OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY LAW. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, YOU AGREE THAT limited in arbitration than in a court proceeding; the right and grounds to appeal The maximum amount that can be loaded to the Card is $9,700. Interest will not be YOUR RECOVERY FOR ANY ALLEGED NEGLIGENCE OR MISCONDUCT BY THE BANK OR OUR from an arbitrator’s award are more limited than in an appeal from a court paid to you for any amount loaded on the Card. The Card is non-reloadable with SERVICE PROVIDERS SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT LOADED ON THE CARD. judgment; and certain other rights you have in a court proceeding also may not be additional funds other than by the facility that provided the card, if applicable. This Our Business Days. Our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding federal available in arbitration. means that you cannot add amounts to the Card balance after it is issued. There is no and legal banking holidays in the State of Utah.
OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY LAW j. Contractor certifies that neither it nor any of its officers, directors, associates, partners, limited partners or individual owners has not been officially notified of, charged with, or convicted of any of the following and agrees to immediately notify the Commonwealth agency contracting officer in writing if and when it or any officer, director, associate, partner, limited partner or individual owner has been officially notified of, charged with, convicted of, or officially notified of a governmental determination of any of the following:
OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY LAW. For clarity, information, documents, reports, data, or records provided to, or prepared by, Contractor under this Contract which are not developed specifically and/or exclusively for the Commonwealth shall not be subject to the restrictions on disclosure set forth herein.


Required By Law “Required by Law” shall have the same meaning as the term “required by law” in 45 CFR 164.501.
Alterations Required by Law Tenant shall make any alteration, addition or change of any sort to the Premises that is required by any Law because of (i) Tenant’s particular use or change of use of the Premises; (ii) Tenant’s application for any permit or governmental approval; or (iii) Tenant’s construction or installation of any Tenant’s Alterations or Trade Fixtures. Any other alteration, addition, or change required by Law which is not the responsibility of Tenant pursuant to the foregoing shall be made by Landlord (subject to Landlord’s right to reimbursement from Tenant specified in Section 5.4).
Disclosure Required by Law A party may disclose the other’s Confidential Information if required by law, but only after it notifies the other party (if legally permissible) to enable the other party to seek a protective order.
Disclosures Required by Law If you or any NRSRO Representative is requested or required (orally or in writing, by interrogatory, subpoena, civil investigatory demand, request for information or documents, deposition or similar process relating to any legal proceeding, investigation, hearing or otherwise) to disclose any Confidential Information, you agree to provide the relevant Furnishing Entity with notice as soon as practicable (except in the case of regulatory or other governmental inquiry, examination or investigation, and otherwise to the extent practical and permitted by law, regulation or regulatory or other governmental authority) that a request to disclose the Confidential Information has been made so that the relevant Furnishing Entity may seek an appropriate protective order or other reasonable assurance that confidential treatment will be accorded the Confidential Information if it so chooses. Unless otherwise required by a court or other governmental or regulatory authority to do so, and provided that you been informed by written notice that the related Furnishing Entity is seeking a protective order or other reasonable assurance for confidential treatment with respect to the requested Confidential Information, you agree not to disclose the Confidential Information while the Furnishing Entity’s effort to obtain such a protective order or other reasonable assurance for confidential treatment is pending. You agree to reasonably cooperate with each Furnishing Entity in its efforts to obtain a protective order or other reasonable assurance that confidential treatment will be accorded to the portion of the Confidential Information that is being disclosed, at the sole expense of such Furnishing Entity; provided, however, that in no event shall the NRSRO be required to take a position that such information should be entitled to receive such a protective order or reasonable assurance as to confidential treatment. If a Furnishing Entity succeeds in obtaining a protective order or other remedy, you agree to comply with its terms with respect to the disclosure of the Confidential Information, at the sole expense of such Furnishing Entity. If a protective order or other remedy is not obtained or if the relevant Furnishing Entity waives compliance with the provisions of this Confidentiality Agreement in writing, you agree to furnish only such information as you are legally required to disclose, at the sole expense of the relevant Furnishing Entity.
Provisions Required by Law Each and every provision of law and any clause required by law to be in this Agreement will be read and enforced as though it were included herein and, if through mistake or otherwise any such provision is not inserted, or is not correctly inserted, then upon the application of either party, this Agreement will promptly be physically amended to make such insertion or correction.
Actions Prohibited by Applicable Law, Etc In no event shall the Custodian incur liability hereunder if the Custodian or any Subcustodian, Securities System or Eligible Securities Depository, or any subcustodian, securities depository or securities system utilized by any such Subcustodian, or any nominee of the Custodian or any Subcustodian (individually, a "Person") is prevented, forbidden or delayed from performing, or omits to perform, any act or thing which this Agreement provides shall be performed or omitted to be performed, by reason of: (i) any provision of any present or future law or regulation or order of the United States of America, or any state thereof, or of any foreign country, or political subdivision thereof or of any court of competent jurisdiction; or (ii) any act of God or war or other similar circumstance beyond the control of the Custodian, unless, in each case, such delay or nonperformance is caused by (A) the negligence, misfeasance or misconduct of the applicable Person, or (B) a malfunction or failure of equipment operated or utilized by the applicable Person other than a malfunction or failure beyond such Person's control and which could not reasonably be anticipated and/or prevented by such Person.
The By-Laws The by-laws of Merger Sub in effect at the Effective Time shall be the by-laws of the Surviving Corporation (the "By-Laws"), until thereafter amended as provided therein or by applicable law.
Applicable Law This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of New York.
INFORMATION REQUIRED BY RULE 144A. The Company covenants that it will, upon the request of the holder of any Note, provide such holder, and any qualified institutional buyer designated by such holder, such financial and other information as such holder may reasonably determine to be necessary in order to permit compliance with the information requirements of Rule 144A under the Securities Act in connection with the resale of Notes, except at such times as the Company is subject to the reporting requirements of section 13 or 15(d) of the Exchange Act. For the purpose of this paragraph 5B, the term "qualified institutional buyer" shall have the meaning specified in Rule 144A under the Securities Act.
Applicable Law; Venue This Agreement was executed and delivered in, and its validity, interpretation and construction shall be governed by the laws of, the State of Arizona; provided however, that causes of action for violations of federal or state securities laws shall not be governed by this Section. Venue for any action brought hereunder shall lie exclusively in Phoenix, Arizona.