Financial Transactions Sample Clauses

Financial Transactions. No Restricted Party shall:
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Financial Transactions. No Obligor shall:
Financial Transactions. None of the Obligors shall:
Financial Transactions. Process accounts payable invoices and disbursements including Approved Insurance Carrier invoices.
Financial Transactions. Service Description: On normal business Days, BNY Mellon is required to maintain the below specified throughput for the processing of all financial transactions received in good order based on date of receipt (by fund close which is generally 4:00 pm ET). When NYSE or SIFMA is scheduled to close early, all processing must be complete for transactions received by specified market closing time. Quality is assessed and reported on a monthly basis. * same day unless otherwise specified ** processing will be initiated same day *** depending on the complexity of the adjustment
Financial Transactions. Settlement of financial transactions in the context of commercial exchanges between the Member Countries shall be made in a freely traded currency, in accordance with the rules and laws in force in each one of them, without infringing any agreements or arrangements which may be in force between the Member Countries.
Financial Transactions. The settlement of financial transactions in commercial trade between the Member States will occur in one of the free currencies in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Member States, and without breaking any agreements or effective arrangements among the Member States.
Financial Transactions. Borrow money and issue evidences of indebtedness of the Company; or