Latest Edition Sample Clauses

Latest Edition. The latest edition approved by the implementing agency of the regulations, rules, and codes listed in Paragraphs and above, with all amendments as of the date of the opening of bids, shall govern the installation of all Work and is adopted and incorporated into the Contract Documents and made a part thereof by reference, Provided, however that the drawings and specifications shall be adhered to in all cases where they call for quality of materials, quality of workmanship, or quality of construction which is equal to or in excess of the quality required by the above stated codes and Provided also: That there may be no variances from the drawings and specifications except to the extent that the said variances shall be necessary in order to comply with the above stated codes. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to familiarize himself with the requirements of the above stated codes. If there are any express requirements in the drawings or specifications that are at variance to the above stated codes, all changes in the Work necessary to eliminate or add to the said requirements and make the Work conform to the above stated codes shall be adjusted as provided in the Contract for changes in the Work.

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  • Final Report The goal of this subtask is to prepare a comprehensive Final Report that describes the original purpose, approach, results, and conclusions of the work performed under this Agreement. The CAM will review the Final Report, which will be due at least two months before the Agreement end date. When creating the Final Report Outline and the Final Report, the Recipient must use the Style Manual provided by the CAM.