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Other Account. If we accept for deposit a check that is drawn on another financial institution, we may make funds from the deposit available for withdrawal immediately, but delay your ability to withdraw a corresponding amount of funds that you have on deposit in another account with us. The funds in the other account would then not be available for withdrawal until the time periods that are described elsewhere in this disclosure.
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Other Account. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Borrower is permitted to establish and maintain other accounts, which accounts shall not form part of the Collateral.

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  • Other Accounts On the date of withdrawal of any Deposit, the Escrow Agent, or the Pass Through Trustee on behalf of the Escrow Agent, shall be entitled to re-deposit with the Depositary any portion thereof and the Depositary shall accept the same for deposit hereunder. Any sums so received for deposit shall be established as a new Deposit and credited to a new Account, all as more fully provided in Section 2.1 hereof, and thereafter the provisions of this Agreement shall apply thereto as fully and with the same force and effect as if such Deposit had been established on the Deposit Date except that (i) such Deposit may not be withdrawn prior to the date seven days after the establishment thereof and (ii) such Deposit shall mature on June 15, 2000 (as such date may be extended from time to time to the fifteenth day after the Delivery Period Termination Date) and bear interest as provided in Section 2.2. The Depositary shall promptly give notice to the Escrow Agent of the account number assigned to any such re-deposit.

  • Income Account The Trustee shall collect the dividends and other cash distributions on the Securities in each Trust which would be treated as dividend (other than capital gain dividends) or interest income under the Internal Revenue Code as such become payable (including all monies which would be so treated representing penalties for the failure to make timely payments on the Securities, or as liquidated damages for default or breach of any condition or term of the Securities or of the underlying instrument relating to any Securities and other income attributable to a Failed Contract Obligation for which no Replacement Security has been obtained pursuant to Section 3.12 hereof) and credit such income to a separate account for each Trust to be known as the "Income Account." Any non-cash distributions received by a Trust shall be sold to the extent they would be treated as dividend or interest income under the Internal Revenue Code and the proceeds shall be credited to the Income Account. Except as provided in the preceding sentence, non-cash distributions received by a Trust (other than a non-taxable distribution of the shares of the distributing corporation which shall be retained by a Trust) shall be dealt with in the manner described in Section 3.11, herein, and shall be retained or disposed of by such Trust according to those provisions and the proceeds thereof shall be credited to the Capital (Principal) Account. Neither the Trustee nor the Depositor shall be liable or responsible in any way for depreciation or loss incurred by reason of any such sale. All other distributions received by a Trust shall be credited to the Capital (Principal) Account."

  • Separate Account If Student-Generated Content is stored or maintained by the Provider, Provider shall, at the request of the LEA, transfer, or provide a mechanism for the LEA to transfer, said Student- Generated Content to a separate account created by the student.

  • Cash Account Except as otherwise provided in Instructions acceptable to Bank, all cash held in the Cash Account shall be deposited during the period it is credited to the Account in one or more deposit accounts at Bank or at Bank's London Branch. Any cash so deposited with Bank's London Branch shall be payable exclusively by Bank's London Branch in the applicable currency, subject to compliance with any Applicable Law, including, without limitation, any restrictions on transactions in the applicable currency imposed by the country of the applicable currency.

  • Separate Accounts The trustee shall maintain within the trust fund a separate account for each Agricultural Contractor that signs the trust agreement to hold deposits made pursuant to this article.

  • Investment Account The Manager shall maintain an investment account or accounts in the Manager’s name (the “Account”) on behalf of the Principal, any other participating insurer affiliated with the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company, an insurance subsidiary or affiliate of the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company or a pension plan or profit-sharing plan of the Principal, its insurance subsidiaries or affiliates, (collectively, the “Participants”), and shall hold therein all debt obligations, accounts or deposits permitted by the New Hampshire Insurance Code as more fully described on Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time, and attached hereto and incorporated herein (collectively, “Investments”), deposited in or purchased or otherwise acquired for and on behalf of the Principal and the Participants from time to time pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All Investments in the Account shall be Short-Term Obligations.

  • Retention Account credits and withdrawals

  • Cash Accounts The Custodian will open and maintain in the name of the Client one or more cash deposit accounts (each a “Cash Account”) in such currencies as may be required in connection with the investment activity of the Client.

  • SUBACCOUNTS The Separate Account is divided into Subaccounts which invest in shares of mutual funds. Each Subaccount may invest its assets in a separate class or series of a designated mutual fund or funds. The Subaccounts are shown on page 3. Subject to the regulatory requirements then in force, SBL reserves the right to:

  • Earnings Account withdrawals Any sums standing to the credit of the Earnings Account may be applied from time to time (i) firstly to make the payments required under this Agreement, (ii) secondly, subject to there being no breach of Clause 14.3 and to no Event of Default having occurred, in the operation of the Vessel and (iii) subject to there being at any time sufficient funds to pay amounts due under (i) and (ii) above as they fall due, thirdly for the general corporate purposes of the Borrower.

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