Applicable Permits Sample Clauses

Applicable Permits. Written confirmation that all Applicable Permits then required are in full force and effect including a list of such clearances.
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Applicable Permits. (i) The Developer shall have obtained all Applicable Permits specified in Schedule 29A (Applicable Permits to be obtained by the Developer), unconditionally, or if subject to conditions, then all such conditions required to be fulfilled prior to or by the Appointed Date shall have been satisfied in full, and such Applicable Permits are in full force and effect.
Applicable Permits. The Concessionaire shall at all times during the Concession Period maintain and comply with the Applicable Permits.
Applicable Permits. The Concessionaire shall obtain and maintain all Applicable Permits in such sequence as is consistent with the requirements of the Project except as provided in this Agreement.
Applicable Permits. The Concessionaire shall, at its cost, transfer to the Authority all such Applicable Permits which the Authority may require and which can be legally transferred. Provided if the termination is on account of Authority Event of Default the cost of such transfer shall be borne/ reimbursed by the Authority.
Applicable Permits. (a) The Concessionaire shall obtain and maintain at its cost all Applicable Permits, including all environmental permits, in conformity with the Applicable Laws and be in compliance therewith. Subject to the Concessionaire complying with the Applicable Laws and Good Industry Practice, the Authority shall facilitate the securing of such consents, clearances and Applicable Permits.
Applicable Permits. All Applicable Permits for each Initial Project required to have been obtained by the Obligors by the Term Conversion Date (i) have been duly obtained, (ii) are in full force and effect, (iii) have had any applicable appeal period elapse without request for any appeal or such appeal has been denied or resolved with finality, (iv) are held in the name of the applicable Obligor or Subsidiary or the applicable Project, and (v) are not subject to any unsatisfied condition the noncompliance with which could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect. The Applicable Permits shall not be subject to any material restriction, condition, limitation or other provision that could reasonably be expected to result in any Project being operated in a manner inconsistent in any material respect with the Base Case Projections other than any inconsistency that could reasonably be expected to result in (x) gains to the Borrower or (y) losses, costs or expenses to Borrower that are not material.
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Applicable Permits i. The Authority shall, at the request of the Concessionaire, grant Applicable Permits with reasonable promptness that are in its authority and capacity to grant and, as the case may be, assist but without guarantees and/or without assuming any responsibility in that behalf and issue recommendatory letters and make best efforts to assist the Concessionaire in obtaining all the Applicable Permits from Government Authorities, Concessions to import equipment and materials required for the Project and immigration clearances, employment permits and residential premises for any foreign personnel engaged or employed by the Concessionaire in connection with the implementation of the Project, including renewals thereof; provided that nothing contained in this provision shall relieve the Concessionaire of its obligations under this Agreement to obtain the Applicable Permits and of being in compliance with the requirements of the same, provided further that the Concessionaire
Applicable Permits. The Concessionaire shall obtain and maintain the Applicable Permits in such sequence as is consistent with the requirements of the Project. The Lead ULB shall provide all necessary co- operation/ assistance for obtaining the permission. The Concessionaire shall be responsible to be in compliance with the terms and conditions subject to which Applicable Permits have been issued.
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