MGA Sample Clauses

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  • Third Party Services Any services required for or contemplated by the performance of the above-referenced services by the Administrator to be provided by unaffiliated third parties (including independent auditors’ fees and counsel fees) may, if provided for or otherwise contemplated by the Financing Order and if the Issuer deems it necessary or desirable, be arranged by the Issuer or by the Administrator at the direction (which may be general or specific) of the Issuer. Costs and expenses associated with the contracting for such third-party professional services may be paid directly by the Issuer or paid by the Administrator and reimbursed by the Issuer in accordance with Section 2, or otherwise as the Administrator and the Issuer may mutually arrange.

  • Third Party Servicer The Assuming Institution may perform any of its obligations and/or exercise any of its rights under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement through or by one or more Third Party Servicers, who may take actions and make expenditures as if any such Third Party Servicer was the Assuming Institution hereunder (and, for the avoidance of doubt, such expenses incurred by any such Third Party Servicer on behalf of the Assuming Institution shall be included in calculating Losses to the extent such expenses would be included in such calculation if the expenses were incurred by Assuming Institution); provided, however, that the use thereof by the Assuming Institution shall not release the Assuming Institution of any obligation or liability hereunder.

  • Third Party Service Providers 1.2.1 Data Communications will be transmitted electronically to each party as specified in the TPW, either directly or through any third party service provider ("Provider") with whom either party may contract. Either party may modify its election to use, not use or change a Provider upon 30 days prior written notice to the other party.

  • Property Manager Any entity that has been retained to perform and carry out property rental, leasing, operation and management services at one or more of the Properties, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property.

  • Developer Developer shall indemnify and hold harmless City Bodies from and against any and all Claims arising from or connected with: (i) breaches by Developer under contracts to which Developer is a party, to the extent that such contracts relate to the performance of any work on the Project Site by Developer or any party acting by, under, through, or on behalf of Developer; (ii) injury to, or death of, persons or loss of, or damage to, property, suffered in connection with performance of any work on the Project Site by Developer or any party acting by, under, through, or on behalf of Developer; (iii) the negligence or willful misconduct of Developer or any party acting by, under, through, or on behalf of Developer; (iv) Developer suffering or causing the filing of any mechanic’s or materialmen’s lien against the Project Site, Project, or any adjacent property owned by City Bodies; or (v) the breach by Developer of any term or condition of this Agreement or any Ancillary Agreement. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, City’s and Developer’s obligations under this Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

  • Licensor any Person from whom an Obligor obtains the right to use any Intellectual Property. Lien: any lien, security interest, pledge, hypothecation, assignment, easement, right-of-way, or other title exception or encumbrance. Lien Waiver: an agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Agent, by which (a) for any material Collateral located on leased premises, the lessor waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to permit Agent to enter upon the premises and remove the Collateral or to use the premises to store or dispose of the Collateral; (b) for any Collateral held by a warehouseman, processor, shipper, customs broker or freight forwarder, such Person waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on such Collateral, agrees to hold any Documents in its possession relating to such Collateral as agent for Agent, and agrees to deliver such Collateral to Agent upon request; (c) for any Collateral held by a repairman, mechanic or bailee, such Person acknowledges Agent's Lien, waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on such Collateral, and agrees to deliver such Collateral to Agent upon request; and (d) for any Collateral subject to a Licensor's Intellectual Property rights, the Licensor grants to Agent the right, vis-à-vis such Licensor, to enforce Agent's Liens with respect to such Collateral, including the right to dispose of it with the benefit of the Intellectual Property, whether or not a default exists under any applicable License. Loan: a Term Loan. Loan Documents: collectively, as may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time, this Agreement, the Other Agreements and the Security Documents.

  • Licensee Licensee represents and warrants that:

  • Managed Services HP will provide the services as described in a Statement of Work (“SOW”) attached to this Agreement or incorporating it by reference. Each party will appoint a single point of contact as set forth in the SOW who will serve as their primary representative, have overall responsibility for managing performance, and meet with the other party’s representative to review progress. Change requests are governed by the change management procedures as set forth in the SOW.

  • Construction Manager The Inspector shall also work with the construction manager if the District uses a construction manager on any portion of the Project. If the District does not use a construction manager on the Project, then all references to a construction manager herein shall mean the District.

  • Franchisee A “franchisee” is a retailer or distributor who is authorized or permitted, under a franchise, to use a trademark in connection with the sale, consignment, or distribution of motor fuel.