Operated Sample Clauses

Operated. This is the preferred method of hire. This hiring method is intended for Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD) and combination VFD and Career-Staffed Fire Service Organizations. Under this option, the FSO is paid a single rate for personnel and equipment. The FSO is responsible for all payroll costs, including payroll tax and WorkersCompensation. Backfill will not be reimbursed under this process.

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  • Operational Requirements 13. ACCESS TO THE CONSUMER'S PREMISES

  • Separate Business CAC shall not: (i) fail to maintain separate books, financial statements, accounting records and other corporate documents from those of Funding; (ii) commingle any of its assets or the assets of any of its Affiliates with those of Funding (except to the extent that CAC acts as the Servicer of the Loans); (iii) pay from its own assets any obligation or indebtedness of any kind incurred by Funding (or the Trust); and (iv) directly, or through any of its Affiliates, borrow funds or accept credit or guaranties from Funding.

  • Functional Requirements The Structure shall perform the following functions:

  • Outside Businesses Any Covered Person, the Sponsor, the Delaware Trustee and the Institutional Trustee may engage in or possess an interest in other business ventures of any nature or description, independently or with others, similar or dissimilar to the business of the Trust, and the Trust and the Holders of Securities shall have no rights by virtue of this Declaration in and to such independent ventures or the income or profits derived therefrom, and the pursuit of any such venture, even if competitive with the business of the Trust, shall not be deemed wrongful or improper. None of any Covered Person, the Sponsor, the Delaware Trustee or the Institutional Trustee shall be obligated to present any particular investment or other opportunity to the Trust even if such opportunity is of a character that, if presented to the Trust, could be taken by the Trust, and any Covered Person, the Sponsor, the Delaware Trustee and the Institutional Trustee shall have the right to take for its own account (individually or as a partner or fiduciary) or to recommend to others any such particular investment or other opportunity. Any Covered Person, the Delaware Trustee and the Institutional Trustee may engage or be interested in any financial or other transaction with the Sponsor or any Affiliate of the Sponsor, or may act as depositary for, trustee or agent for, or act on any committee or body of holders of, securities or other obligations of the Sponsor or its Affiliates.

  • Conduct of Businesses (i) Prior to the Effective Time, except as may be set forth in the RELP Disclosure Letter or the AIP Disclosure Letter or as contemplated by this Agreement, unless the other party has consented in writing thereto, AIP and RELP:

  • Conduct Sarasota Military will adopt the School Board’s STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT for the purpose of addressing school bus disciplinary problems. The School Board reserves the right to refuse transportation to any student whose behavior it deems unacceptable.

  • DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE OR HISTORICALLY UNDERUTILIZED BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS The Engineer agrees to comply with the requirements set forth in Attachment H, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise or Historically Underutilized Business Subcontracting Plan Requirements with an assigned goal or a zero goal, as determined by the State.

  • Union Business (a) The Hospital shall grant leave of absence without pay to employees to attend Union conventions, seminars, education classes and other Union business in connection with the administration of the collective agreement provided that such leave will not interfere with the efficient operation of the Hospital. Such leave will not be unreasonably denied. In requesting such leave of absence for an employee or employees, the Union must give at least fourteen (14) days clear notice in writing to the Hospital, unless not reasonably possible to give such notice. The cumulative total leave of absence, the number of employees that may be absent at any one time from any one area, and the number of days of absence shall be negotiated locally and are set out in the Local Provisions Appendix. During such leave of absence, the employee's salary and applicable benefits shall be maintained by the Hospital on the basis of what his normal regular hours of work would have been, provided that the Union reimburses the Hospital in the amount of such salary and applicable benefits within thirty (30) days of billing. Notwithstanding the above, time spent by the eight (8) Executive Board members and seven (7) Alternate Executive Board members of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions to fulfill the duties of the position shall be in addition to leave for Union Business under this clause. Part-time and casual employees will be given full credit for seniority purposes for regularly scheduled hours missed in accordance with this provision.

  • Materials and Equipment 5.4.1 The Owner shall and does have the right to approve any and all materials and equipment used in the construction of the Project.

  • Business Operations REIT, the Borrower and their respective Subsidiaries shall operate their respective businesses in substantially the same manner and in substantially the same fields and lines of business as such business is now conducted and in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Loan Documents and contained in that certain Prospectus of REIT dated September 1, 2011 (the “Prospectus”). Neither REIT nor the Borrower will, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, directly or indirectly, engage in any line of business other than the ownership, operation and development of Data Center Assets and Medical Assets.