RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. This Agreement may be renewed or extended for successive terms of one year each upon written agreement of the parties.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. Where you have a right to renew or extend the lease, you must exercise the right and do everything needed to obtain the new lease or extension, and you must satisfy us before the right expires that you will do so. If you receive a new lease of the property or part of it (under a right or not), you must give us security over the new lease. If you extend the lease and we have a sublease under section, our sublease is extended for the rest of the extended term of the lease, except the last day of that term.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. To request the issuance of a Letter of Credit (or the amendment, renewal or extension of an outstanding Letter of Credit), the Borrower shall hand deliver or telecopy (or transmit by electronic communication, if arrangements for doing so have been approved by the Issuing Bank) to the Issuing Bank and the Administrative Agent (reasonably in advance of the requested date of issuance, amendment, renewal or extension) a notice requesting the issuance of a Letter of Credit, or identifying the Letter of Credit to be amended, renewed or extended, and specifying the date of issuance, 37 00000000.00.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. There shall be no renewals or extensions of this Sublease unless, prior to the expiration of the Term hereof, the Board of Directors of the Cooperative approves such a renewal or extension for a specified term in accordance with the Bylaws and House Rules.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. County shall not unreasonably withhold its consent or certification for any renewal or extension of the Operating Permit, provided PCDC has complied with the terms of this Agreement at the time of the provision of such consent or certification from the County. During the term hereof, County will encourage its residents and businesses located in Xxxxxx County to use the Materials Repository for the disposal of their Solid Waste. Furthermore, County agrees that if a request is made by PCDC for a vertical or horizontal expansion of the Materials Repository, County shall not unreasonably withhold its consent or certification while this Agreement remains in effect. The Parties agree that if PCDC plans to request a vertical or horizontal expansion of the Materials Repository with MDNR, this Agreement may be amended to include the vertical or horizontal expansion and any other changes necessary at that time.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. This Guaranty shall continue to be effective notwithstanding any renewal or extension of time of payment hereunder.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. If the Assignee shall secure a renewal or extension of any lease covering all or any part of the Interests, then the overriding royalties and all other rights, titles and interests of ExxonMobil in the Interests shall apply to such renewed or extended lease. A “renewal” or “extension” of lease as these terms are used in this paragraph shall mean any lease or leases covering all or a part of the Interests executed within one (1) year from the termination of the leases described on Exhibit A; and
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. (a) Sublessee shall have the option to renew and extend the term of the Sublease for two (2) periods of five (5) years each. The first renewal shall begin upon the expiration of the initial term and the second renewal term shall begin upon the expiration of the first renewal term. Sublessee, at least one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the expiration of the initial term and the first renewal term, respectively, shall give Sublessor written notice of its intention to exercise such option.
RENEWAL OR EXTENSION. All provisions of this Agreement relating to the Promissory Note and the related documents shall apply with equal force and effect to each and all promissory notes or related documents hereinafter executed which in whole or in part represent a renewal, extension for any period, increase or rearrangement of any part of the Promissory Note or such related documents.