OBLIGATIONS OF CONCESSIONAIRE. In addition to and not in derogation or substitution of any of its other obligations under this Agreement, the Concessionaire shall have the following obligations:
OBLIGATIONS OF CONCESSIONAIRE. In addition to and without prejudice to the other obligations of Concessionaire specified in other provisions of this Concession Agreement, Concessionaire shall also discharge the following additional obligations:
OBLIGATIONS OF CONCESSIONAIRE. As a minimum, the Concessionaire shall have the following obligations:
OBLIGATIONS OF CONCESSIONAIRE. If all or any part of any of the Utility System shall be destroyed or damaged during the Term in whole or in part by fire or other casualty of any kind or nature (including any casualty for which insurance was not obtained or obtainable), ordinary or extraordinary, foreseen or unforeseen, the Concessionaire shall:
OBLIGATIONS OF CONCESSIONAIRE. The Concessionaire shall comply with the following.


Obligations of Contractor CONTRACTOR agrees that:
Obligations of Company Whenever the Company is required by the provisions of this Agreement to use commercially efforts to effect the registration of the Registrable Securities, the Company shall: (i) prepare and, as soon as possible, file with the SEC a registration statement with respect to the Registrable Securities, and use commercially efforts to cause such registration statement to become effective and to remain effective until the earlier of the sale of the Registrable Securities so registered or 180 days subsequent to the effective date of such registration; (ii) furnish to counsel for the Holders prior to filing copies of all registration statements proposed to be filed pursuant to the requirements of this Agreement; (iii) notify Holders of the effectiveness of any registration statement required to be filed pursuant to this Agreement; (iv) prepare and file with the SEC such amendments and supplements to such registration statement and the prospectus used in connection therewith as may be necessary to make and to keep such registration statement effective and to comply with the provisions of the Securities Act with respect to the sale or other disposition of all securities proposed to be registered in such registration statement until the earlier of the sale of the Registrable Securities so registered or 180 days subsequent to the effective date of such registration statement; (v) furnish to any Holder such number of copies of any prospectus (including any preliminary prospectus and any amended or supplemented prospectus), in conformity with the requirements of the Securities Act, as such Holder may reasonably request in order to effect the offering and sale of the Registrable Securities to be offered and sold, but only while the Company shall be required under the provisions hereof to cause the registration statement to remain current; (vi) use commercially reasonable efforts to register or qualify the Registrable Securities covered by such registration statement under the securities or blue sky laws of such states as Holder shall reasonably request, maintain any such registration or qualification current until the earlier of the sale of the Registrable Securities so registered or 180 days subsequent to the effective date of the registration statement, and take any and all other actions either necessary or reasonably advisable to enable Holders to consummate the public sale or other disposition of the Registrable Securities in jurisdictions where such Holders desire to effect such sales or other disposition; (vii) take all such other actions either necessary or reasonably desirable to permit the Registrable Securities held by a Holder to be registered and disposed of in accordance with the method of disposition described herein; (viii) notify each seller of Registrable Securities, at any time when a prospectus relating thereto is required to be delivered under the Securities Act, of the happening of any event as a result of which the prospectus included in such registration statement contains an untrue statement of a material fact or omits any fact necessary to make the statements therein not misleading, and, subject to Sections 3.1 and 4.2 above, at the request of any such seller, the Company shall prepare a supplement or amendment to such prospectus so that, as thereafter delivered to the purchasers of such Registrable Securities, such prospectus shall not contain an untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state any fact necessary to make the statements therein not misleading; (ix) cause all such Registrable Securities to be listed on each securities exchange on which similar securities issued by the Company are then listed; (x) enter into such customary agreements (including underwriting agreements in customary form) and take all such other actions as the holders of a majority of the Registrable Securities being sold or the underwriters, if any, reasonably request in order to expedite or facilitate the disposition of such Registrable Securities; (xi) make available for inspection by any seller of Registrable Securities, any underwriter participating in any disposition pursuant to such registration statement and any attorney, accountant or other agent retained by any such seller or underwriter, all financial and other records, pertinent corporate documents and properties of the Company, and cause the Company's officers, directors, employees and independent accountant to supply all information reasonably requested by any such seller, underwriter, attorney, accountant or agent in connection with such registration statement; and, (xii) in the event of the issuance of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of a registration statement, or of any order suspending or preventing the use of any related prospectus or suspending the qualification of any common stock included in such registration statement for sale in any jurisdiction, the Company shall use its best efforts promptly to obtain the withdrawal of such order. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company shall not be required to register or to qualify an offering of the Registrable Securities under the laws of a state if as a condition to so doing the Company is required to qualify to do business or to file a general consent to service of process in any such state or jurisdiction, unless the Company is already subject to service in such jurisdiction.
