Performs Sample Clauses

Performs device configuration, configuration changes, installs updates to device software (filters, profiles and patches), resolves known issues. Monitors device health and performance using pre- set or standard dashboards and reports. Creates new dashboards, queries and reports for use by support team and customers. Troubleshoots new or unknown issues escalated from Tier1 Engineers, directs Tier1 to resolve issue or escalate to Tier3. Supervises Tier 1 Engineers. Three (3) or more years of IT security experience with managing devices of similar type.
Performs various system quality assurance activities; tests and troubleshoots system issues using appropriate technology; executes testing plans to validate functionality and resolve issues.
Performs job functions with accuracy, versatility, and in a timely manner; and (5) functions with minimal supervision. Rating Assigned: Comments:
Performs a Medicaid beneficiary determination or redetermination on a beneficiary who enrolls in, or is enrolled in, a Platino Plan, and

Related to Performs

  • Services Services available under this Contract are limited to related services as specified in Appendix C, Pricing Index. Vendor may incorporate changes to their service offering; however, any changes must be within the scope of services awarded based on the posting described in Section 1.B above.

  • Functions To receive and review information regarding the Substance Abuse and Peer Assistance Programs.

  • Independent Contractor In the performance of its services hereunder, the Subadviser is and shall be an independent contractor and unless otherwise expressly provided herein or otherwise authorized in writing, shall have no authority to act for or represent the Fund, the Trust or the Adviser in any way or otherwise be deemed an agent of the Fund, the Trust or the Adviser.

  • Subcontractor Any vendor, subcontractor or other Person that is not responsible for the overall servicing (as “servicing” is commonly understood by participants in the mortgage-backed securities market) of Mortgage Loans but performs one or more discrete functions identified in Item 1122(d) of Regulation AB with respect to Mortgage Loans under the direction or authority of the Servicer or a Subservicer.

  • Related Services a) Customized Routing

  • MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS B-1 The Association recognizes that the management of the Hospital and the direction of the working forces are fixed exclusively in the Hospital and shall remain solely with the Hospital except as specifically limited by the provisions of this Agreement, and without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Association acknowledges that it is the exclusive function of the Hospital to:

  • Services to Other Clients; Certain Affiliated Activities (a) The relationship between the Asset Manager and the Series is as described in this Agreement and nothing in this Agreement, none of the services to be provided pursuant to this Agreement, nor any other matter, shall oblige the Asset Manager to accept responsibilities that are more extensive than those set forth in this Agreement.

  • Services to be performed by Contractor In consideration of the payments set forth herein and in Exhibit “B,” Contractor shall perform services for County in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications set forth herein and in Exhibit “A.”

  • Services to Others Clients Nothing contained in this Agreement shall limit or restrict (i) the freedom of the Sub-adviser, or any affiliated person thereof, to render investment management and corporate administrative services to other investment companies, to act as investment manager or investment counselor to other persons, firms, or corporations, or to engage in any other business activities, or (ii) the right of any director, officer, or employee of the Sub-adviser, who may also be a director, officer, or employee of the Fund, to engage in any other business or to devote his or her time and attention in part to the management or other aspects of any other business, whether of a similar nature or a dissimilar nature.

  • The Services 3.1.1 The Supplier shall supply the Services and provide all Deliverables to the Authority during the Contract Period in accordance with the Authority’s requirements as set out in the Contract in consideration for the payment of the Contract Price. The Authority may inspect and examine the manner in which the Supplier supplies the Services at the Premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice.