Extended Revolving Commitments Sample Clauses

Extended Revolving Commitments. The Borrower shall repay to the Lenders under any Extended Revolving Commitments on the Maturity Date applicable to the Loans under such Extended Revolving Commitments the aggregate principal amount of all Loans outstanding under such Extended Revolving Commitments on such date.
Extended Revolving Commitments. (a) The Borrowers may, with the consent of each Person providing an Extended Revolving Commitment, the Administrative Agent and any Person acting as swingline lender or issuing bank under such Extended Revolving Commitments, amend this Agreement pursuant to an Additional Credit Extension Amendment to provide for Extended Revolving Commitments and to incorporate the terms of such Extended Revolving Commitments into this Agreement on substantially the same basis as provided with respect to the applicable Revolving Commitments; provided that (i) the establishment of any such Extended Revolving Commitments shall be accompanied by a corresponding reduction in the Revolving Commitments of the applicable Class, (ii) any reduction in the applicable Revolving Commitments may, at the option of the Borrowers, be directed to a disproportional reduction of such Revolving Commitments of any Lender providing an Extended Revolving Commitment and (iii) any Extended Revolving Commitments provided pursuant to this clause (a) shall be in a minimum principal amount of $50,000,000 (or, if less, the entire remaining amount of such Class).
Extended Revolving Commitments. (a) Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, on the Amendment No. 1 Effective Date, (i) each Continuing Revolving Lender agrees to continue all or a portion of its Existing Revolving Commitments as Extended Revolving Commitments and (ii) each Additional Revolving Lender agrees to make available Additional Extended Revolving Commitments on such date to the Borrowers in a principal amount equal to such Additional Revolving Lender’s Additional Extended Revolving Commitment. For purposes hereof, an Extended Revolving Lender shall become party to the Credit Agreement as of the Amendment No. 1 Effective Date by executing and delivering to the Administrative Agent, on or prior to the Amendment No. 1 Effective Date, a signed counterpart to this Agreement in its capacity as an Extended Revolving Lender.
Extended Revolving Commitments. (a) The Borrower may at any time and from time to time request that all or a portion of the Revolving Commitments of any Class (the Commitments of such applicable Class, the “Existing Revolving Commitments”) be converted into a new Class of Revolving Commitments (the Commitments of such applicable Class, the “Extended Revolving Commitments”) with terms consistent with this Section 2.15. In order to establish any Extended Revolving Commitments, the Borrower shall provide a notice to the Administrative Agent (an “Extension Request”) setting forth the proposed terms of the Extended Revolving Commitments to be established, which terms shall be substantially identical to those applicable to the Existing Revolving Commitments, as determined by the Borrower in good faith and such determination shall be conclusive evidence that such terms are substantially identical to such Existing Revolving Commitment (unless a Lender shall have objected thereto in writing within five (5) Business Days and has set forth such Lender’s objections with specificity), except that:
Extended Revolving Commitments. (a) On the Amendment Effective Date, all Existing Revolving Commitments of each Revolving Lender that has consented to this Fourth Amendment shall be hereby automatically and irrevocably terminated (it being understood that all (or such lesser amount as set forth on the applicable signature pages hereto) of such Existing Revolving Commitments shall be automatically replaced with Extended Revolving Commitments). If, on the Amendment Effective Date, there are any Existing Revolving Loans outstanding, such Existing Revolving Loans shall, on the Amendment Effective Date, be prepaid to the Lenders thereof from the proceeds of Revolving Loans made under the Amended Credit Agreement, which prepayment will be accompanied by accrued interest on such Existing Revolving Loans being prepaid and any costs incurred by any Lender in accordance with Section 2.16 of the Credit Agreement, subject to clause (c) below.