Obligations of Licensee 2.1 Licensee is responsible for the quality and safety of its products. 2.2 Licensee shall use all reasonable efforts and diligence to exploit the Invention and to proceed with the development, manufacture and sale of Licensed Product and to use commercially reasonable efforts to develop markets for the Licensed Product. 2.3 Licensee will represent the Licensed Product fairly in comparison with competitive products from other suppliers. 2.4 Licensee shall not, on behalf of University, make any representations or give any warranties or guarantees in respect of the Proprietary IPR not expressly authorised in writing by University, provided that such authorization shall not be unreasonably delayed or withheld by University. 2.5 Licensee shall not market the Licensed Product under the name of University, and not in any way create any impression that University is the seller of the Licensed Product. 2.6 Licensee shall take all such steps as are reasonably necessary to protect Intellectual Property Rights in the Invention. 2.7 Licensee shall promptly inform University upon becoming aware of any illegal or unauthorised use of the Invention or any infringement of the Prospective Patent or Proprietary IPR and Intellectual Property Rights therein. 2.8 Licensee shall comply with all laws, regulations and governmental obligations that may from time to time be applicable to the making, use or sale of the Licensed Product in each part of the Territory. 2.9 As between Licensee and University and without limiting any responsibility of an Affiliate or Sub-Licensee, Licensee shall be solely responsible for any claims arising or alleged to arise from loss or injury to persons or property caused or suffered in the course of or as a consequence of the use of the Invention by Licensee, Affiliates and Sub-Licensees or the supply and sale of the Licensed Product by Licensee, Affiliates and Sub-Licensees except where such loss or injury are caused by the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of University. 2.10 Except as expressly set forth under this Agreement, Licensee shall use its best endeavours to keep the Invention confidential and not to reveal to any third party any confidential information of University regarding the Invention until after a non-disclosure agreement has been signed, provided that no such obligation shall apply to any information that has been publicly disclosed through no breach of this Agreement by Licensee, including by publication of the Inventions by the applicable governmental agency, was in the possession of Licensee prior to disclosure by University, is obtained by Licensee from a third party, or is independently developed by Licensee. 2.11 To the extent prohibited by applicable law, Licensee shall not carry out any illegal, deceptive, or unethical practices, whether or not they are to the disparagement of the Invention, Licensed Page 12 Product or University, or, subject to the foregoing in this Section 2.11, any other practices which may be detrimental to the Invention, Licensed Product, University or to the public interest.
Obligations of Covered Entity Covered Entity shall:
Obligations of Parent Whenever this Agreement requires a subsidiary of Parent to take any action, such requirement shall be deemed to include an undertaking on the part of Parent to cause such subsidiary to take such action.
Obligations of Both Parties Obligations of Party A:
Obligations of Seller The obligations of the Seller under this Agreement shall not be affected by reason of any invalidity, illegality or irregularity of any Receivable.
OBLIGATIONS OF LESSEE The Lessee shall be primarily responsible whenever needed for the maintenance and general pickup of the entranceway leading into the Premises, so that this is kept in a neat, safe and presentable condition. The Lessee shall also be responsible for all minor repairs and maintenance of the leasehold Premises, particularly those items which need immediate attention and which the Lessees, or their employees, can do and perform on their own, including but not limited to, the replacement of light bulbs, as well as the normal repair and cleaning of windows, cleaning and clearing of toilets, etc., and the Lessee shall properly maintain the Premises in a good, safe, and clean condition. The Lessee shall properly and promptly remove all rubbish and hazardous wastes and see that the same are properly disposed of according to all local, state or federal laws, rules regulations or ordinances.In the event the structure of the Premises is damaged as a result of any neglect or negligence of Lessee, their employees, agents, business invitees, or any independent contractors serving the Lessee or in any way as a result of Lessee’s use and occupancy of the Premises, then the Lessee shall be primarily responsible for seeing that the proper claims are placed with the Lessee’s insurance company, or the damaging party's insurance company, and shall furthermore be responsible for seeing that the building is safeguarded with respect to said damage and that all proper notices with respect to said damage, are made in a timely fashion, including notice to the Lessor, and the party or parties causing said damage. Any damage that is not covered by an insurance company will be the liability of the Lessee.The Lessee shall, during the term of this Lease, and in the renewal thereof, at its sole expense, keep the interior of the Premises in as good a condition and repair as it is at the date of this Lease, reasonable wear and use excepted. This obligation would include the obligation to replace any plate glass damaged as a result of the neglect or acts of Lessee or her guests or invitees. Furthermore, the Lessee shall not knowingly commit nor permit to be committed any act or thing contrary to the rules and regulations prescribed from time to time by any federal, state or local authorities and shall expressly not be allowed to keep or maintain any hazardous waste materials or contaminates on the Premises. Lessee shall also be responsible for the cost, if any, which would be incurred to bring her contemplated operation and business activity into compliance with any law or regulation of a federal, state or local authority.
Conditions of Parties Obligations The obligations of the Company to issue and sell, and of Purchaser to purchase and pay for, the Shares are also subject to the fulfillment prior to or concurrently with the Closing of the conditions set forth below.
Obligations of Management Each officer and key employee of the Company is currently devoting substantially all of his or her business time to the conduct of the business of the Company. The Company is not aware that any officer or key employee of the Company is planning to work less than full time at the Company in the future. No officer or key employee is currently working or, to the Company’s knowledge, plans to work for a competitive enterprise, whether or not such officer or key employee is or will be compensated by such enterprise.