Identification of Departments Sample Clauses

Identification of Departments. (i) In the case of financial exigency, the Senate will identify the department(s) involved on the basis of long-range academic planning as in 21:03 (b) (i) above. This identification must be made by November 15th. A moratorium on hiring and expansion in these and cognate departments will be in effect immediately and continue until the provisions of 21:05 (d) below are fulfilled.
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Identification of Departments. The Organizational Units in the secondary schools shall be structured as per Schedule “C”.

Related to Identification of Departments

  • Identification Badges Identification badges will be supplied by Advanced Behavioral Health (ABH) to all credentialed individuals who are providing services to children. Badges must be presented to the child/youth and any present adults at the time of service and must be worn for the duration of the service. Badges will be updated every two years during the re- credentialing process. Any individual or agency who fails to submit a photo ID to ABH within the designated timeframe will have their credentialing status terminated.

  • Identification of Goods Identification of the goods shall not be deemed to have been made until both Buyer and Seller have agreed that the goods in question are to be appropriate to the performance of this Agreement.

  • Identification When performing work on District property, Contractor shall be in appropriate work attire (or uniform, if applicable) at all times. If Contractor does not have a specific uniform, then Contractor shall provide identification tags and/or any other mechanism the District in its sole discretion determines is required to easily identify Contractor. Contractor and its employees shall (i) display on their clothes the above-mentioned identifying information and (ii) carry photo identification and present it to any District personnel upon request. If Contractor cannot produce such identification or if the identification is unacceptable to District, District may provide at its sole discretion, District-produced identification tags to Contractor, costs to be borne by Contractor.

  • Identification of Data a. All Background, Third Party Proprietary and Controlled Government Data provided by Disclosing Party shall be identified in the Annex under which it will be provided.

  • Identification Cards Identification (“ID”) cards are issued by Us for identification purposes only. Possession of any ID card confers no right to services or benefits under this Contract. To be entitled to such services or benefits, Your Premiums must be paid in full at the time that the services are sought to be received.

  • Non-Identification Approved Users agree not to use the requested datasets, either alone or in concert with any other information, to identify or contact individual participants from whom data and/or samples were collected. Approved Users also agree not to generate information (e.g., facial images or comparable representations) that could allow the identities of research participants to be readily ascertained. These provisions do not apply to research investigators operating with specific IRB approval, pursuant to 45 CFR 46, to contact individuals within datasets or to obtain and use identifying information under an 2 The project anniversary date can be found in “My Projects” after logging in to the dbGaP authorized-access portal. IRB-approved research protocol. All investigators including any Approved User conducting “human subjects research” within the scope of 45 CFR 46 must comply with the requirements contained therein.

  • Department of State Registration Consistent with Title XXXVI, F.S., the Contractor and any subcontractors that assert status, other than a sole proprietor, must provide the Department with conclusive evidence of a certificate of status, not subject to qualification, if a Florida business entity, or of a certificate of authorization if a foreign business entity.

  • T1 IDENTIFICATION PROCEDURES During the restoration of service after a disaster, BellSouth may be forced to aggregate traffic for delivery to a CLEC. During this process, T1 traffic may be consolidated onto DS3s and may become unidentifiable to the Carrier. Because resources will be limited, BellSouth may be forced to "package" this traffic entirely differently then normally received by the CLECs. Therefore, a method for identifying the T1 traffic on the DS3s and providing the information to the Carriers is required.

  • Identification Card Any cards issued to Members are for identification only.

  • User Identification Access to each Party’s corporate resources will be based on identifying and authenticating individual users in order to maintain clear and personal accountability for each user’s actions.

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