License Subsidiaries Sample Clauses

License Subsidiaries. (a) Whenever the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries acquires any Broadcast License after the Sixth Restatement Effective Date, the Borrower shall (without limiting its obligations under Section 6.09) cause such acquisition to take place as follows in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including pursuant to approvals from the FCC: (i) each Broadcast License so acquired shall be transferred to and held by a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Borrower that is a License Subsidiary (provided that any License Subsidiary shall be permitted to hold one or more Broadcast Licenses); (ii) the related operating assets shall be transferred to and held by an operating company that is a Subsidiary of the Borrower (an “Operating Subsidiary”); and (iii) the Borrower shall deliver or cause to be delivered (if not theretofore delivered) to the Administrative Agent in pledge under the Security Agreement all Capital Stock of such License Subsidiary and such Operating Subsidiary (and, if reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent, furnish to the Administrative Agent evidence that the foregoing transactions have been so effected).
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License Subsidiaries. (a) Use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that all material Broadcast Licenses obtained on or after the Closing Date are held at all times by one or more Retained Existing Notes Indenture Unrestricted License Subsidiaries; provided, however, such requirement will not apply if holding any Broadcast License in a Retained Existing Notes Indenture Unrestricted License Subsidiary (i) is reasonably likely to have material adverse tax, operational or strategic consequences to the Parent Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiaries (as determined in good faith by the Parent Borrower) or (ii) requires any approval of the FCC or any other Governmental Authority that has not been obtained (the Parent Borrower agreeing to use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain any such approval).
License Subsidiaries. The Company covenants and agrees that from and after the Closing Date, it shall cause each FCC License and Spectrum Lease to be held directly by a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership organized under the laws of a jurisdiction in the United States that (a) is a wholly-owned direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Company, (b) does not engage in any business or activity other than the ownership and use of one or more FCC Licenses and/or Spectrum Leases and activities incidental thereto, (c) does not own or acquire any assets other than one or more FCC Licenses and/or Spectrum Leases and Capitol Stock of a Subsidiary with operating personnel for FCC-related business, and (d) does not have or incur any Indebtedness or other liabilities other than liabilities under the Note Documents, liabilities imposed by laws, including tax liabilities, or other liabilities incidental to its existence and permitted business and activities (any corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership satisfying the foregoing requirements, a "LICENSE SUBSIDIARY").
License Subsidiaries. (a) Except, in each case, to the extent that the failure to do so could not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Material Adverse Effect, ensure that each License Subsidiary engages only in the business of holding Broadcast Licenses and rights and activities related thereto.
License Subsidiaries. All FCC Licenses shall be held by one or more License Subsidiaries (and any License Subsidiary may own more than one FCC License). The Borrower shall cause each License Subsidiary from and after the Closing Date to (a) maintain a separate legal existence from the Borrower and its other Subsidiaries, (b) not make loans to or assume or guaranty the obligations of any Person (other than pursuant to the Guaranty and the First Lien Guaranty), (c) otherwise be operated in such a manner that the separate legal existence of such License Subsidiary will not be disregarded in any insolvency or other legal proceeding, (d) hold no assets other than the FCC licenses and have no financial obligations in each case other than (i) contracts entered into in the ordinary course of business and customary in the industry for broadcast company license subsidiaries which do not result in the incurrence of any Indebtedness by any License Subsidiary, (ii) contracts related to Permitted Acquisitions or other acquisitions, Investments or dispositions permitted by subsections 7.3 and 7.7 to the extent such License Subsidiary is party thereto solely for the purpose of transferring or acquiring the applicable FCC Licenses and (iii) obligations to the Administrative Agent, the Lenders, the First Lien Agent and the First Lien Lenders as a Guarantor, (e) if not a Guarantor on the Closing Date, become a Guarantor in accordance with the terms hereof and the other Loan Documents upon or prior to the time of acquiring any FCC License and (f) xxxxx x Xxxx in its assets to the Administrative Agent pursuant to the Loan Documents.
License Subsidiaries. (a) Other than ancillary FCC Licenses owned by Empire Burbank (none of which are Material FCC Licenses), the Credit Parties will cause each FCC License which is owned or acquired by any Credit Party to be held in a License Subsidiary at all times.
License Subsidiaries. Collectively, (a) Emmis License Corporation of New York, Emmis Radio License Corporation, Emmis Radio License Corporation of New York, Emmis Radio License, LLC, Emmis Television License, LLC and (b) any new Subsidiaries that hold licenses to broadcast or transmit radio or television signals formed or acquired in connection with any Permitted Acquisition, or any internal reorganization permitted pursuant to §10.5.1(a).
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License Subsidiaries. Each License Subsidiary has no significant assets (other than the Regulatory Licenses held by it) or material liabilities (other than under the Loan Documents to which it is a party).
License Subsidiaries. (a) Parent and each of its Subsidiaries shall cause each FCC License and Spectrum Lease to be held directly by a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership organized under the laws of a jurisdiction in the United States that is a License Subsidiary.
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