Treatment Facility Sample Clauses

Treatment Facility. The advanced 60,000 Barrel per Day wastewater treatment facility to be constructed in Doddridge County, West Virginia, and owned by Antero Treatment.
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Treatment Facility. The advanced wastewater treatment facility located in Doddridge County, West Virginia, and owned by AT, and any expansions or modifications thereto.

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  • Treatment The Asset Representations Reviewer agrees to hold and treat Confidential Information given to it under this Agreement in confidence and under the terms and conditions of this Section 4.08, and will implement and maintain safeguards to further assure the confidentiality of the Confidential Information. The Confidential Information will not, without the prior consent of the Issuer and the Servicer, be disclosed or used by the Asset Representations Reviewer, or its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives or affiliates, including legal counsel (collectively, the “Information Recipients”) other than for the purposes of performing Reviews of Review Receivables or performing its obligations under this Agreement. The Asset Representations Reviewer agrees that it will not, and will cause its Affiliates to not (i) purchase or sell securities issued by the Seller or its Affiliates or special purpose entities on the basis of Confidential Information or (ii) use the Confidential Information for the preparation of research reports, newsletters or other publications or similar communications.

  • Facility Prudential is willing to consider, in its sole discretion and within limits which may be authorized for purchase by Prudential Affiliates from time to time, the purchase of Shelf Notes pursuant to this Agreement. The willingness of Prudential to consider such purchase of Shelf Notes is herein called the “Facility”. At any time, the aggregate principal amount of Shelf Notes stated in Section 1.2, minus the aggregate principal amount of Shelf Notes purchased and sold pursuant to this Agreement prior to such time, minus the aggregate principal amount of Accepted Notes (as hereinafter defined) which have not yet been purchased and sold hereunder prior to such time, is herein called the “Available Facility Amount” at such time. NOTWITHSTANDING THE WILLINGNESS OF PRUDENTIAL TO CONSIDER PURCHASES OF SHELF NOTES BY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATES, THIS AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO ON THE EXPRESS UNDERSTANDING THAT NEITHER PRUDENTIAL NOR ANY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATE SHALL BE OBLIGATED TO MAKE OR ACCEPT OFFERS TO PURCHASE SHELF NOTES, OR TO QUOTE RATES, SPREADS OR OTHER TERMS WITH RESPECT TO SPECIFIC PURCHASES OF SHELF NOTES, AND THE FACILITY SHALL IN NO WAY BE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY PRUDENTIAL OR ANY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATE.

  • Facilities Keep all properties useful or necessary to Borrower's business in good repair and condition, and from time to time make necessary repairs, renewals and replacements thereto so that such properties shall be fully and efficiently preserved and maintained.

  • Other Facilities This Agreement reserves in each party the power to establish a temporary holding facility during a pandemic, riot, civil disobedience or natural disaster, to establish group homes or other care or rehabilitation facilities in furtherance of a social service program, to temporarily transfer Inmates to alternative detention facilities in order to respond to Xxxx overcrowding, a public health directive, or to comply with a final order of a federal court or a state court of record for the care and treatment of Inmates.

