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Multiple Facilities. With the approval of the Authorizer, the School may maintain separate facilities at two or more locations. The School acknowledges that the separate facilities shall be treated together as only one school for purposes of calculating program units pursuant to the Public School Finance Act.
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Multiple Facilities. This Agreement applies to the delivery of Gas to and the receipt of Contracted Power Products from each of the Facilities. In applying this Agreement with respect to any particular Facility, "Company" shall be understood to mean the applicable Facility Owner with respect to such Facility, unless the context indicates otherwise (e.g. that all Facility Owners are intended to be included). While this Agreement refers to all the Facilities, the terms of this Agreement shall apply individually to each Facility as well as the Facilities as a whole where so specified or where the context so requires. In the event the Company sells or otherwise transfers a Facility (it being understood that a sale in violation of agreements between the Company and the holders of the Secured Obligations or a foreclosure on one or more of the Facilities by the holders of the Secured Obligations does not constitute a sale by the Company for purposes of this Section 2.6), (i) this Agreement shall not apply to such Facility or Facility Owner from and after the effective date of such sale and shall be amended to delete the Facility Schedule related to such Facility and to reduce the Fixed Payment by an amount that equitably reflects the fact that such Facility is no longer subject to this Agreement and that CES will no longer be purchasing Power Products from such Facility, and (ii) CGC, the applicable Facility Owner and CES will be released from all future liabilities, and will no longer have any obligations, hereunder with respect to such Facility from and after the date of such sale or transfer. In the event of a foreclosure on one or more of the Facilities by the holders of the Secured Obligations, this Agreement may be divided into two or more separate agreements, each relating to a specific Facility or Facilities, on the identical terms and conditions as this Agreement and for the then remaining term hereof, but applied to such Facility or Facilities only, and with the Contract Price modified to reflect only those elements applicable to such Facility or Facilities.
Multiple Facilities. 91.1 During negotiations, the Company and the Union discussed the possibility of the Company operating more than one gaming facility. It was agreed that, should this occur, the parties will meet in advance to discuss the implications that this may have on this Collective Agreement.
Multiple Facilities. The Maryland Borrowers hereby join in the execution of this Lease for the purposes of Section 37.4 and ARTICLE XXXIX. MARYLAND BORROWERS: BEL PRE LEASING CO., LLC RIDGE (MD) LEASING CO., LLC MARLBORO LEASING CO., LLC FAYETTE LEASING CO., LLC LIBERTY LEASING CO., LLC HXXXXX LEASING CO., LLC PALL MALL LEASING CO., LLC WASHINGTON (MD) LEASING CO., LLC MARYLAND NH ASSET, LLC By: /s/ Cxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Name: Cxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Title: Treasurer THE STATE OF MARYLAND ) ) COUNTY OF BALTIMORE ) This instrument was acknowledged before me on the _____ day of April, 2008, by Cxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, the Treasurer of HEALTH CARE HOLDINGS, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, the sole member of OMG MSTR LSCO, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, and of OMG RE HOLDINGS, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, the sole member of OMG LS LEASING CO., LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, on behalf of said companies. Notary Public LIST OF EXHIBITS TO LEASE Exhibits A – Facility Trade Names Exhibits B-1 through B-25 – Description of Land Exhibit C – Form of Lessee’s Certificate Exhibit DPermitted Encumbrances Exhibit E - Form of Operations Transfer Agreement Exhibit F - Form of Memorandum and Short Form of Lease Exhibit G - Allocation of Base Rent Exhibit I - Base Rent after Lessee Option Exercise Schedule 8.2.5 - Other Permitted Indebtedness Schedule 8.8 - Permitted Investments Schedule 9.3 - Improvements Schedule EXHIBIT A FACILITY TRADE NAMES Aristocrat Berea Candlewood Park Falling Water Grande Pointe Health Care Greenbrier RC Greenbrier HC Ohio Extended Care Facility Pebble Creek Pine Grove Pine Valley Care Center Wxxxx Xxxxx Waterford Commons Crestwood Care Center Bxxxxxx Health Center Cxxxxx Health Center Hanover House Suburban Pavilion Wexford House Advanced Specialty Rehab of Toledo Commons at Greenbriar Greenbriar Center (a/k/a Greenbriar North) Greenbriar Rehabilitation Hospital Chardon Healthcare Center Northwestern Center Columbus Center Golden Years Healthcare Center Oak Grove Center Kent Care Center Exhibits B1 – B26 Legal description of the real property for the following properties:

Related to Multiple Facilities

  • Office Facilities During the Employment Period, the Company will furnish Executive, without charge, suitable office facilities for the purpose of performing his duties hereunder, which facilities shall include secretarial, telephone, clerical and support personnel and services and shall be similar to those furnished to employees of the Company having comparable positions.

  • Shared Facilities The Parties acknowledge and agree that certain of the Shared Facilities and Interconnection Facilities, and Seller’s rights and obligations under the Interconnection Agreement, may be subject to certain shared facilities and/or co-tenancy agreements to be entered into among Seller, the Transmission Provider, Seller’s Affiliates, and/or third parties pursuant to which certain Interconnection Facilities may be subject to joint ownership and shared maintenance and operation arrangements; provided, such agreements (i) shall permit Seller to perform or satisfy, and shall not purport to limit, its obligations hereunder, and (ii) provide for separate metering of the Facility.

