Perfection Procedures Sample Clauses

Perfection Procedures 

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  • Collection Procedures (a) On or before the Closing Date, the Seller and the Purchaser shall have established and shall maintain thereafter the system of collecting and processing Collections of Receivables in accordance with Section 2.02 of the Servicing Agreement.

  • Application Procedures i) An employee applies for a listing on the system-wide registry through the employee’s Human Resources Department by completing the form in Appendix A.

  • Transition Procedures Upon the expiration or termination of the Term of this Lease, for whatever reason (other than a purchase of the Leased Property by Lessee), Lessor and Lessee shall do the following (and the provisions of this Section 2.3 shall survive the expiration or termination of this Lease until they have been fully performed) and, in general, shall cooperate in good faith to effect an orderly transition of the management and/or lease of the Hotel:

  • Auction Procedures The provisions contained in Section 11.10 of the Amended and Restated Bylaws concerning Auction Procedures will be followed by the Fund and, to the extent applicable, the Auction Agent, and the provisions contained therein are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety and shall be deemed to be a part of this Agreement to the same extent as if such provisions were set forth fully herein.

  • Transaction Procedures All series transactions for the Designated Series shall be consummated by payment to, or delivery by, the Custodian(s) from time to time designated by the Fund (the “Custodian”), or such depositories or agents as may be designated by the Custodian in writing, of all cash and/or securities due to or from the Series. The Subadviser shall not have possession or custody of such cash and/or securities or any responsibility or liability with respect to such custody. The Subadviser shall advise the Custodian and confirm in writing to the Fund all investment orders for the Designated Series placed by it with brokers and dealers at the time and in the manner set forth in Schedule A hereto (as amended from time to time). The Fund shall issue to the Custodian such instructions as may be appropriate in connection with the settlement of any transaction initiated by the Subadviser. The Fund shall be responsible for all custodial arrangements and the payment of all custodial charges and fees, and, upon giving proper instructions to the Custodian, the Subadviser shall have no responsibility or liability with respect to custodial arrangements or the act, omissions or other conduct of the Custodian.

  • Notification Procedures The Auction Manager will calculate the Applicable Discounted Price and will cause the Administrative Agent to post the Applicable Discounted Price and proration factor onto an internet or intranet site (including an IntraLinks, SyndTrak or other electronic workspace) in accordance with the Auction Manager’s standard dissemination practices by 4:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Business Day during which the Expiration Time occurs. The Auction Manager will insert the principal amount of Term Loans of the applicable Class(es) to be assigned and the applicable settlement date into each applicable Affiliated Assignment and Assumption received in connection with a Qualifying Bid. Upon the request of the submitting Lender, the Auction Manager will promptly return any Affiliated Assignment and Assumption received in connection with a Return Bid that is not a Qualifying Bid.

  • Security Procedures With respect to all funds transfer instructions that are given pursuant to this Agreement (other than in writing at the time of execution of this Agreement), whether in writing, by facsimile or otherwise, the Depositary is authorized to seek confirmation of such instructions by telephone call-back to the person or persons designated on Schedule II hereto (“Schedule II”), and the Depositary may rely upon the confirmation of anyone purporting to be the person or persons so designated. Each funds transfer instruction shall be executed by an authorized signatory, a list of such authorized signatories is set forth on Schedule II. The persons and telephone numbers for call-backs may be changed only in a writing actually received and acknowledged by the Depositary. If the Depositary is unable to contact any of the authorized representatives identified in Schedule II, the Depositary is hereby authorized to seek confirmation of such instructions by telephone call-back to any one or more of Escrow Agent’s executive officers (“Executive Officers”), as the case may be, which shall include the titles of Assistant Vice President or Vice President, as the Depositary may select. Such “Executive Officer” shall deliver to the Depositary a fully executed incumbency certificate, and the Depositary may rely upon the confirmation of anyone purporting to be any such officer. The Depositary and the beneficiary’s bank in any funds transfer may rely solely upon any account numbers or similar identifying numbers provided by the Escrow Agent to identify (a) the beneficiary, (b) the beneficiary’s bank, or (c) an intermediary bank. The Depositary may apply any of the funds for any payment order it executes using any such identifying number, even when its use may result in a person other than the beneficiary being paid, or the transfer of funds to a bank other than the beneficiary’s bank or an intermediary bank designated. The Escrow Agent acknowledges that these security procedures are commercially reasonable.

  • Selection Procedures No selection procedures believed by the Bank to be materially adverse to the interests of the Investor Certificateholders were utilized in selecting the Removed Accounts designated hereby.

  • Loan Procedures (a) Except for Same Day Loans funded under Section 2.2(b), the Company shall give written notice or telephonic notice (followed immediately by written confirmation thereof) to the Agent of each proposed borrowing not later than 10:00 A.M., Detroit time, at least two Business Days prior to the proposed date of such borrowing. Each such notice shall be effective upon receipt by the Agent, shall be irrevocable and shall specify the date and amount of the proposed borrowing. Within one Business Day after receipt of such notice, the Agent shall advise each Lender thereof. Not later than 1:00 P.M., Detroit time, on the date of a proposed borrowing, each Lender shall provide the Agent at the office specified by the Agent with immediately available funds covering such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of such borrowing and, so long as the Agent has not received written notice that the conditions precedent set forth in Section 10 with respect to such borrowing have not been satisfied, the Agent shall pay over the funds received by the Agent to the Company on the requested borrowing date. Each borrowing shall be on a Business Day.

  • Evaluation Procedures Each Appraiser shall be directed to determine the Fair Market Value of the asset. Each Appraiser will also be directed to deliver an Appraiser's Certificate to each Member on or before the 30th day after their respective designation (the "Certificate Date"), upon the conclusion of its evaluation, and each Appraiser's Certificate once delivered may not be retracted or modified in any respect. Each Appraiser shall keep confidential all information disclosed by the Company in the course of conducting its evaluation, and, to that end, will execute such customary documentation as the Company may reasonably request with respect to such confidentiality obligation. The Members shall cooperate in causing the Company to provide each Appraiser with such information within the Company's possession which may be reasonably requested in writing by the Appraiser for purposes of its evaluation hereunder. The Appraisers shall consult with each other in the course of conducting their respective evaluations. Each Member shall have full access to each Appraiser's work papers. Each Appraiser shall be directed to comply with the provisions of this Section 8.9, and to that end each Member shall provide to its respective Appraiser a complete and correct copy of this Section 8.9 (and the definitions of capitalized terms used in this Section 8.9 that are defined elsewhere in this Agreement).