Port Sample Clauses

Port. A line card (or equivalent) and associated peripheral equipment on an End Office Switch that interconnects individual Loops or individual Customer trunks with the switching components of an End Office Switch and the associated switching functionality in that End Office Switch. Each Port is typically associated with one (or more) telephone number(s) that serves as the Customer's network address. The Port is part of the provision of unbundled Local Switching Element.
Port. Port is an unbundled component of Exchange Service that provides for the interconnection of individual loops or trunks to the switching components of GTE's network. In general, it is a line card or trunk card and associated peripheral equipment on GTE end office switch that serves as the hardware termination for the end user's Exchange Service on that switch and generates dial tone and provides the end user access to the public switched telecommunications network. The port does not include such features and functions which are provided as part of Local Switching. Each line-side port is typically associated with one (or more) telephone number(s), which serve as the end user's network address.
Port. The Port shall have the following responsibilities when administering and enforcing the requirements of this Chapter.
Port. (1) The Company shall ship such portion of its nickel containing products as are destined for overseas users through the port of Esperance or such other port in the State of Western Australia as the State may approve and shall provide at no cost to the State all necessary unloading, storage, reclaiming, and ship loading equipment and all other facilities required at the port of Esperance to carry out its obligations hereunder. The Company shall provide facilities as necessary and carry out its operations at the port in accordance with its proposals as submitted to and approved by the Minister hereunder.
Port. “Port” or “the Port” shall mean and refer to the Port of Seattle, whose street address for purposes of notice is 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000, Attention: Lease Administration and whose mailing address for purposes of billing is P. O. Xxx 00000, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000, Attention: Accounts Receivable.
Port. Port" means an area along one of Minnesota's navigable waterways that supports at least one terminal that takes on or discharges cargo or passengers.
Port. The following illustrates the implementation of URL configuration in 5.7.5.x. # *** JndiURLs *** # # This list contains JNDI provider URLs for federated servers.
Port. (1) Construction of the barge loading facility (in this clause referred to as the "port") to be located within the Mineral Lease over an area situate within the Bing Bong Pastoral Lease No. 686 and adjacent Territory waters, shall be the responsibility of the Company.
Port. (a) The Company shall from time to time review with the Government the technical, logistical and economic feasibility of using existing ports and facilities within [COUNTRY] for the purposes of the Project.
Port. “Port” shall mean the Port of Seattle, a Washington municipal corporation.