  • Common Facilities Common Facilities shall mean the non-assigned parking areas; lobby; elevator(s); fire stairs; public hallways; public lavatories; all other general Building facilities that service all Building tenants; air conditioning rooms; fan rooms; janitors' closets; electrical closets; telephone closets; elevator shafts and machine rooms; flues; stacks; pipe shafts and vertical ducts with their enclosing walls. Lessor may at any time close temporarily any Common Facilities to make repairs or changes therein or to effect construction, repairs or changes within the Building, or to discourage non-tenant parking, and may do such other acts in and to the Common Facilities as in its judgement may be desirable to improve the convenience thereof, but shall always in connection therewith, endeavor to minimize any inconvenience to Lessee.

  • Alternate Facilities If under Purchaser’s Operating Schedule, roads needed for the removal of Included Timber differ substantially from Specified Roads, other roads may be added to A7. Contracting Officer shall assure that road routing, location, design, and needed easements will make such other roads acceptable as parts of the National Forest transportation facilities. Purchaser shall provide survey, design, and construction staking for such other roads. Based on design quantities from such engineering, Forest Service shall estimate Specified Road construction costs of alternate facilities, using methods consistent with those used in the original computation of the Schedule of Items. If Specified Road construction costs for acceptable alternate facilities are less than the estimated costs of facilities listed in the original Schedule of Items that Purchaser does not construct, Timber Sale Account shall be adjusted by Forest Service to reflect the reduction in costs. In event of rate redetermination under B3.3, such allowed costs shall be the redetermined estimated costs of facilities listed in the original Schedule of Items that Purchaser does not construct.

  • Access to Facilities Each of the Company and each of its Subsidiaries will permit any representatives designated by the Purchaser (or any successor of the Purchaser), upon reasonable notice and during normal business hours, at such person's expense and accompanied by a representative of the Company, to:

  • Verizon OSS Facilities Any gateways, interfaces, databases, facilities, equipment, software, or systems, used by Verizon to provide Verizon OSS Services to CBB.

  • Incremental Facilities (a) The Borrower may by written notice to Administrative Agent elect to request the establishment of one or more (x) additional tranches of term loans (the commitments thereto, the “New Term Loan Commitments”) and/or (y) increases in Revolving Credit Commitments (the “New Revolving Credit Commitments” and, together with the New Term Loan Commitments, the “New Loan Commitments”), by an aggregate amount not in excess of the Maximum Incremental Facilities Amount in the aggregate and not less than $100,000,000 individually (or such lesser amount as (x) may be approved by the Administrative Agent or (y) shall constitute the difference between the Maximum Incremental Facilities Amount and all such New Loan Commitments obtained on or prior to such date). Each such notice shall specify the date (each, an “Increased Amount Date”) on which the Borrower proposes that the New Loan Commitments shall be effective, which shall be a date not less than ten Business Days after the date on which such notice is delivered to the Administrative Agent. The Borrower may approach any Lender or any Person (other than a natural person) to provide all or a portion of the New Loan Commitments; provided that any Lender offered or approached to provide all or a portion of the New Loan Commitments may elect or decline, in its sole discretion, to provide a New Loan Commitment. In each case, such New Loan Commitments shall become effective as of the applicable Increased Amount Date; provided that (i) no Default or Event of Default shall exist on such Increased Amount Date before or after giving effect to such New Loan Commitments, as applicable; (ii) both before and after giving effect to the making of any Series of New Term Loans or New Revolving Loans, each of the conditions set forth in Section 7 shall be satisfied; (iii) the New Loan Commitments shall be effected pursuant to one or more Joinder Agreements executed and delivered by the Borrower and Administrative Agent, and each of which shall be recorded in the Register and shall be subject to the requirements set forth in Section 5.4(d); (iv) the Borrower shall make any payments required pursuant to Section 2.11 in connection with the New Loan Commitments, as applicable; and (v) the Borrower shall deliver or cause to be delivered any legal opinions or other documents reasonably requested by Administrative Agent in connection with any such transaction. Any New Term Loans made on an Increased Amount Date shall be designated, a separate series (a “Series”) of New Term Loans for all purposes of this Agreement; provided that (A) if the use of proceeds of such New Loan Commitments is an acquisition or investment permitted under this Agreement, if agreed among the Borrower and the New Revolving Loan Lenders and/or New Term Loan Lenders, as applicable, customary “SunGard” limited conditionality shall apply to the effectiveness of such new Loan Commitments in lieu of the conditions set forth in clauses (i), (ii) and if applicable, (v), above and (B) if such New Loan Commitments are being used to replace or refinance Term Loans or Revolving Credit Commitments pursuant to clause (iii) of the definition of Maximum Incremental Facilities Amount (“Refinancing Commitments”), the conditions set forth in clauses (i) and (ii) above shall not apply.

  • Laundry Facilities SF State University assumes no responsibility in the use of laundry equipment or for lost items.

  • Interconnection Facilities 4.1.1 The Interconnection Customer shall pay for the cost of the Interconnection Facilities itemized in Attachment 2 of this Agreement. The NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, shall provide a best estimate cost, including overheads, for the purchase and construction of its Interconnection Facilities and provide a detailed itemization of such costs. Costs associated with Interconnection Facilities may be shared with other entities that may benefit from such facilities by agreement of the Interconnection Customer, such other entities, the NYISO, and the Connecting Transmission Owner.

  • Ancillary Facilities amend the Credit Agreement to provide for an ability to incur bilateral ancillary lines with a Lender (with the consent of that Lender) as a carve-out to the Revolving Facility Commitments.

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