NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. Escrow No. 200121ATLDate: February 6, 2020 By: /s/ Xxxxxx Flowers____________________ Xxxxxx Flowers________________(Print Name)Authorized Representative ​ ​ ​ ​ [Signature Page for Escrow Agent in Purchase and Sale Agreement] ​ SCHEDULE 8.1 ​ FILE PATH FILE NAME
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NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx Vice President, State Counsel Fidelity National Title Insurance Company 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxx., Suite 333 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx Michigan Underwriting Counsel First American Title Insurance Company 000 X. Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000
NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx First Vice President, State Counsel Old Republic National Title Insurance Company 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Petoskey, MI 49770
NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. Date executed by Escrow Agent October , 2019 By: Name: Title:
NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. By: -------------------------------------- EXHIBIT A RECORDING REQUESTED BY AND WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO: Pacific Gulf Properties Inc. 4220 Xxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx Newport Beach, California 92660-2002 Attention: Mr. Xxxxxx Xxxxx MAIL TAX STATEMENT TO: Pacific Gulf Properties Inc. 4220 Xxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx Newport Beach, California 92660-2002 Attention: Mr. Xxxxxx Xxxxx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Space Above Line for Recorder's Use Only) GRANT DEED (Fullerton) In accordance with Section 11932 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, Grantor has declared the amount of the transfer tax which is due by a separate statement which is not being recorded with this Grant Deed. FOR VALUE RECEIVED, FULLERTON BUSINESS CENTER, 1976, a California limited partnership, grants to PACIFIC GULF PROPERTIES INC., a Maryland corporation ("Grantee") , all that certain real property situated in the City of Fullerton, County of Orange, State of California, described on Schedule 1 attached hereto and by this reference incorporated herein (the "Property")
NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. (hereinafter collectively called "Ti set forth in its Commitment No tle Compan 0 y") to issue its policy or policies of title insurance upon the real estate , without exception therein as to any possible unfiled mechanics or materialmen's liens, and in consideration thereof, and as an inducement therefore, said affiants do hereby, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and hold said title Company harmless of and from any and all loss, cost, damage and expense of every kind, including attorneys' fees, which said Title Company shall or may suffer or incur or become liable for under its said policy or policies now to be issued, or any reissue, renewal or extension thereof, or new policy at any time issued upon said real estate, part thereof or interest therein, arising, directly or indirectly, out of or on account of any such mechanics' or materialmen's lien or liens or claim or claims or in connection with its enforcement of its right under this agreement. All representation agreements of indemnity, and waivers herein contained shall inure also to the benefit of any party assured under any policy issued by Title Company and any action brought hereon may be instituted in the name of Title company or said assured or all of said parties.
NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. A Stock Company 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (000) 000-0000 Authorized Signatory ORDOCS SUCCESSOR IN INTEREST ENDORSEMENT EXHIBIT D Form of Estoppel Certificate TENANT ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE From: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ (“Tenant”) To: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ (“Buyer”) _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ (“Landlord”)


  • Insurance Company The Buyer is an insurance company whose primary and predominant business activity is the writing of insurance or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies and which is subject to supervision by the insurance commissioner or a similar official or agency of a State, territory or the District of Columbia.

  • Title Company First American Title Insurance Company – National Commercial Services, at its office located at 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxx Xxxxx, XX 00000; Attention: Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx, Commercial Escrow Officer, (000) 000-0000 (direct), email

  • Title Insurance The Mortgage Loan is covered by an ALTA lender's title insurance policy, or with respect to any Mortgage Loan for which the related Mortgaged Property is located in California a CLTA lender's title insurance policy, or other generally acceptable form of policy or insurance acceptable pursuant to Seller's Underwriting Guidelines and each such title insurance policy is issued by a title insurer acceptable to prudent lenders in the secondary mortgage market and qualified to do business in the jurisdiction where the Mortgaged Property is located, insuring the originator, its successors and assigns, as to the first (with respect to a First Lien Loan) or second (with respect to a Second Lien Loan) priority lien of the Mortgage in the original principal amount of the Mortgage Loan (or to the extent a Mortgage Note provides for negative amortization, the maximum amount of negative amortization in accordance with the Mortgage), subject only to the Permitted Exceptions, and in the case of Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, against any loss by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of the lien resulting from the provisions of the Mortgage providing for adjustment to the Mortgage Interest Rate and Monthly Payment. Where required by state law or regulation, the Mortgagor has been given the opportunity to choose the carrier of the required mortgage title insurance. Additionally, such lender's title insurance policy affirmatively insures ingress and egress, and against encroachments by or upon the Mortgaged Property or any interest therein. The Seller (or its predecessor in interest), its successors and assigns, are the sole insureds of such lender's title insurance policy, and such lender's title insurance policy is valid and remains in full force and effect and will be in force and effect upon the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. No claims have been made under such lender's title insurance policy, and no prior holder of the related Mortgage, including the Seller, has done, by act or omission, anything which would impair the coverage of such lender's title insurance policy, including without limitation, no unlawful fee, commission, kickback or other unlawful compensation or value of any kind has been or will be received, retained or realized by any attorney, firm or other person or entity, and no such unlawful items have been received, retained or realized by the Seller;

