PEO Services definition

PEO Services means the services provided by the Seller to the Transferred Clients under Client Service Agreements as part of the PEO Business.
PEO Services means services provided to a Person by a professional employer organization, consisting of, among other services, the administration of all or some of such Person’s employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation, recruiting, and risk/safety management functions, the providing of which services is effected by the professional employer organization’s hiring of such Person’s employees, thereby establishing a co-employment relationship with such employees and becoming the employer of record with respect to such employees for Tax and certain insurance purposes.
PEO Services means the services provided by the Company to its clients under Client Service Agreements as part of the PEO Business.

Examples of PEO Services in a sentence

  • Interim Financial Data by Segment Based upon similar economic and operational characteristics, the Company’s strategic business units have been aggregated into the following two reportable segments: Employer Services and PEO Services.

  • If you are a Workforce Optimization® Specialized Support Customer, you agree and acknowledge that these Payroll Services are not provided in conjunction with your Customer Service Agreement with the Insperity Company, Insperity PEO Services, L.P.

  • The Company’s reportable segments are: Employer Services, PEO Services and Dealer Services.

  • Your employment with Company and Insperity PEO Services, L.P. (“Insperity”) will end, and your resignation this day given will be effective as of, the close of business on April 30, 2022 (the “Separation Date”).

  • Later in May, Weinstein sold PCI/NP to 4PCI/NP’s PEO Services Contract contained a co- employment clause stating that PCI or NP “and Client shall be considered co-employers for those employees provided to the Client by [PCI or NP] (designated employees) for .

  • Prior to entering into this Agreement, Taxpayer entered into a Co-Employer Agreement with Insperity PEO Services, L.P. (Insperity), a professional employer organization (PEO), to administer some or all of Taxpayer’s employee management responsibilities.

  • PEO Services PEO Services provides over 5,100 small and medium sized businesses with comprehensive employment administration outsourcing solutions through a co-employment relationship, including payroll, payroll tax filing, HR guidance, 401(k) plan administration, benefits administration, compliance services, health and workers’ compensation coverage and other supplemental benefits for employees.

  • Non-controlling Investment in a Corporation Providing PEO Services In a variety of circumstances, the OCC has permitted national banks to own, either directly, or indirectly through an operating subsidiary, a noncontrolling interest in an enterprise, provided four criteria or standards are met.

  • TSE agrees that all service fees and other fees to be paid pursuant to Section 2(b) shall be consistent with the service fees and other fees charged by independent third parties providing comparable PEO Services in the geographic market and industry applicable to the Assigned Employees and the Operating Company or CRS, as the case may be.

  • If CRS or an Operating Company requests TSE to provide PEO Services, then TSE shall provide those PEO Services set forth on the attached Schedule A (the “Services Schedule”), to either CRS or those Operating Companies, as applicable, set forth on Schedule B attached hereto (as may be amended from time to time).

Related to PEO Services

  • BPO Services means Provider’s business process outsourcing services described in the applicable Solution Exhibit, whereby Provider assumes responsibility for Customers’ business processes.

  • Pharmacy services means the practice of pharmacy as defined in chapter 18.64 RCW and includes any drugs or devices as defined in chapter 18.64 RCW.

  • Hospice services means symptom and pain management to a terminally ill individual, and emotional, spiritual and bereavement services for the individual and their family in a place of temporary or permanent residence, and may include the provision of home health and home care services for the terminally ill individual.

  • Beta Services means SFDC services or functionality that may be made available to Customer to try at its option at no additional charge which is clearly designated as beta, pilot, limited release, developer preview, non-production, evaluation, or by a similar description.

  • Extra Services means those services set forth in Schedule “B” that are requested by the Municipality for itself or on behalf of its citizens and provided by the Company in accordance with paragraph 7 of this Agreement;

  • Respite services means services provided to individuals who are unable to care for themselves, furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those unpaid persons normally providing the care.

  • Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.

  • Legal Services means services of a legal or financial nature and includes any part of such services, and for the avoidance of doubt, includes (without limitation):-

  • Hosting Services means the Service of maintaining on NeoSystems’ computing servers certain hosted applications as specified in an Agreement, and making such hosted applications available to Client via network access, together with any hosting support Services, as set forth in an Agreement.

  • Cloud Services means SAP’s then-current cloud services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.

  • Education Services means activities that increase awareness and understanding of the causes and nature of conditions or factors which affect an individual’s development and functioning.

  • Special Services means all forms of services pertaining

  • Educational Services means educational training provided to Entitled Students at a School;

  • Customer Services means the call centre for dealing with queries about your Card. You can contact Customer Services by calling 01 693 3333, or contacting us directly.

  • Cemetery services means cremations, grave openings and closings, and installation of grave memorials.

  • Corporate Services Provider means Computershare Trust Company of Canada, a trust company formed under the laws of Canada, as corporate services provider to the Liquidation GP under the Corporate Services Agreement, together with any successor corporate services provider appointed from time to time;

  • Home health aide services means the personal care and maintenance activities provided to individuals for the purpose of promoting normal standards of health and hygiene.

  • Information Services means the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s Electronic Municipal Market Access System; or, such other services providing information with respect to called municipal obligations as the District may specify in writing to the Paying Agent or as the Paying Agent may select.

  • Food services means the preparation and serving of nutritionally balanced meals and snacks.

  • Wireless services provider means a person that provides wireless services.

  • Homemaker services means the professionally directed or supervised simple household maintenance or management services provided by trained homemakers or individuals to families in their own homes.

  • Company Services means any services (including but not limited to technical and product support, technical advice, underwriting and customer services) supplied by the Company or its Affiliates in the specialty property and/or casualty insurance business.

  • IT Services any services relating to the IT Systems or to any other aspect of the Company's or any of the Subsidiaries' data processing or data transfer requirements, including facilities management, bureau services, hardware maintenance, software development or support, consultancy, source code deposit, recovery and network services;

  • Storage Services means Capacity Rights and System Services.

  • Internet Services means the Services provided to you by us using broadband technology to enable you to gain access to the Internet and certain other Services whether by a personal computer, television or other device;

  • Program services means services that include all of the following provided they are pursuant to a program agreement: program needs assessment and development, job task analysis, curriculum development and revision, instruction, instructional materials and supplies, computer software and upgrades, instructional support, administrative and student services, related school to career training programs, skill or career interest assessment services and testing and contracted services.