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Swap Rate means the US-Dollar denominated interbank interest rate swap rates/LIBOR offered rates as shown on Reuters page ICAP and other comparable brokerage pages, adjusted for the chosen interest rate method (annual/semi-annual compounding, etc.).
Swap Rate if applicable, with respect to any Class Interest Rate Swap, shall have the meaning specified in the Series Term Sheet.
Swap Rate means, in relation to a Covered Bond or Series of Covered Bonds, the exchange rate specified in any Swap Agreement relating to such Covered Bond or Series of Covered Bonds or, if there is no exchange rate specified or if the Swap Agreement has terminated, the applicable spot rate;

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In respect of the outstanding Covered Bonds which are not denominated in Sterling, the Principal Amount Outstanding of such Covered Bonds shall be the equivalent in Sterling at the relevant Covered Bond Swap Rate.

First Reset Period Fallback Rate: The Mid Swap Rate displayed on the Subsequent Reset Rate Screen Page at the then-latest time and date on which such Mid Swap Rate was so displayed, as determined by the Agent in consultation with the Issuer (or, failing any such determination, -0.314 per cent.).

If you are long on a Margin FX Contract where the bought currency interest rates are higher than the sold currency interest rates you will receive interest at the Swap Rate if you hold the Contract overnight and do not close it before the settlement time.

Underlying Asset(s): The Notes are linked to the 30-Year USD Swap Rate, the 2-Year USD Swap Rate, the 3-Month USD LIBOR and the 3-Month USD LIBOR (IP) (each as defined below).

The interest paid on these loans can fluctuate with changes in the floating interest rate, which is affected by external factors and notably movements in the Bank Bill Swap Rate (BBSW).

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Swap Rate means the forward swap rate based on the London Interbank Offered Rate last quoted by Bloomberg for deposits of U.S. Dollars for a period of three months, and taking into account the time period between the Issuance Date and the Maturity Date as determined by the Agent in its sole reasonable discretion based on the Bloomberg SWPM calculator. If no such London Interbank Offered Rate exists, such rate will be the rate of interest per annum, as determined by the Agent at which deposits of U.S. Dollars in immediately available funds are offered on the last Business Day of each calendar month by major financial institutions reasonably satisfactory to the Agent in the London interbank market for a period of three months for the applicable principal amount on such date of determination.
Swap Rate means, as of any date of determination, the then current weighted average of (i) the fixed interest rates under the swap agreements entered into in accordance with clause (i) of the definition of Hedge Requirements and (ii) with respect to any Advance not yet hedged in accordance with such clause (i) the then current fixed versus LIBOR swap rate associated with the Expected Amortization Profile of such Advance, as determined by the Administrative Agent in consultation with the Borrower.
Swap Rate means, in respect of a notional fixed-floating interest rate swap contract denominated in a particular currency with a particular tenor, an interest rate expressed as a percentage which when multiplied by the notional principal amount in respect of which such swap contract is notionally made and by the fixed rate day count fraction calculated in the manner specified therein represents the amount that a fixed rate payer would have to pay on each of the dates specified therein for fixed rate payments, against receiving floating rate amounts on the dates specified therein for floating-rate payments equal to the product of: (i) the floating rate specified therein; (ii) the notional principal amount of the swap specified therein; and (iii) the floating rate day count fraction calculated in the manner specified therein; and
Swap Rate means the fixed rate of a fixed-floating interest rate swap with a maturity in years closest to the Weighted Average Life of the ABS Reference Obligation and denominated in the same currency as the currency in which the ABS Reference Obligation is denominated.
Swap Rate means, in relation to any Loan or Unpaid Sum: