General Releases Sample Clauses

General Releases. At the Closing, each Shareholder shall deliver general releases to MIOA, in form and substance satisfactory to MIOA and its counsel, releasing Company and the directors, officers, agents and employees of the Company from all claims through the Closing Date, except (i) as may be described in written contracts disclosed in the Disclosure Schedules and expressly described and excepted from such releases, and (ii) in the case of persons who are employees of the Company, compensation for current periods expressly described and excepted from such releases. Such releases shall also contain waivers of any right of contribution or other recourse against the Company with respect to representations, warranties or covenants made herein by the Company.
General Releases. The General Releases referred to in Section 5.3, duly executed by the persons referred to in such Section.
General Releases. (a) For and in consideration of the severance benefits which the Executive will receive under the Employment Severance Agreement to which this Release Agreement is attached, the Executive fully and forever releases and discharges MedSource Technologies, Inc. ("Company") (which for purposes of this Agreement includes its present and former officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, investors, administrators, representatives, attorneys, affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, parent corporations, predecessor and successor corporations and assigns) from any and all liability for any claim, duty, obligation, debt, covenant, cause of action or damages (collectively "Claims"), whether presently known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, that Executive ever had, may have had or now have arising from any omission, act or fact that has occurred up to and including the date of this Agreement. Such released Claims include, but are not limited to: (i) any Claims arising out of or attributable to Executive's employment or the termination of employment with the Company; (ii) any Claims for wages, severance pay, bonuses, accrued vacation, personal days, holidays, sick days, stock, stock options, units, membership interests, attorneys fees, costs or expenses; (iii) all Claims arising under any agreement, understanding, promise or contract (express or implied, oral or written) between Executive and the Company; (iv) all Claims of wrongful termination, unjust dismissal, defamation, violation of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing libel or slander; (v) all Claims arising under tort law; (vi) any Claims arising under any federal, state or local law dealing with discrimination based on age, race, sex, national origin, handicap, religion, disability or sexual preference; (vii) any Claims arising under any federal, state or local constitution, statute, regulation or ordinance to the extent such claims may be validly waived including, without limitation, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (the "ADEA"), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act; and (viii) any Claims for any other loss or damage.
General Releases. In consideration of the Company’s execution of this Agreement and of the payments and benefits provided for in Section 3 above, which the Employee acknowledges is adequate consideration, the Employee, on behalf of his heirs, successors, assigns, executors, and representatives of any kind, releases and forever discharges the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and divisions, and all their past, present, and future employees, directors, officers, agents, shareholders, insurers, attorneys, employee benefit plans and plan fiduciaries, executors, successors, assigns, and other representatives of any kind in their capacities as such (referred to in this Agreement collectively as “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, charges, demands, liabilities, or causes of action of any kind, known or unknown, arising through the date the Employee executes this Agreement, including, but not limited to, any claims, liabilities, or causes of action of any kind arising in connection with the Employee’s employment or termination of employment with the Company. The Employee also releases and waives any claim or right to further compensation, benefits, damages, penalties, attorneys’ fees, costs, or expenses of any kind from the Company or any of the other Released Parties, except that nothing in this release shall affect any rights the Employee may have under: (i) this Agreement; (ii) any funded retirement or 401(k) plan of the Company; or (iii) COBRA health insurance benefits that are determined as described above. Without limitation, the Employee waives any right or claim to reinstatement of the Employee’s employment with the Company. The claims that the Employee is releasing include, but are not limited to, claims for and/or claims for violations of: wrongful discharge; constructive discharge; breach of contract; tortious interference with contract; unlawful terms and conditions of employment; retaliation; defamation; invasion of privacy; unlawful conspiracy; discrimination, including any claims arising under the Age Discrimination In Employment Act of 1967, 29 U.S.C. §621 et seq. (“ADEA”); Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §2000e et seq.; the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. §701 et seq.; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 00 X.X.X. §00000 et seq.; the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, 29 U.S.C. §2601 et seq.; the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, 29 U.S.C. §201 et seq.; the Equal Pay Act of 1963, 29 U.S.C. §206(d) et seq....
General Releases. (a) Consultant, in consideration of this Agreement, releases and forever discharges the Company, GP, and their respective parents, affiliates and subsidiaries, and each of their respective current, former, and future, officers, directors, trustees, employees, agents, attorneys, successors, and assigns (hereinafter collectively "Releasees"), from all actions, causes of action, suits, debts, sums of money, covenants, agreements, promises, claims, and demands whatsoever, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, whether statutory or common law, whether federal, state, local, or otherwise (collectively "Claims"), including, but not limited to, any claims relating to, or arising out of any aspect of Consultant's employment with the Company, or the termination of such employment, including, but not limited to:
General Releases. (a) Each party hereto, respectively, on its own behalf and on behalf of its Affiliates (each such party and its Affiliates, a “Releasor”), effective on the Closing Date: (i) irrevocably and unconditionally releases, waives and forever discharges each other party to this Agreement and such other party’s respective officers, directors, stockholders, successors, Representatives and permitted assigns (each, a “Releasee”), from any and all claims and Liabilities, but only to the extent arising prior to the Closing (collectively all claims and Liabilities released pursuant to this Section 7.13(a)(i) are referred to as the “Released Claims”); and (ii) irrevocably agrees to refrain from directly or indirectly asserting any claim or demand or commencing (or causing to be commenced) any suit, action or proceeding of any kind against any of the Releasees, based upon or in connection with any matter released or purported to be released pursuant to this Section 7.13(a).
General Releases. (a) Buddxxxxxx xxxeby releases, discharges and acquits the Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives, agents, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, counsel, assigns and successors (collectively referred to as "Releasees"), of and from all claims, demands, sums of money, actions, rights, causes of action, obligations and liabilities which Buddxxxxxx xxx against the Releasees relating to or arising out of the Employment Agreement or Buddxxxxxx'x employment by the Company, including, but not limited to, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, tort, the Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Employee Retirement Income Security Act or any other federal, state or local legislation or common law relating to employment or discrimination in employment or otherwise; provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall release the Company from its obligation to Buddxxxxxx xxxsuant to this Agreement, including any right he may have to corporate indemnification.
General Releases. The Parties agree that as a condition to entering into this Agreement, Seller has executed and delivered separate General Releases to and in favor of each Purchaser and the Company, in the form attached hereto as General Release I and General Release II and made a part hereof.