  • Title Insurance Policy In all cases, the Seller undertakes to remove any encumbrance that will materially interfere with the procurement of a title insurance policy or financing necessary for the purchase of the Property, whether the same is included in the above enumeration or not. Further, the Seller undertakes to, in good faith, cooperate with and assist the Buyer fully in obtaining a title insurance policy. The Seller shall be obligated to take all legal and reasonably necessary action in order to procure such title insurance policy but shall not incur any additional liability in relation thereto. If the title to the Property is not in a condition that is compliant with the above, if the Seller fails or refuses to comply with the Seller’s obligations under this section, or if the Parties are unable to obtain a title insurance policy, the Buyer may, in the Buyer’s sole discretion, accept the title as it is and proceed with the purchase under this Agreement, or terminate this Agreement and recover the Xxxxxxx Money, costs incurred in relation to this Agreement and .

  • Insurance Companies Insurance required hereunder shall be in companies duly licensed to transact business in the State of Washington, and maintaining during the policy term a General Policyholders Rating of ‘A-’ or better and a financial rating of ‘IX’ or better, as set forth in the most current issue of “Best’s Insurance Guide.”

  • Title Insurance Policies The Borrower will deliver to the Administrative Agent a policy of title insurance (or marked-up title insurance commitment or title proforma having the effect of a policy of title insurance) (a “Title Policy”) insuring the Lien of such Mortgage as a valid first mortgage or deed of trust Lien on the Mortgaged Property described therein in an amount not less than the estimated fair market value of such Mortgaged Property as reasonably determined by the Borrower, which Title Policy shall (A) be issued by a nationally-recognized title insurance company reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent (the “Title Company”), (B) include such reinsurance arrangements (with provisions for direct access, if necessary) as shall be reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent, (C) be supplemented by a “tie-in” or “aggregation” endorsement, if available under applicable law, and such other endorsements as may reasonably be requested by the Administrative Agent (including (to the extent available in the applicable jurisdiction and/or with respect to the Mortgaged Property, in each case, on commercially reasonable terms) endorsements on matters relating to usury, first loss, zoning, contiguity, revolving credit, doing business, public road access, survey, variable rate, environmental lien, subdivision, mortgage recording tax, separate tax lot, and so-called comprehensive coverage over covenants and restrictions) if available under applicable law at commercially reasonable rates and (D) contain no other exceptions to title other than Permitted Liens and other exceptions acceptable to the Administrative Agent in its reasonable discretion;

  • Additional Title Documents The Receiver, the Corporation and the Assuming Institution each agree, at any time, and from time to time, upon the request of any party hereto, to execute and deliver such additional instruments and documents of conveyance as shall be reasonably necessary to vest in the appropriate party its full legal or equitable title in and to the property transferred pursuant to this Agreement or to be transferred in accordance herewith. The Assuming Institution shall prepare such instruments and documents of conveyance (in form and substance satisfactory to the Receiver) as shall be necessary to vest title to the Assets in the Assuming Institution. The Assuming Institution shall be responsible for recording such instruments and documents of conveyance at its own expense.

  • Title Insurance and Surveys Due to the critical timeline requirements to close the transaction, PHI may order title searches on all NPC Owned Real Property and NPC Leased Real Property to be transferred to PH pursuant to this Agreement. These title searches will be performed by a national title company approved by PHI. If permissible under applicable law and the terms of any agreement with such company, the fees paid for the searches may be applied toward the title policy costs for title policies desired by PH based upon these title searches. In the event PH or PHI requires environmental reports relating to the NPC Owned Real Property, PH shall first obtain NPC’s prior written consent and shall execute the Access and Confidentiality Agreement substantially in the form attached as Exhibit “E”. NPC will not consent to any invasive environmental audit or review and the results of any permitted environmental audit or review will not affect PH’s obligations hereunder. To the extent that PH requires surveys of the NPC Owned Real Property, PH shall retain a nationally recognized firm to perform such work. The consultants referenced in this Section 2.7 will be retained solely by PH, but NPC shall have the right to obtain copies of any documents or reports that they prepare. As provided for in Sections 5 and 10.9, PH shall reimburse NPC at Closing for all actual or estimated costs incurred by PH related to these items, subject to any post-closing adjustments pursuant to Section 10.1 of this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing however, PH will not be responsible for the payment or reimbursement of any costs relating to title insurance, surveys and/or environmental reports on any of the subject real estate unless such service is specifically requested by PH, and request is given forty-five (45) days prior to the Closing.

  • Title Policy The Title Company shall be prepared to issue, upon payment of the title premium at its regular rates, a title policy in the amount of the Purchase Price, insuring title to the Property is vested in the Purchaser or its designee or assignee, subject only to the Permitted Exceptions, with such endorsements as shall be reasonably required by the Purchaser.

  • Title Policies The Title Company shall be prepared, -------------- subject only to payment of the applicable premium, endorsement and related fees and delivery of all conveyance documents in recordable form, to issue a title insurance policy to Purchaser, subject only to the Permitted Encumbrances, in accordance with Section 3.3. -----------