GBP Sample Clauses

GBP. The annual bonus shall be calculated as follows: (i) for at target performance: the annual bonus shall be an amount equal to 40% of the Executive’s base salary; (ii) for performance at 110% of targets or higher: the annual bonus shall be an amount equal to 50% of the Executive’s base salary; and (iii) for performance between 100% and 110% of targets, the annual bonus shall be equal to an amount scaled ratably between 40% to 50% of the Executive’s base salary. In no event shall the Company be required to pay an annual bonus equal to greater than 50% of the Executive’s base salary. An example calculation of the Executive’s bonus is attached hereto as SCHEDULE 4. If performance targets are not met, the Board shall in good faith consider whether a full or partial annual bonus should still be paid; in such circumstance, the Board shall consider: (i) the Executive’s individual performance and efforts; (ii) the performance metrics achieved; and (iii) the circumstances related to the applicable targets. The bonus payments, if any, shall be paid by the Company no later than the 15th day of the third calendar month of the fiscal year following the fiscal year to which such annual bonus relates.
GBP. (a) if in GBP (in respect of Advances made by the Sydney Branch) to the following account (under reference Sims or as specified by the Bank); or Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland, London Account Name: National Australia Bank Account Number: 12231081 SWIFT: RBOSGB2L or such other account from time to time notified in writing by the Bank.
GBP. Sponsor’s logo will be used together with the conference name and design on the notepads and pens that will be distributed within the conference bags. The design, colour and specifications of the notepads and pens are subject to the approval of Conference Organisers. POSTER BOARD BRANDING Limited to 2 companies / “Including the production cost”2.750 GBP Sponsor’s logo will be used together with the conference name and design on the poster board numbers.Posters will be located in the same hall with the Exhibition. Number and type of poster boards will be determined by the Conference Organisers according to the final number of posters. Limited to 1 companyMOBILE APPLICATION6.500 GBP Strong visibility during the conference.The conference mobile application engages attendees with personalised planning tools and real-time event updates and notifications. The easily downloadable and user friendly mobile app will include the scientific programme, abstracts, speakersinformation, social events, rating/voting system for specific sessions and a personalised scheduler. Sponsor’s acknowledgement will appear on the splash/pop-up screen of the app and the Sponsor’s logo will be displayed on the mobile app signages together with the QR code of the app. In addition, Sponsor will have the opportunity to get two (2) push notifications to be launched during the conference (timing to be decided and agreed by the Conference Organisers and Sponsor). Limited to 1 companyWI-FI4.000 GBP Strong visibility during the conference.Conference participants may access high speed Wi-Fi via their laptops, smartphones and other devices using the Wi-Fi internet in the venue. Wi-Fi network name and password will be determined with the combined usage of the conference name together with Sponsor’s company/product name. Sponsor’s logo will be displayed on the Wi-Fi signages. Limited to 2 companiesSPEAKERS’ READY ROOM
GBP. Verification We now study the hardness of GBPVER.Theorem 10. GBPVER is coNP-hard.| | ≥Proof. We will prove the statement by presenting a polynomial-time reduction from BPVERj to GBPVER. Every time that we get an instance < A , φ , k > of BPVERj (where A is a population protocol for which < A > k holds), if A has a computation on Gk that does not stabilize to the correct output w.r.t. φ then we will return a population protocol A j and a formula φ j such that there exists some kj for which A j has a computation on Gkj that does not stabilize to the the correct outputw.r.t. φ j. On the other hand, if A has no such erroneous computation on Gk, A j will also have no erroneous computation (w.r.t. φ j) for any complete communication graph (of any size greater than or equal to 2). Moreover, we will achieve that in polynomial time.ч ∈
GBP. 1.115386 EUR 1 USD = 0.878734 EUR 1 ΝΟΚ = 0.103158 EUR 1 BRL = 0.229826 EUR 1 RUB = 0,013966 EUR 1 INR = 0,012734 EUR
GBP. This refers to Gravity-Based Penalty.
GBP notes. (1)
GBP. 1.0950 NAV2 Total Net Assets3 Market Capitalisation 1.0503 1.0911 134,282,416 367,088,280 135,522,184 368,416,947