Flow Sample Clauses

Flow. Down Clauses: The Consultant shall require this provision in each subcontract of any tier.
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Flow. Mortgage Loan Purchase and Sale Agreement, dated as of December 1, 2012, between RRAC and Renasant Bank, as modified by the related Acknowledgement.
Flow. Mortgage Loan Purchase and Sale Agreement, dated as of May 1, 2012, between RRAC and SCBT, as modified by the related Acknowledgement.
Flow. Creating the payment file: When creating payments with Payment Management, an xml-formatted file is created with payment Data from Dynamics NAV/Business Central. The file is then sent to the CBIC component, installed locally or using the Continia Online version. The CBIC component then process the payment Data in the xml-formatted file and creates a new xml-formatted file that fits with the chosen banks file format. The new file is then sent back to Dynamics NAV/Business Central. Sending the payment file: When sending payments with Payment Management, (the payment file returned by the CBIC component), depending on which setting the user have selected when setting up the bank, the following flow is used:
Flow habitat relationships for spring-run Chinook salmon spawning report (2003)
Flow variable operating costs: Upon the commencement of operations of any Partnership facility, flow based Operating Costs for the Common Partnership System will be assessed to the Member Towns based upon the average daily flow as measured at the Partnership flow meters and adjusted by the same ratio for Capital Costs for Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) in Common Partnership System, and for any metered recycle flows at the treatment facility.
Flow down clause. The Contractor shall ensure the inclusion of this article in all subcontracts issued under this Contract, modified as necessary, for proper identification of the contracting parties and the Contracting Officer.
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Flow. (1) Designed Flood: ______ cubic meters/s (m3/s).
Flow. Expense users are synchronized to Continia Online Services to allow them to log in to the app and the Expense Portal. Master Data from NAV/Business Central is synchronized to Continia Online Services and used when working with expenses and mileage in the app or the Expense Portal. There are three different ways to process Bank transactions:
Flow. When a user logs into the Web Approval Portal, Data are processed from NAV/Business Central using NAV/Business Central Web Services. When a user accesses a record for approval, then the primary PDF or JPG for that document is uploaded from NAV/Business Central and displayed to the user.
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