Open Sample Clauses

Open. The words “open,” “opened” and “opening” mean to “start” membership, accounts, products or services with us as we allow. Please see the definition of “Start.” Organization. The word “organization” means a business, associ- ation or other private or government entity, whether formally orga- nized and/or recognized under the law or not.
Open. End Mortgage, Assignment of Rents and Leases, Security Agreement, Financing Statement and Fixture Filing executed on June 14, 2004, effective June 30, 2004, and recorded in Washington County, Pennsylvania, by Eighty-Four Mining Company, ISLAND CREEK COAL COMPANY, Laurel Run Mining Company, and RESERVE COAL PROPERTIES COMPANY, collectively, as Mortgagor, to Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx, Collateral Trustee, as Mortgagee, encumbering that certain Eighty-Four Mine.
Open. End Mortgage, Indenture, Security Agreement, Financing Statement and Assignment of Production dated December 18, 2006, from Resource Energy, LLC, and Atlas Noble, LLC to Wachovia Bank, National Association, Administrative Agent, covering properties in Coshocton County, Ohio.
Open. The budgeting process timeline shall be shared no later than September 15 of the school year. The budgeting process includes information regarding the following:
Open. End Mortgage, Assignment of Leases and Rents, Security Agreement and Fixture Filing Statement, made by ET Sub-Windsor I, L.L.C., as Mortgagor to German American Capital Corporation, as Collateral Agent, as Mortgagee, dated as of January 30, 1998 (Windsor Office Building). SCHEDULE III ------------ Collateral Assignments
Open. If the order has an 'open' status, this means that you have placed the order but it has not been executed or processed yet. At that time, the respective weight and type of Precious Metal is reserved for sale and you will retain ownership until the order reaches the 'processed' status. Any order can only be cancelled during this ‘open’ status. Completed - If the order has an 'executed' status, this means that the order is being executed in our systems and the price at which the order is executed has been determined and locked in. Processed - Once the order reaches the 'processed' status, the Precious Metal is debited from your Account and the purchase price, less any costs payable, is credited to your Account. Normally all of the above stages will occur on the same day. You will receive an e-mail every time your Sell Order status changes. When your Sell Order reaches the 'processed' status, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with details of the processed order. The only way to swap or move between different Precious Metal types or physical forms is to sell the Precious Metal you do not want and separately buy the Precious Metal you do want.
Open. End Mortgage and Security Agreement dated June 8, 2007 between CNL Income Fox Meadow, LLC and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.