Identification of Individuals Sample Clauses

Identification of Individuals. In the case of redundancy for either financial exigency or change in academic programming, the process and criteria for identifying individuals will be the following.
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Identification of Individuals. Except as provided in the protocol described in detail in [Exhibits 1 and 2, referencing Section #10 of this document], which has been reviewed and expressly authorized by the APCD Administrator, the Receiving Organization will not attempt to identify individuals in the APCD data or to link records included in the APCD data to any other individually identifiable source of information.
Identification of Individuals. The Institute agrees not to release any information that would permit the identification of any individual.
Identification of Individuals. The individuals and their respective governing roles that constitute the Project Managers and Oversight Council are identified on SCHEDULE C hereto.
Identification of Individuals. Tested There shall be a verifiable means for identification of all individuals who present themselves for testing, including, photograph, fingerprints, and handwriting samples. Identification of Specimens Tested There shall be a means for identification of specimens received from a collection facility outside of the laboratory doing the testing. Specimen samples shall be identified with a firmly attached label bearing a unique identification for each individual and the date of collection. These individuals shall verify the accuracy of the labeling process and the label itself or by the guardian, before the specimen samples are removed from their presence.

Related to Identification of Individuals

  • Identification of Plans (A) None of the Consolidated Companies nor any of their respective ERISA Affiliates maintains or contributes to, or has during the past two years maintained or contributed to, any Plan that is subject to Title IV of ERISA, and (B) none of the Consolidated Companies maintains or contributes to any Foreign Plan;

  • Identification When performing work on District property, Contractor shall be in appropriate work attire (or uniform, if applicable) at all times. If Contractor does not have a specific uniform, then Contractor shall provide identification tags and/or any other mechanism the District in its sole discretion determines is required to easily identify Contractor. Contractor and its employees shall (i) display on their clothes the above-mentioned identifying information and (ii) carry photo identification and present it to any District personnel upon request. If Contractor cannot produce such identification or if the identification is unacceptable to District, District may provide at its sole discretion, District-produced identification tags to Contractor, costs to be borne by Contractor.

  • Type and Jurisdiction of Organization, Organizational and Identification Numbers The type of entity of such Grantor, its state of organization, the organizational number issued to it by its state of organization and its federal employer identification number are set forth on Exhibit A.

  • Identification of Tenant (i) If Tenant constitutes more than one person or entity, (A) each of them shall be jointly and severally liable for the keeping, observing and performing of all of the terms, covenants, conditions and provisions of this Lease to be kept, observed and performed by Tenant, (B) the term “Tenant” as used in this Lease shall mean and include each of them jointly and severally, and (C) the act of or notice from, or notice or refund to, or the signature of, any one or more of them, with respect to the tenancy of this Lease, including, but not limited to, any renewal, extension, expiration, termination or modification of this Lease, shall be binding upon each and all of the persons or entities executing this Lease as Tenant with the same force and effect as if each and all of them had so acted or so given or received such notice or refund or so signed.

  • Tax Identification Number All deposits to the Accounts shall be subject to the Escrow Agent's receipt of a valid tax identification number for the Company, Manager or Potential Investor, as applicable.

  • Taxpayer Identification Numbers Dealer agrees to obtain any taxpayer identification number certification from its Customers required under the Internal Revenue Code and any applicable Treasury regulations, and to provide Quasar or its designee with timely written notice of any failure to obtain such taxpayer identification number certification in order to enable the implementation of any required backup withholding.

  • Business Locations; Taxpayer Identification Number Set forth on Schedule 6.20-1 is a list of all real property located in the United States that is owned or leased by any Loan Party as of the Closing Date (identifying whether such real property is owned or leased and which Loan Party owns or leases such real property). Set forth on Schedule 6.20-2 is the chief executive office, U.S. tax payer identification number and organizational identification number of each Loan Party as of the Closing Date. The exact legal name and state of organization of each Loan Party as of the Closing Date is as set forth on the signature pages hereto. Except as set forth on Schedule 6.20-3, no Loan Party has during the five years preceding the Closing Date (i) changed its legal name, (ii) changed its state of formation, or (iii) been party to a merger, consolidation or other change in structure.

  • Further Identification of Collateral Each Debtor will, when and as often as requested by the Secured Party or its Representative, furnish to the Secured Party or such Representative, statements and schedules further identifying and describing the Collateral and such other reports in connection with the Collateral as the Secured Party or its Representative may reasonably request, all in reasonable detail.

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