  • Refinancing Facilities (a) At any time after the Closing Date, the Borrower may obtain, from any Lender or any Additional Lender (to the extent agreed to by such Lender or Additional Lender in its sole discretion), Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness in respect of all or any portion of the Term Loans, Prepetition Subsidiary Debt, Revolving Credit Loans and/or Revolving Credit Commitments then outstanding under this Agreement (which will be deemed to include any then outstanding Incremental Term Loans under any Incremental Facilities or any Incremental Revolving Credit Commitments then outstanding under this Agreement (or any Revolving Credit Loans outstanding pursuant thereto)) or any then outstanding Refinancing Term Loans or any then outstanding Refinancing Revolving Credit Loans or Refinancing Revolving Credit Commitments in the form of Refinancing Revolving Credit Loans or Refinancing Revolving Credit Commitments, respectively, in each case, pursuant to a Refinancing Amendment, together with any applicable Customary Intercreditor Agreement or other customary subordination agreement; provided, that such Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness (i) will, to the extent secured, rank pari passu or junior in right of payment and of security with the other Loans and Commitments hereunder (but for the avoidance of doubt, such Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness may be unsecured), (ii) will, to the extent permitted by the definition of “Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness,” have such pricing, interest rate margins (including “MFN” provisions), rate floors, discounts, fees, premiums and prepayment or redemption provisions and terms as may be agreed by the Borrower and the Lenders or Additional Lenders with respect thereto, (iii) will, to the extent in the form of Refinancing Revolving Credit Loans or Refinancing Revolving Credit Commitments, participate in the payment, borrowing, participation and commitment reduction provisions herein on a pro rata basis with any then outstanding Revolving Credit Loans and Revolving Credit Commitments, except that the Borrower shall be permitted to permanently repay and terminate commitments of any such Class on a better than a pro rata basis as compared to any other Class with a later maturity date than such Class and (iv) will, to the extent in the form of Refinancing Revolving Credit Loans or Refinancing Revolving Credit Commitments and unless the Required Revolving Credit Lenders shall have consented thereto, have terms and conditions (other than interest rate margins and commitment fees) identical to those applicable to the Revolving Credit Commitments and Revolving Credit Loans being refinanced. The effectiveness of any Refinancing Amendment shall be subject to, to the extent reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent (or in the case of Revolving Credit Commitments and Revolving Credit Loans, the Revolver Agent), receipt by the Administrative Agent or Revolver Agent, as applicable, of reaffirmation agreements and board resolutions, officers’ certificates and legal opinions consistent with those delivered on the Closing Date. The Administrative Agent or Revolver Agent, as applicable, shall promptly notify each Lender as to the effectiveness of each Refinancing Amendment. Each of the parties hereto hereby agrees that, upon the effectiveness of any Refinancing Amendment, this Agreement shall be deemed amended to the extent (but only to the extent) necessary to reflect the existence and terms of the Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness incurred pursuant thereto (including any amendments necessary to treat the Loans and Commitments subject thereto as Refinancing Term Loans, Refinancing Revolving Credit Loans or Refinancing Revolving Credit Loan Commitments, as applicable) and any Indebtedness being replaced or refinanced with such Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness shall be deemed permanently reduced and satisfied in all respects. Any Refinancing Amendment may, without the consent of any other Lenders, effect such amendments to this Agreement and the other Loan Documents as may be necessary or appropriate, to effect the provisions of this Section.

  • Additional Facilities If the CAISO determines that it requires Operational Control over additional transmission lines and associated facilities not then constituting part of the CAISO Controlled Grid in order to fulfill its responsibilities in relation to the CAISO Controlled Grid then the CAISO shall apply to FERC pursuant to Section 203 of the Federal Power Act, and shall make all other regulatory filings necessary to obtain approval for such change of control and shall serve a copy of all such applications on the affected Participating TO and the owner of such lines and facilities (if other than the Participating TO). In the event that a Party invokes the dispute resolution provisions identified in Section 15 with respect to the transfer of Operational Control over a facility, such facility shall not be transferred while the dispute resolution process is pending except pursuant to Section 4.5.2.

  • Common Facilities “Common Facilities” includes all areas, facilities, utilities, equipment and services provided by Landlord for the common use or benefit of the occupants of the Property, and their employees, agents, customers and other invitees, including without limitation building lobbies, common corridors and hallways, restrooms, pedestrian walkways, driveways and access roads, access facilities for disabled persons (including elevators), truck serviceways, loading docks, garages, driveways, parking lots, landscaped areas, stairways, elevators, retaining walls, all areas required to be maintained under the conditions of governmental approvals for the Property, comfort and first-aid stations, parcel pick-up stations and other generally understood public or common areas. All Common Facilities shall at all times be subject to the exclusive control and management of Landlord. Landlord shall have the right, without liability to Tenant, to relocate, alter, improve, or adjust the size and location of any Common Facilities from time to time, and Landlord shall have the right from time to time to establish, modify and enforce reasonable rules and regulations with respect to the Common Facilities. Landlord shall have the right to construct, maintain and operate lighting facilities on the Common Facilities; to police the same; from time to time to change the area, level, location and arrangement of parking areas and other facilities; to restrict parking by tenants, their officers, agents and employees to employee parking areas; to enforce parking charges (by operation of meters or otherwise), with appropriate provisions for free parking ticket validating by tenants; to close all or any portion of the Common Facilities to such extent as may, in the opinion of Landlord’s counsel, be legally sufficient to prevent a dedication thereof or the accrual of any rights to any person or the public therein; to close temporarily all or any portion of the Common Facilities; to discourage non-customer parking; and to do and perform such other acts in and to the Common Facilities which Landlord shall determine, using good business judgment, to be advisable to improve the convenience and use thereof by tenants, their officers, agents, employees and customers. Subject to the foregoing, Tenant may use all Common Facilities not within the Premises, under a revocable license, on a nonexclusive basis in common with other tenants. If any such license is revoked, or if the amount of such areas is diminished, Landlord shall not be subject to any liability and Tenant shall not be entitled to any compensation or abatement of rent, nor shall such revocation or diminution be deemed constructive or actual eviction.

  • Office Facilities During the Employment Period, the Company will furnish Executive, without charge, suitable office facilities for the purpose of performing his duties hereunder, which facilities shall include secretarial, telephone, clerical and support personnel and services and shall be similar to those furnished to employees of the Company having comparable positions.

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