Extending Lenders definition

Extending Lenders has the meaning specified in Section 2.08.
Extending Lenders has the meaning set forth in Section 2.24(a)(ii).
Extending Lenders shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.27.

Examples of Extending Lenders in a sentence

  • In connection with any Extension Amendment, at the request of the Administrative Agent or the Extending Lenders, the Borrower shall deliver an opinion of counsel reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent as to the enforceability of this Agreement as amended by such Extension Amendment, and such of the other Loan Documents (if any) as may be amended thereby.

  • To the extent the aggregate amount of additional Revolving Commitments that the Extending Lenders offer pursuant to the preceding sentence exceeds the aggregate amount of the Declining Lenders’ Revolving Commitments, such additional Revolving Commitments shall be reduced on a pro rata basis.

  • The Client has the right to lodge a complaint if he/she believes that his/her interests have been harmed.

  • If a Lender agrees, in its individual and sole discretion, to so extend its Commitment (an "Extending Lender"), it shall deliver to the Agent a written notice of its agreement to do so no earlier than 30 days and no later than 20 days prior to such Revolver Termination Date and the Agent shall notify the Borrower of such Extending Lender's agreement to extend its Commitment no later than 15 days prior to such Revolver Termination Date.

  • If, but only if, Extending Lenders and Replacement Lenders have agreed to provide Commitments in an aggregate amount greater than 50% of the aggregate amount of the Commitments outstanding 30 days prior to the Termination Date in effect at the time the Borrower requests such extension, the Termination Date shall be extended by 364 days for such Extending Lenders and Replacement Lenders, subject, however, to the provisions of subsection (b) of this Section 2.16.

More Definitions of Extending Lenders

Extending Lenders as defined in Subsection 2.8(a).
Extending Lenders is defined in Section 2.17.
Extending Lenders has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 15.1.1(a).
Extending Lenders means in relation to a Facility (other than Facility C), the Lenders participating in that Facility which have agreed to extend the Termination Date of that Facility in accordance with this Clause 7.5.
Extending Lenders see Section 15.1.1(a).
Extending Lenders means each of the undersigned lenders that is not a Non-Extending Lender.
Extending Lenders has the meaning set forth in Section 9.15 hereto.