Reinsurance definition

Reinsurance means the activity consisting in accepting risks ceded by an insurance undertaking or by another reinsurance undertaking or, in the case of the association of underwriters known as Lloyd's, the activity consisting in accepting risks, ceded by any member of Lloyd's, by an insurance or reinsurance undertaking other than the association of underwriters known as Lloyd's;
Reinsurance means an insurance transaction where an insurer, for consideration, transfers any portion of the risk it has assumed to another insurer. In referring to reinsurance transactions, this title sometimes refers to:
Reinsurance means a risk-sharing program provided by AHCCCS to contractors for the reimbursement of specified contract service costs incurred by a member beyond a certain monetary threshold.

Examples of Reinsurance in a sentence

  • On or prior to the date hereof, each Subscribing Reinsurer has entered into, or shall enter into, a Master Reinsurance Trust Agreement (the "Trust Agreement") in the form attached as Exhibit C to such Subscribing Reinsurer's Interests and Liabilities Agreement.

  • This Contract, the Policy, the Assumption of Liability Endorsement, the Reinsurance Trust Agreement, and any other agreements referenced herein, constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the business reinsured hereunder.

  • XXX has made available to LMHC a copy of each XXX Reinsurance Contract.

  • There are no general or specific warranties, representations, or other agreements by or among the Company and the Reinsurer in connection with entering into the Reinsurance Documents except as specifically set forth in the Reinsurance Documents.

  • STFC has made available to LMHC a copy of each STFC Reinsurance Contract.

More Definitions of Reinsurance

Reinsurance means either of the following:
Reinsurance means an insurance transaction where an insurer, for
Reinsurance means insurance purchased by the Authority as part of an insurance program to cover that portion of any loss which exceeds the joint funding capacity of that program.
Reinsurance means an arrangement in which an insurance company, the reinsurer, agrees to indemnify another insurance or reinsurance company, the ceding company, against all or a portion of the insurance or reinsurance risks underwritten by the ceding company under one or more policies.
Reinsurance means one of the following:
Reinsurance means a contract, binder of coverage including placement slip, or arrangement under which an insurer procures insurance for itself in another insurer as to all or part of an insurance risk of the originating insurer.
Reinsurance means a transaction or contract under which an assuming insurer agrees to indemnify a ceding insurer against all, or a part, of a loss that the ceding insurer may sustain under the one or more policies that the ceding insurer issues or will issue.