Industrial Activity Sample Clauses

Related to Industrial Activity

  • Commercial Activities Neither Contractor nor its employees shall establish any commercial activity or issue concessions or permits of any kind to Third Parties for establishing commercial activities on the Site or any other lands owned or controlled by Owner.

  • CRIMINAL ACTIVITY If subsequent to the effectiveness of this Agreement, NYSERDA comes to know of any allegation previously unknown to it that the Contractor or any of its principals is under indictment for a felony, or has been, within five (5) years prior to submission of the Contractor’s proposal to NYSERDA, convicted of a felony, under the laws of the United States or Territory of the United States, then NYSERDA may exercise its stop work right under this Agreement. If subsequent to the effectiveness of this Agreement, NYSERDA comes to know of the fact, previously unknown to it, that Contractor or any of its principals is under such indictment or has been so convicted, then NYSERDA may exercise its right to terminate this Agreement. If the Contractor knowingly withheld information about such an indictment or conviction, NYSERDA may declare the Agreement null and void and may seek legal remedies against the Contractor and its principals. The Contractor or its principals may also be subject to penalties for any violation of law which may apply in the particular circumstances. For a Contractor which is an association, partnership, corporation, or other organization, the provisions of this paragraph apply to any such indictment or conviction of the organization itself or any of its officers, partners, or directors or members of any similar governing body, as applicable.

  • Promotional Activities ‌ 31 At the request of North Sound BH-ASO, Provider shall display promotional materials in its 32 offices and facilities as practical, in accordance with applicable law and cooperate with and 33 participate in all reasonable marketing efforts. Provider shall not use any North Sound BH- 34 ASO name in any advertising or promotional materials without the prior written permission of 35 North Sound BH-ASO. 37 2.5 LICENSURE, CERTIFICATION AND OTHER STATE AND FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS‌ 38 Provider shall hold all necessary licenses, certifications, and permits required by law for the 39 performance of services to be provided under this Agreement. Provider shall maintain its 40 licensure and applicable certifications in good standing, free of disciplinary action, and in 41 unrestricted status throughout the term of this Agreement. Provider’s loss or suspension of 42 licensure or other applicable certifications, or its exclusion from any federally funded health 43 care program, including Medicare and Medicaid, may constitute cause for immediate 44 termination of this Agreement. Provider warrants and represents that each employee and 1 subcontractor, who is subject to professional licensing requirements, is duly licensed to 2 provide Behavioral Health Services. Provider shall ensure each employee and subcontractor 3 have and maintains in good standing for the term of this Agreement the licenses, permits, 4 registrations, certifications, and any other governmental authorizations to provide such 5 services.

  • Hazardous Activities Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lease, Landlord, for itself and its employees, agents and contractors, reserves the right to refuse to perform any repairs or services in any portion of the Premises which, pursuant to Tenant’s routine safety guidelines, practices or custom or prudent industry practices, require any form of protective clothing or equipment other than safety glasses. In any such case, Tenant shall contract with parties who are acceptable to Landlord, in Landlord’s reasonable discretion, for all such repairs and services, and Landlord shall, to the extent required, equitably adjust Tenant’s Share of Operating Expenses in respect of such repairs or services to reflect that Landlord is not providing such repairs or services to Tenant.

  • Professional Activities (a) Except for columns and opinion pieces, the Employer shall not use bylines, credit lines, pictures, caricatures or other forms of personal identification over an employee’s protest.

  • Business Activity As long as this Note shall remain outstanding, Maker shall make no change in its business activity that would make it or any of its business activities non-compliant with SBA regulations and guidelines.

  • CONCERTED ACTIVITIES It is agreed and understood that except as specified in the fourth paragraph of this article, there will be no strike, work stoppage, slow-down, picketing, or refusal or failure to perform fully and faithfully job functions and responsibilities, or other interference with the operations of the District by the Association or by its officers, agents, or members during the term of this Agreement, including compliance with the request of other labor organizations to engage in such activity.

  • Political Activities Contractors are prohibited from using federal funds directly or indirectly for political purposes, including polling, lobbying or advocating for legislative programs or changes; campaigning for, endorsing, contributing to, or otherwise supporting political candidates or parties; and voter registration or get-out-the-vote campaigns. Generally, organizations or entities which receive federal funds by way of grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements do not lose their rights as organizations to use their own, private, non-federal resources for “political” activities because of or as a consequence of receiving such federal funds. These recipient organizations must thus use private or other non-federal money, receipts, contributions, or dues for their political activities, and may not charge off to or be reimbursed from federal contracts or grants for the costs of such activities.

  • Political Activity CONTRACTOR agrees that the funds provided herein shall not be used to promote, directly or indirectly, any political party, political candidate, or political activity, except as permitted by law.

  • Competitive Activities For purposes of the Agreement, to which this Exhibit B is attached, “Competitive Activities” means any activities relating to products or services of the same or similar type as the products or services (1) which were or are sold (or, pursuant to an existing business plan, will be sold) to paying customers of the Company or any Related Company, and (2) for which you have any direct or indirect responsibility or any involvement to plan, develop, manage, market, sell, oversee, support, implement or perform, or had any such responsibility or involvement within your most recent 24 months of employment with the Company or any Related Company. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, an activity shall not be treated as a Competitive Activity if the geographic marketing area of such same or similar products or services does not overlap with the geographic marketing area for the applicable products and services of the Company or any Related Company.