Extended Revolving Commitments. If the maturity date shall have occurred in respect of any tranche of Revolving Commitments at a time when another tranche or tranches of Revolving Commitments is or are in effect with a longer maturity date, then on the earliest occurring maturity date all then outstanding Swing Line Loans shall be repaid in full on such date (and there shall be no adjustment to the participations in such Swing Line Loans as a result of the occurrence of such maturity date); provided, however, that if on the occurrence of such earliest maturity date (after giving effect to any repayments of Committed Loans and any reallocation of Letter of Credit participations as contemplated in Section 2.03(g)), there shall exist sufficient unutilized Extended Revolving Commitments so that the respective outstanding Swing Line Loans could be incurred pursuant the Extended Revolving Commitments which will remain in effect after the occurrence of such maturity date, then there shall be an automatic adjustment on such date of the participations in such Swing Line Loans and same shall be deemed to have been incurred solely pursuant to the relevant Extended Revolving Commitments, and such Swing Line Loans shall not be so required to be repaid in full on such earliest maturity date.
Extended Revolving Commitments. (a) Each existing Revolving Lender that executes and delivers a signature page to this Agreement indicating that such Person is an “Accepting Revolving Lender” will have agreed to the terms of this Agreement upon the effectiveness of this Agreement on the Extension Agreement and Amendment Effective Date as an Accepting Revolving Lender. The Extended Revolving Commitments of any Accepting Revolving Lender will be the amount set forth opposite such Accepting Revolving Lender on Schedule 1.1A hereto. On and after the Extension Agreement and Amendment Effective Date, each reference in the Credit Agreement and this Agreement to (i) “
Extended Revolving Commitments. (a) Effective as of the Fifth Amendment Effective Date, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, (x) each Extending Revolving Lender shall be deemed to have automatically exchanged (on a dollar-for-dollar basis) its Existing Revolving Commitments for 2021 Extended Revolving Commitments in the amount set forth opposite such Extending Revolving Lender’s name on Schedule I hereto (it being understood and agreed by the parties hereto that the requirement pursuant to Section 2.16(3) of the Existing Credit Agreement that the Borrower deliver the applicable Extension Request in respect of the Revolving Commitment Extension to the Administrative Agent not less than five (5) Business Days prior to the date on which the Lenders holding Existing Revolving Commitments are required to respond thereto is deemed satisfied hereby) and (y) each Revolving Loan (if any) then-outstanding under such Existing Revolving Commitments being exchanged pursuant to the foregoing clause (x) shall automatically be deemed to be outstanding under the 2021 Extended Revolving Commitments and shall constitute 2021 Extended Revolving Loans (the transactions described in this Section 2(a), the “Revolving Commitment Extension”).
Extended Revolving Commitments. The aggregate Amendment No. 6 Extended Revolving Commitments of all Revolving Lenders shall be $1,620,000,000 on the Amendment No. 6 Effective Date, as such amount may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Extended Revolving Commitments. Subject to the terms and conditions to the effectiveness in this Amendment, during the Revolving Commitment Period, each Lender executing this Amendment and identified on Appendix A to this Amendment (each, a “Revolving Lender”) severally represents, warrants, agrees, covenants and reaffirms its obligation to (i) make Revolving Loans to the Company in accordance with Section 2.2(a) of the Credit Agreement and in an aggregate amount up to but not exceeding such Lender’s Revolving Commitment as set forth on Appendix A to this Amendment, (ii) irrevocably purchase from Issuing Bank a participation in each Letter of Credit outstanding on the Second Amendment Effect Date or issued, extended or amended thereafter (and any drawings honoured under such Letters of Credit) in accordance with Section 2.4(e) of the Credit Agreement and (iii) irrevocably purchase from the Swing Line Lender a participation in each Swing Line Loan in accordance with Section 2.3(b)(vi) of the Credit Agreement. Each Credit Party hereby represents, warrants, agrees, covenants and reaffirms (1) that it is not aware of any defense, set off, claim or counterclaim against any Agent or Revolving Lender in regard to its obligations in respect of such Revolving Commitments and (2) its obligation to pay such obligations in respect of such Revolving Commitments in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the other Credit Documents.