Professional Allowance Fund and Auc Research Fund Sample Clauses

Professional Allowance Fund and Auc Research Fund. 20:01 Professional Allowance Fund
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Professional Allowance Fund and Auc Research Fund 

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  • Professional Development Fund A budget item equal to one-half (½) of one (1) percent of employees' salaries shall be set aside annually to be used to:

  • Professional Development Funds 23.1.1 Two Professional Development Funds, a Professional Development Support Fund and an Education Leave Fund, shall be established to support professional development activities as defined in 23.2. On April 1st of each year, the College will allocate an amount equal to no less than 0.9% of total faculty salary (exclusive of severance payments) to the Professional Development Support Fund, and an amount equal to no less than 0.6% of total faculty salary to the Educational Leave Fund. Any unused balances in these funds shall carry over to the next budget year.

  • How Are Contributions to a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account Reported for Federal Tax Purposes? Contributions to a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account are reported on IRS Form 5498-ESA.

  • Educational Allowance Special Preparation Bonuses Per Month Per Shift (Full-time) (Part-time)

  • Education & Assistance Fund a. The Employer shall contribute and remit such contributions to the Union’s Education & Assistance Fund as specified in Schedule “A” for each hour worked by each employee covered by this Agreement.

  • How Are Distributions from a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account Taxed For Federal Income Tax Purposes? Amounts distributed are generally excludable from gross income if they do not exceed the beneficiary’s “qualified higher education expenses” for the year or are rolled over to another Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account according to the requirements of Section (4). “Qualified higher education expenses” generally include the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment for enrollment at (i) accredited post-secondary educational institutions offering credit toward a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, a graduate-level or professional degree or another recognized post-secondary credential and (ii) certain vocational schools. In addition, room and board may be covered if the beneficiary is at least a “half-time” student. This amount may be reduced or eliminated by certain scholarships, qualified state tuition programs, HOPE, Lifetime Learning tax credits, proceeds of certain savings bonds, and other amounts paid on the beneficiary’s behalf as well as by any other deductions or credits taken for the same expenses. The definition of “qualified education expenses” includes expenses more frequently and directly related to elementary and secondary school education, including the purchase of computer technology or equipment or Internet access and related services. To the extent payments during the year exceed such amounts, they are partially taxable and partially non-taxable similar to payments received from an annuity. Any taxable portion of a distribution is generally subject to a 10% penalty tax in addition to income tax unless the distribution is (i) due to the death or disability of the beneficiary, (ii) made on account of a scholarship received by the beneficiary, or (iii) is made in a year in which the beneficiary elects the HOPE or Lifetime Learning credit and waives the exclusion from income of the Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account distribution. You may be allowed to take both the HOPE or Lifetime Learning credits while simultaneously taking distributions from Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Accounts. However, you cannot claim a credit for the same educational expenses paid for through Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account distributions. To the extent a distribution is taxable, capital gains treatment does not apply to amounts distributed from the account. Similarly, the special five- and ten-year averaging rules for lump-sum distributions do not apply to distributions from a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account. The taxable portion of any distribution is taxed as ordinary income. The IRS does not require withholding on distributions from Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Accounts.

  • Education Fund The College will allocate $15,000 into an Education Fund as set forth in Appendix “F” to this Agreement.

  • Professional Development Allowance 55.1 The CEO may, subject to this clause, approve the reimbursement or payment of financial assistance to a Science and Engineering Professional employee to offset professional development costs.

  • Multi-Year Planning The CAPS will be in a form acceptable to the LHIN and may be required to incorporate (1) prudent multi-year financial forecasts; (2) plans for the achievement of performance targets; and (3) realistic risk management strategies. It will be aligned with the LHIN’s then current Integrated Health Service Plan and will reflect local LHIN priorities and initiatives. If the LHIN has provided multi-year planning targets for the HSP, the CAPS will reflect the planning targets.

  • Education Allowance Provisions in existing Collective Agreements providing for educational allowances shall be continued in effect.

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