Passage Sample Clauses

Passage. Ordinances shall be passed (second reading) by motion and by use of the electric voting board. Ordinances shall not be passed within five days of their introduction, nor at other than a Regular or Adjourned Regular Meeting.
Passage. The amendment shall be voted on at the next Active Chapter meeting following its initial presentation at an Active Chapter meeting.An amendment shall pass with an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the members on the official chapter roster.
Passage. Ordinances shall be considered for adoption on second reading. Ordinances may be passed by motion and a majority vote of the Council, except for those ordinances which require a larger number of the Council for their approval.Ordinances, except for urgency ordinances, shall not be passed within five (5) days of their introduction.
Passage. Be it further enacted, That all proposed ordinances shall be read in open session before the City Council at two (2) different meetings on separate days and shall be enacted and passed by a majority vote of a quorum of the City Council and any ordinance not so read shall be null and void. At the discretion of the Mayor without objection of the majority of the Councilmen present, a proposed ordinance may be presented for considerationC-22on first and second reading by only reading the caption of the proposed ordinance, provided that copies have been made available for the public. [As replaced by Priv. Acts 1984, ch. 185, § 6; Priv. Acts 2010, ch. 62, § 1, and Priv.Acts 2021, ch. 31, § 5] Section 3.1 Become Effectual, When. Be it further enacted, That no ordinance shall take effect until the lapse of fifteen (15) days after its passage on second final reading, except that the same be enacted as an emergency ordinance and expressly contain the Statement that an emergency exists, specifically containing recitals of the circumstances and reasons for the existence of an emergency. [As amended by Priv. Acts 2021, ch. 31, § 6] Section 4. Amendments. Be it further enacted, That all amendments to existing ordinances shall be in the form of a new ordinance, and adoption of such amendment shall be had in the same manner as a new ordinance. Section 5. Publication. Be it further enacted, That the Council may by resolution direct that any ordinance pending before the Council, or under consideration by it, be published in some newspaper circulated within the City, before taking final action thereon, and may in like manner direct the publication of any ordinance after its passage on final reading, but no such publication shall be mandatory and any and all ordinances duly and regularly passed adopted by the Council as herein provided shall be effective without publication. [As replaced by Priv. Acts 2021, ch. 31, § 7] Section 6. Journal Record. Be it further enacted, That after the passage on second final reading, all ordinances shall be designated by number, recorded in an Ordinance Book, filed and preserved in the Municipal Building and shall at all times be open for inspection by the public. In all cases under the preceding Sections, the vote of each member of the Council shall be determined by ayes and nays, and the names of each member voting for or against an ordinance shall be entered of record on the Journal of the meeting. [As amended by Priv. Acts 2021, ch. 31, § ...
Passage. They also shall be members of the Annual Conference voting body. Each district shall 100 send one delegate for the first five thousand or fewer members and one additional 101 representative for each additional five thousand members or fraction thereof. 102 103 Article Three: Meetings 104
Passage. In order to pass, all matters to be voted on by the Life Safety Council will require a simple majority vote for Tier 1 voting, and for Tier 2 voting, a majority vote of at least fifty-one (51) percent is required.
Passage. Commercial and other passage not in the regular conduct of fisheries activity shall be made at designated navigational lanes.
Passage. For the journey undertaken outside India free return air-cum- rail-cum-sea passage by the shortest route will be provided by the First Class in air and rail journeys and First Class- C grade passage in journey by sea or by any lower class by which the Member actually travels from the last port of the emplanement or embarkation in India to the place visited in the foreign country and back. Rail travel will include sleeping berth during nights.
Passage. A new crossing will be constructed at the current point of diversion to meet neighboring ranch owner’s property access and cattle crossing needs, but impounding of Parks Creek will no longer occur. The new crossing structure is currently in the design phase to provide fish passage for all life stages of salmonids while maintaining a cattle crossing across Parks Creek. This project has funding for the design, environmental review, and permits, which will be completed by early 2019. Implementation money will be pursued once designs are at 65%, with the goal to have it fully constructed in 2019-2021 or 3 to 5 years from the signing of this agreement.