Remuneration Package Sample Clauses

Remuneration Package in relation to each year, the aggregate of all amounts payable by the Company to and on behalf of the Executive as is more fully set out in clause 5 and as amended from time to time;
Remuneration Package. The Company will provide the Executive with the remuneration package (REMUNERATION PACKAGE) specified in SCHEDULE 1 or such other rate as may be determined from time to time on review under CLAUSE 6.3. The Remuneration Package will comprise Base Salary, superannuation contributions made by the Company to a complying fund on the Executive's behalf, motor vehicle and other non-salary benefits as set out in SCHEDULE 1 or as otherwise agreed from time to time, provided that the superannuation component shall be at least the minimum amount required in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee Administration Act 1992. The Executive will be required to meet the costs of any fringe benefits tax or other tax payable by the Company In consequence of the provision of the Remuneration Package (except for the benefits provided to the Executive in SCHEDULE 1, PARAGRAPH (C)) including goods and services tax but excluding any pay-roll tax and tax on the corporate profits of the Company.
Remuneration Package. Salary for this internship will be provided after Student completes at least two initial trans-Atlantic crossing under the supervision of a qualified ferry pilot and is found to be proficient in the international route planning and navigation. Thereafter, Student’s salary will be negotiated on case-by-case basis, starting from $250 USD per flight day. [a] Hotel accommodation en-route, airline tickets to ferry departure point and from ferry arrival point, as well as daily per diem will be paid by Global Air LLC or the party commissioning a particular ferry project. [b] Ferry flights availability to the Student on week-by-week basis during his/her internship is subject to aircraft type, weather, maintenance issues, route availability, operational requirements and other factors.[c] Personal insurance and documentation, such as valid passport, visas and valid license are sole responsibility of the Student.
Remuneration Package. Salary for this internship will be paid by the FTP directly to Student. Student will be allowed to fly up to 20 hours per week under Canadian Student Visa program at a rate of $20.00 CAN per flight hour. (Hourly rate is subject to change without notice by the FTP).
Remuneration Package. Dependent on the market rate for pilot employment in Canada.
Remuneration Package. If Student opts to continue internship as flight instructor, expected salary is$20.00 USD per flight hour. If Student elects to undergo internship at a 135-charter Company, expected salary could vary between $20.00 per flight hour to $35.
Remuneration Package. Salary for this internship will be provided by the employing airline. Salary package is subject to employer’s offer and may change without notice. As a guideline, OPT pilot is paid approximately $35 - $40 per flight hour and limited to 80 hours per month. In addition, regional airlines, normally, offer cash bonus in the amount of $7000.00 to $10000.00 USD after completion of first year of employment. In addition, pilots are paid per-diem in the amount of $2.00 (approx.) per hour for every hour spend on a Company trip outside of the assigned domicile base.
Remuneration Package. Section 6.1 of the Employment Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:
Remuneration Package. The Board shall decide the wages and remuneration of the management proposed by both parties in accordance with the Chinese laws.
Remuneration Package. The Board shall throughout the term of this Agreement remunerate the Chief Executive in accordance with the provisions of Schedule B to this Agreement or in accordance with any modification as the parties may from time to time agree upon in writing subject to [any necessary consultation with / the consent of / any relevant legislative requirement] the State Services Commissioner or any other statutory requirements.