Payments Fees and Other General Provisions Sample Clauses

Payments Fees and Other General Provisions. 3.1 Payments. Each payment or prepayment on the Obligations shall be made in Dollars, without condition or deduction for setoff, counterclaim, defense, or recoupment, and is due and must be paid at Administrative Agent’s Principal Office in Dallas, Texas in funds which are or will be available for immediate use by Administrative Agent by 12:00 noon on the day due. Payments made after 12:00 noon shall be deemed made on the Business Day next following. If no Default or Event of Default exists and if no order of application is otherwise specified in the Loan Documents, payments and prepayments of the Obligations shall be applied first to Fees, second to accrued interest then due and payable on the Principal Debt, and then to the remaining Obligations in the order and manner as Borrower may direct. If a Default or Event of Default exists (or if Borrower fails to give direction as permitted in the preceding sentence), any payment or prepayment shall be applied to the Obligations in accordance with Section 10.4. Administrative Agent shall pay to each Lender any payment or prepayment to which such Lender is entitled hereunder on the same day Administrative Agent shall have received the same from Borrower; provided such payment or prepayment is received by Administrative Agent prior to 12:00 noon, and otherwise before 12:00 noon on the Business Day next following. If and to the extent Administrative Agent shall not make such payments to the Lenders when due as set forth in the preceding sentence, such unpaid amounts shall accrue interest, payable by Administrative Agent, at the Federal 28 Third Amended and Restated Credit Agreement Funds Rate from the due date until (but not including) the date on which Administrative Agent makes such payments to the Lenders. 3.2 Pro Rata Treatment. Except to the extent otherwise provided herein: (a) each borrowing of a Revolving Loan from the Lenders under Section 2.1 shall be made from the Lenders, each payment of the Fees under Section 3.8(a) and 3.8(e) shall be made for account of the Lenders, and each termination or reduction of the amount of the Commitments under Section 2.12 shall be applied to the respective Commitments of the Lenders, pro rata according to the amounts of their respective Commitment Percentages; (b) each payment or prepayment of principal of Revolving Loans shall be made for account of the Lenders pro rata in accordance with the respective unpaid principal amounts of the Revolving Loans held by them; provi...
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Payments Fees and Other General Provisions. 7257764v.2
Payments Fees and Other General Provisions