unvested Restricted Units and the dollar amount equal to the cash distributions payable with respect to the number of any Withheld Units as soon as reasonably practicable and in no event later than five (5) business days following the payment of distributions to holders of Holding units generally; provided that no such payment shall be required with regard to any cash distribution with a record date following the ea...

Related to Restricted Partnership Units

  • Partnership Units Each Partner shall own Partnership Units in the amounts set forth for such Partner in Exhibit A and shall have a Percentage Interest in the Partnership as set forth in Exhibit A, which Percentage Interest shall be adjusted in Exhibit A from time to time by the General Partner to the extent necessary to reflect accurately redemptions, additional Capital Contributions, the issuance of additional Partnership Units or similar events having an effect on the number of Partnership Units held by, and the Percentage Interest of, any Partner. Each Partnership Unit shall entitle the holder thereof to one vote on all matters on which the Partners (or any portion of the Partners) are entitled to vote under this Agreement.

  • General Partnership Interest A number of Partnership Units held by the General Partner equal to one percent (1%) of all outstanding Partnership Units shall be deemed to be the General Partner Partnership Units and shall be the General Partnership Interest. All other Partnership Units held by the General Partner shall be Limited Partnership Interests and shall be held by the General Partner in its capacity as a Limited Partner in the Partnership.

  • Additional Partnership Interests If the Partnership issues Partnership Interests in accordance with Section 4.2 or 4.3, the distribution priorities set forth in Section 5.1 shall be amended, as necessary, to reflect the distribution priority of such Partnership Interests and corresponding amendments shall be made to the provisions of Exhibit B.

  • Transfer of Partnership Interests The foregoing power of attorney shall survive the delivery of an instrument of transfer by any Partner of the whole or any portion of or interest in its Partnership Interest, except that (i) where a Partner becomes a Former Partner, or (ii) where a Transferee of such Partnership Interest has been approved as a successor Partner and the Transferor shall thereupon cease being a Partner (all in accordance with this Agreement), then the power of attorney of the Former Partner or the Transferor Partner, as the case may be, shall survive the cessation of Partner status or the delivery of such instrument of transfer, as the case may be, for the sole purpose of enabling the attorneys-in-fact for such Former Partner or the Transferor Partner (or any of them) to execute, swear to, acknowledge and file any and all instruments necessary to effectuate or reflect such cessation, transfer and succession.

  • Membership Units The Company is initially organized with One (1) class of Membership Interests, designated in Units, which Units are initially the only class of equity in the Company. The Units shall have no par value and shall be of a single class with identical rights. The Company shall have a first lien on the Units of any Member for any debt or liability owed by such Member to the Company. Additional and different classes of Membership Interests represented by different Units may be created and issued to new or existing Members on such terms and conditions as the Governors may determine. Such additional and different classes may have different rights, powers and preferences (including, without limitation, voting rights and distribution preferences), which may be superior to those of existing Members. Members shall have no preemptive rights to acquire additional or newly created Units.

  • Certificates Describing Partnership Units At the request of a Limited Partner, the General Partner, at its option, may issue a certificate summarizing the terms of such Limited Partner’s interest in the Partnership, including the number of Partnership Units owned and the Percentage Interest represented by such Partnership Units as of the date of such certificate. Any such certificate (i) shall be in form and substance as approved by the General Partner, (ii) shall not be negotiable and (iii) shall bear a legend to the following effect: This certificate is not negotiable. The Partnership Units represented by this certificate are governed by and transferable only in accordance with the provisions of the Limited Partnership Agreement of Strategic Storage Operating Partnership II, L.P., as amended from time to time.

  • Transfer of General Partner’s Partnership Interest A. Except as provided in Section 11.2.B or Section 11.2.C, and subject to the rights of any Holder of any Partnership Interest set forth in a Partnership Unit Designation, the General Partner may not Transfer all or any portion of its Partnership Interest (whether by sale, disposition, statutory merger or consolidation, liquidation or otherwise) without the Consent of the Limited Partners. It is a condition to any Transfer of a Partnership Interest of a General Partner otherwise permitted hereunder (including any Transfer permitted pursuant to Section 11.2.B or Section 11.2.C) that: (i) coincident with such Transfer, the transferee is admitted as a General Partner pursuant to Section 12.1 hereof; (ii) the transferee assumes, by operation of law or express agreement, all of the obligations of the transferor General Partner under this Agreement with respect to such Transferred Partnership Interest; and (iii) the transferee has executed such instruments as may be necessary to effectuate such admission and to confirm the agreement of such transferee to be bound by all the terms and provisions of this Agreement with respect to the Partnership Interest so acquired and the admission of such transferee as a General Partner.

  • Transfers of Partnership Interests Except as the Partners may otherwise agree from time to time, a Partner may not Transfer all or any part of its Partnership Interest without the Consent of each other Partner, which Consent may be withheld in the sole discretion of each such other Partner.

  • Partnership Interest Except as provided in this Agreement and the Transferor Partnership Agreement, no right (contingent or otherwise) to purchase or acquire the Transferor Partnership Interests held by such Transferor Partner is authorized or outstanding. Except as disclosed on Schedule 5.34, such Transferor Partner owns and holds the Transferor Partnership Interests set forth opposite its name on Schedule I beneficially and of record free and clear of any liens, pledges and encumbrances of any kind whatsoever and free of any rights of assignment of any third party. Prior to the Closing, all liens disclosed on Schedule 5.34 will be paid in full. Upon the Closing, good, valid, marketable, and indefeasible title to such Transferor Partnership Interests shall be vested in the BRI Partnership free and clear of any lien, claim, charge, pledge, encumbrance, limitation, agreement or instrument whatsoever. The provisions of this Section 5.34 shall survive the Closing indefinitely.

  • Class B Units The Schedule of Members sets forth the identity of all Class B Members and the number of Class B Units held by each Class B Member. Class B Units are issuable to the GIP Member. Upon the Exchange contemplated in any Exchange Election, the Class B Units covered by such Exchange Election shall be exchanged for Exchange Shares pursuant to the Exchange Agreement and, in connection with such Exchange, reclassified as Class A Units. The Class B Units shall rank pari passu with, and have all the same rights (including the rights to share in Net Income and Net Loss or items thereof and distributions made in accordance with ARTICLE IV) and be subject to all of the same obligations, as the Class A Units, the Class C Units and the Class D Units.