FOREIGN CORPORATION. JVP CORP is duly qualified or licensed to do business and in good standing as a foreign corporation in every jurisdiction where the failure to so qualify could have a material adverse effect on its respective business, operations, assets or financial condition.
FOREIGN CORPORATION. If Contractor is a foreign corporation (any corporation other than a Wisconsin corporation), Contractor is required to conform to all the requirements of Chapter 180, Wis. Stats., relating to a foreign corporation and must possess a certificate of authority from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, unless the corporation is transacting business in interstate commerce or is otherwise exempt from the requirement of obtaining a certificate of authority. Any foreign corporation which desires to apply for a certificate of authority should contact the Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Corporations, P. O. Box 7846, Madison, WI 53707-7846; telephone (608) 261-7577.
FOREIGN CORPORATION. In accordance with F.S. 607.1501, and provided an exemption is not available, a foreign corporation may not transact business in Florida until it obtains a certificate of authority from the Florida Department of State. Foreign corporations may submit bids or Proposals prior to obtaining a certificate of authority from the Florida Department of State. A foreign corporation must be in compliance with F.S. 607.1501, prior to entering into a Contract with the City of Orlando.
FOREIGN CORPORATION. If any Lender is a "foreign corporation, partnership or trust" within the meaning of the Code and such Lender claims exemption from, or a reduction of, U.S. withholding tax under Sections 1441 or 1442 of the Code, such Lender agrees with and in favor of the Agent, to deliver to the Agent:
FOREIGN CORPORATION. The Company is not presently required to qualify as a foreign corporation in any jurisdiction, except for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
FOREIGN CORPORATION. If applicable, the bidder shall register as a “Foreign Corporation” with the Secretary of the State of New Jersey, designating a resident agent for the service of process. Foreign corporations must obtain a certificate of authority to do business in NJ pursuant to N.J.S.A. 14A:13-3. Written proof of such registration must be included with the bid submission.
FOREIGN CORPORATION. A foreign corporation, like a foreign individual, is subject to one of the two tax regimes. If it is not 4 engaged in U.S. trade or business, it will face a gross withholding tax of 30%. If engaged in these activities or if there is an election to be treated as such, the corporation income will be taxed on a net basis. However, compared to the foreign individual, the marginal net basis regime is significantly higher. Moreover, the corporation would be subject to a branch profit tax of 30% on the earnings that were not reinvested in the property or some other U.S. trade or business. If there is a gain on sale of the property, it would be taxed at the same rates as income. However, if there are no other U.S. assets in the corporation, the company may avoid branch profit tax. The stock of the foreign corporations is not subject to estate tax upon the death of an individual. Similarly, a gift of stock is not subject to U.S. gift tax.
FOREIGN CORPORATION foreign firm,” or “foreign-based business” means a business entity that is incorporated or has its principal headquarters located outside the United States of America.
FOREIGN CORPORATION refers to a foreign nonprofit limited liability company.
FOREIGN CORPORATION. The Operator agrees that, if applicable, it shall register as a “Foreign Corporation” with the Office of the Secretary of State of New Jersey, designating a resident agent for the service of process and shall provide written proof of such registration prior to the Authority’s execution of this Agreement.