Equity Compensation Plans Sample Clauses

Equity Compensation Plans. Each award granted by the Company under the Company’s equity compensation plan was granted (i) in accordance with the terms of the Company’s equity compensation plan and (ii) with an exercise price (if applicable) at least equal to the fair market value of the Common Stock on the date such award would be considered granted under GAAP and applicable law. No award granted under the Company’s stock option plan has been backdated. The Company has not knowingly granted, and there is no and has been no Company policy or practice to knowingly grant, equity compensation awards prior to, or otherwise knowingly coordinate the grant of such awards with, the release or other public announcement of material information regarding the Company or its Subsidiaries or their financial results or prospects.
Equity Compensation Plans. During the Employment Term, Executive shall be eligible to receive equity-based compensation to be awarded in the sole discretion of the Committee if the Company and Executive achieve certain performance targets set by the Committee with respect to each fiscal year of the Company ending during the Employment Term. All such equity-based awards shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable plan and agreements, and in all cases shall be as determined by the Committee.
Equity Compensation Plans. Executive shall be entitled to continue to participate in any stock option, restricted stock, stock appreciation rights, or any other equity compensation plan or program sponsored by the Company or its affiliates on the same terms and conditions generally applicable to executives of the Company. Any equity interests or rights to purchase equity interests in the Company held by Executive and issued pursuant to an equity compensation plan shall be administered and subject to the terms of the plan and any amendments thereto.
Equity Compensation Plans. To the extent the Company determines to award stock options, restricted stock units or other similar consideration to management personnel based upon duration of employment, status as an officer of the Company or achievement of performance targets, or any combination of the foregoing, Executive shall be permitted to participate in such programs. For each fiscal year or part thereof during the Employment Term, Executive shall be eligible to receive equity-based compensation in an amount equal up to two hundred percent (200%) of the Base Salary for such fiscal year (or such lesser (including zero) or greater percent of the Salary for such fiscal year as is recommended in good faith to the Committee by the CEO and approved by the Committee) All such equity-based awards shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable plan and agreements, and in all cases shall be as determined by the Committee; provided, however, that such terms and conditions shall be no less favorable to Executive than the terms and conditions applicable to other Executive Vice Presidents (excluding the terms and conditions of special incentive awards granted to Executive Vice Presidents in connection with hire or otherwise granted outside of the ordinary course of business). Executive’s 2009 long-term equity incentive to be granted in 2010 will not be prorated based on Executive’s partial year of employment (i.e., it will be determined as if Executive had been employed by the Company for the entire 2009 calendar year).
Equity Compensation Plans. The description of the Company’s employee share purchase plan and the key employee stock option/stock issuance plan (collectively, the “Equity Compensation Plans”), and the options or other rights granted thereunder, as set forth in the General Disclosure Package and Final Prospectuses accurately and fairly presents, in all material respects, the information required to be shown with respect to such plans, arrangements, options and rights.
Equity Compensation Plans. Section 3.02 Share Option Plans 9 Section 3.03 Long Term Incentive Plan 10 Section 3.04 Bonus Share Retention Plan 10 Section 3.05 International Share Award Plan 11 Section 3.06 Employee Share Option Plans 11 Section 3.07 Responsibility for Tax Withholding, Reporting, and Social Insurance Contributions 12 Section 3.08 No Change of Control 12 Section 3.09 Compliance with Section 409A 12 ARTICLE 4 GENERAL PRINCIPLES FOR ALLOCATION OF LIABILITIES Section 4.01 General Principle 12 Section 4.02 Establishment of DPSG Plans 14 Section 4.03 Transfer of Assets and Liabilities 14 Section 4.04 Service Credit 14 Section 4.05 Plan Administration 15
Equity Compensation Plans. During the Employment Term, the Executive will be eligible to participate in any and all equity compensation plans maintained by Employer for the benefit of its employees.
Equity Compensation Plans. All equity compensation plans of the Converting Entity and all outstanding equity-based awards issued thereunder (including those equity-based awards assumed by the Converting Entity pursuant to Section 2.2 of the Merger Agreement) shall be assumed by the Converted Entity and to the extent that any such plan or award provides for the issuance of Converting Corporation Common Stock, at the Conversion Effective Time, such plan or award shall be deemed to provide for the issuance of Converted Corporation Common Stock.
Equity Compensation Plans. The following shall apply in respect of the Transferred Employees and Isolated Employees, to the extent allowed by any provincial or other applicable law.