Flow Sample Clauses

Flow. DOWN: The requirements of this Section CC apply to Contractor and its Contract subcontractors at every tier. Contractor is responsible for ensuring that all lower tier contractors and subcontractors are in compliance with this Section CC.
Flow variable operating costs: Upon the commencement of operations of any Partnership facility, flow based Operating Costs for the Common Partnership System will be assessed to the Member Towns based upon the average daily flow as measured at the Partnership flow meters and adjusted by the same ratio for Capital Costs for Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) in Common Partnership System, and for any metered recycle flows at the treatment facility.
Flow. The students participating in the program became committed to their art because they loved it. Csikzentmihalyi (1990) uses the term “flow” to describe a state of total absorption, when people are so completely involved in an activity that they lose track of time; they are unaware of fatigue, hunger, distractions, or anything but the activity itself. Ultimately the state of flow in the arts—the creative state of mind, the demanding physical exertion, and the clear goal of performing, communicating, and sharing themselves with an audience—was a unique experience. For many, the arts became the focus of daily existence and the central driving force behind their commitment to talent development. The time they spent in arts classes, rehearsals and performances appeared to give them a satisfaction unsurpassed by other pursuits and aspects of their lives. It’s like I became addicted to dance. Elementary student Think, think dance. I don’t think classroom at all—I think dance. I think that I am on the stage and I don’t look in the mirror, I look beyond the mirror and I put the music right through my body and just let it settle and move like water. Movement is not only a way of thinking, it is a way of understand- ing—how, when, where.. Adult dancer They seem to be in their own world; when they are performing they are lost in their music; they are totally focused. Parent Self-regulation The students were aware of the self-regulatory behaviors they used to be successful in the arts. Students in all three cohorts commented on both the specific processes and learning strategies, as well as the general habits of practice, focus, and discipline that helped them progress in demanding instruction. Current learning theory emphasizes the importance of self-regulation for succeeding in any endeavor. Students are self-regulated when they are aware of their own learning processes and select useful strategies to complete a task (Bandura,1986; Zimmerman, 1996). Research has shown that when students are engaged in challenging activities that accentuate their talents, they demonstrate extraordinary ability to regulate their own learning (Baum, Owen, & Oreck, 1997; Baum, Renzulli, & Hebert, 1995). Because the pursuit of the arts was so intrinsically rewarding for these students, hard work was embraced eagerly. They acknowledged that they were pushed physically and mentally, learning their limits and testing their responses to hard work. As the students moved through the stages of ta...
Flow. (1) Designed Flood: ______ cubic meters/s (m3/s).
Flow. The psychology of optimal experiences. New York: Harper & Row. Csikzentmihalyi,M., Rathunde,K., & Whalen,S.(1993). Talented teenagers. New York: Cambridge University Press. Csikzentmihalyi,M., & Robinson, R.(1986). Culture, time, and the development of talent. In R. J. Sternberg, & J. E. Davidson (Eds.), Conceptions of giftedness (pp. 264-284). New York: Cambridge University Press. Emerick,L.(1992). Academic underachievement among the gifted:Studentsperception of factors that reverse the pattern. Gifted Child Quarterly, 42,140-146. Erikson,E.H. (1963). Childhood and society. New York:
Flow down: For the purposes of this Article VIII, "Cooperator" includes such sub- Cooperators, contractors, or subcontractors as, in the judgment of the Cooperator and subject to the NPS's determination of sufficiency, have sufficient resources and/or maintain adequate and appropriate insurance to achieve the purposes of this Article VIII.