Okay Sample Clauses

Okay. What is Reed Exhibit 5, Dana? This is the outline I prepared for a meeting in executive session with the town council on October 15th and my notes on that. And is there any way to tell in general on these -- these notes that we'll go through whether what you've written is preparatory to the meeting or taken while at the meeting? 1 A. 103 Uhm-uhm. There was no further discussion at all about that. You just said that -- That's right. -- and then moved on to No. 2? I had already chastised them the previous meeting about all those issues. I explain in great detail on the first what all that meant, so I was just reminding them of that discussion. Chastised them -- Well, before. -- before they even -- They hadn't had a chance to screw up yet. Chastise is the wrong word, but I had explained in detail at the previous meeting that they needed to -- how they needed to conduct themselves. Okay. Lectured would have been a better word than chastised them. So that was October 15th, correct? Yes. Okay. Would there have been a town council meeting on October 29th? I can't recall. Would it surprise you to know that you went into 4 4 A. 5 A. 5 Q. 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 A. 10 Q. 11 11 A. 12 12 Q. 13 13 A. 14 14 18 Q. 18 A. 19 A. 19 20 20 Q. 21 21 A. 22 Q. 22 Q. 23 23 24 24 A. 25 25 Q. 102 104 1 A. No. I can tell you what I believe to be the case with 1 executive session for 57 minutes on October 29th but 2 this particular one. 2 didn't have a report to council?
Okay. Now, are you aware of any potential cost savings that were anticipated from charging the same price for the Shell and Texaco brands in the – in the same markets?
Okay. Q. The barman downstairs made a number of phone calls for taxis?
Okay. All right. You don't know that, but 7 you just read it that way?
Okay. So, this is the one, two, three--the 5 fourth page?
Okay. Was there any cost savings or synergy that resulted from doing that?
Okay. Now – and you mentioned that after the alliance was formed – after Motiva was formed, you implemented this policy of charging the same price for the Shell and Texaco brands in the same area?
Okay. All right. Roll call, please.
Okay. A. And he told me that he was a head man for the un- ion.
Okay. 4 Q. Is this -- Did you take part in the 5 negotiations that resulted in this contract? 6 A. Yes. 7 Q. Was this contract also a concessionary 8 contract? 9 A. Yes, it was. 10 Q. Was the Company still in bankruptcy? 11 A. Yes, the Company entered bankruptcy and 12 they presented us with a term sheet looking for 13 substantial givebacks. 14 Q. And during those negotiations, did the 15 Company ever advise the AMFA Negotiating Committee 16 that it had the right to reduce HMO benefits without 17 Union approval? 18 A. No, they did not. 19 MR. GLEASON: I have no further questions. 20 MS. JOSHI: I have no questions for this 21 witness. 22