Federal Tax definition

Federal Tax means any Tax imposed under Subtitle A of the Code.
Federal Tax means any Tax imposed under the Code or otherwise under United States federal Tax law.
Federal Tax means any Federal Income Tax or Federal Other Tax.

Examples of Federal Tax in a sentence

  • Therefore, at the Closing, Seller will deliver to Purchaser a certificate so stating, subscribed and sworn to by Xxxxxx, complying with Federal Tax Law (the “Certificate as to Non-Foreign Status”).

More Definitions of Federal Tax

Federal Tax means any Tax imposed under Subtitle A of the Code with respect to which the Company or any Subsidiary has filed or will file a Return with a member of the Limited Tax Group on a consolidated basis.
Federal Tax means (a) for a transfer, a tax under chapter 11
Federal Tax means tax under chapter 11 (Estate tax) of the Internal Revenue Code;
Federal Tax means any Tax imposed or required to be withheld by any Tax Authority of the United States.
Federal Tax means any tax imposed under the Code other than AMT.
Federal Tax means any United States net income, environmental, excise, alternative or add-on minimum Tax.
Federal Tax means any Tax with respect to any Return that includes any of the Seller Subsidiaries and is filed on, or will be filed on, a consolidated basis pursuant to Section 1501 of the Code.