Other Business Interests Sample Clauses

Other Business Interests. The Trustees shall devote to the affairs of the Trust (including every Series thereof) such time as may be necessary for the proper performance of their duties hereunder, but neither the Trustees nor the officers, directors, shareholders, partners or employees of the Trustees, if any, shall be expected to devote their full time to the performance of such duties. The Trustees, or any Affiliate, shareholder, officer, director, partner or employee thereof, or any Person owning a legal or beneficial interest therein, may engage in, or possess an interest in, any business or venture other than the Trust or any Series thereof, of any nature and description, independently or with or for the account of others. None of the Trust, any Series thereof or any Shareholder shall have the right to participate or share in such other business or venture or any profit or compensation derived therefrom.
Other Business Interests. 12.1 The Executive shall not during the continuance of his employment (whether during or outside working hours) without the prior consent in writing of the Board, be directly or indirectly engaged, concerned or interested in any business, profession or occupation other than the Company or any Group Company in accordance with the terms of this Agreement provided that nothing in this clause 12 shall prohibit the Executive from being the holder of not more than three per cent. of any class of stock, shares or debentures or other securities in any company which is listed, dealt in and/or admitted for trading on any stock exchange, recognised investment exchange or automated quotation system (‘Exchange’); or
Other Business Interests. (a) During your employment you will not undertake or carry on, or be employed by, or be directly or indirectly concerned or interested in any business other than the Practice’s business.
Other Business Interests. Any Member, Director or Officer, or ------------------------ any Affiliate of any Member, may engage in or possess an interest in other business ventures of every kind and description, independently or with others, and may dedicate such time to such ventures as such Persons deem, in their discretion, necessary. None of the Company or the other Members shall have any rights in or to such ventures or the income or profits therefrom by virtue of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Members acknowledge that (i) Francis E. O'Donnell, a Director and the initial President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, is also Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Managing Member as well as the managing director of The Hopkins Capital Group, a group of affiliated of entities engaged in business development activities, and (ii) James A. McNulty, the initial Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company, is also the Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of the Managing Member.
Other Business Interests. The Director shall not during the period of his employment under this Agreement and for a period of 12 months after ceasing to be employed under this Agreement without the written consent of the Board be directly or indirectly engaged, concerned or interested whether as director, officer, employee, agent, shareholder, partner, proprietor or otherwise in any business any of the activities of which is in competition with any of the activities of the Company or any Group Company provided that nothing in this Clause shall preclude the Director from holding or being otherwise interested in shares or securities of any company quoted on any recognised investment exchange so long as the interest of the Director in such shares or other securities does not extend to more than five (5) per cent. of any class of shares or other securities in the relevant company and provided that the Director shall make full and accurate disclosure to the Board upon request of all shares and securities which he holds or in which he is beneficially interested.
Other Business Interests. (a) Without limiting any other provision set forth herein, and in all events subject to Sections 7.2 and 13.3, the Company, Unitholders and Members expressly acknowledge and agree that (i) the Financial Members and their respective Affiliates, employees, officers, directors, managers and equity holders (collectively, the “Financial Member Parties”) are permitted to, and may presently or in the future directly or indirectly conduct any business, investment or activities whatsoever (including one that may be competitive with or complementary to the businesses of the Company and its Subsidiaries) through entities other than the Company and its Subsidiaries, (ii) no Financial Member shall have any obligation to inform any of the Company, the Members or Unitholders of any business or investment opportunity, whether or not such opportunity is within the scope of the business of the Company and its Subsidiaries or any anticipated or potential extension or expansion thereof, (iii) none of the Company and its Subsidiaries, the Members or Unitholders shall have any right in or to such other business interests, investments or activities or the income or proceeds derived therefrom and (iv) the Company (on behalf of itself and its Subsidiaries) and each Member and Unitholder waives any rights he, she or it might otherwise have to share or participate in the business interests, investments or activities of Financial Member Parties.
Other Business Interests. The Employee agrees, during the term of this Agreement, to use his best efforts to promote the interests and welfare of the Employer and to devote such time to his employment as shall be necessary to enable him properly to perform his duties hereunder. The Employee further agrees that unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors of the Company, the Employee shall work a minimum of 1,000 hours per year. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, the Employer acknowledges and understands that the Employee has or may have other business interests and is or may become an officer and director of other corporations and that the Employee will be required to devote some portion of his time to his other business interests. The Employer agrees that the Employee may so do, and that he may be an officer and director of the corporations in which the Employee has or may in the future obtain an interest. The Employer acknowledges that any services performed by the Employee for such other business entities in which he has or may obtain an interest, may occupy a significant portion of the Employee's business time and will be rendered at such times and in such manner as the Employee shall deem appropriate so long as same does not unreasonably interfere with the performance of his duties and obligations to the Employer. Under no circumstances shall the rendering of any services to such other business entities form the basis for any breach by the Employee of his duties and obligations hereunder or a basis for the termination by the Employer of the Employee's employment hereunder so long as the Employee is in compliance with his obligations to the Employer hereunder.
Other Business Interests. The General Partner will devote such time to the activities of the Partnership as he deems necessary for its operation. It is understood, however, that the General Partner has and expects to have other interests to which he intends to devote substantial amounts of time and from which he expects to derive profits; and such other interests are expressly permitted.