Editor’s Note Sample Clauses

Editor’s Note. Project Manager please select appropriate services to be added to or subtracted from this list. Also, refer to Art. 14.2.8 and 14.4 and select any appropriate services which should be added to this list as a Basic Service. (i.e. a laboratory consultant for a Lab building or acoustical engineer for a Performance Facility) a. Architectural Services b. Landscape Architectural Services c. Civil Engineering Services
Editor’s Note. Parts of the premises where the tenant does not have a right to occupy exclusively may be identified in a special term.
Editor’s Note. The 30-month time limit, as in force from April 1, 2002, does not apply in respect of any designated Office which has notified the International Bureau of incompatibility with the national law applied by that Office. The 20-month time limit, as in force until March 31, 2002, continues to apply after that date in respect of any such designated Office for as long as Article 22(1), as modified, continues not to be compatible with the applicable national law. Information received by the International Bureau concerning any such incompatibility is published in the Gazette and on the WIPO website at: xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxx/xx/xxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxx_xxxxxx.xxxx.
Editor’s Note. Since 1980, the program and budget of the Union have been biennial.
Editor’s Note. Project Manager confirm with institution if reproducible copy is required and delete this requirement if possible. If used with above paragraph include only the bullets below. Upon completion of the project, the Project Architect shall revise the drawings and specifications, to incorporate all Addenda, all Change Orders for the Work and any modifications recorded by the Contractor on the As-Built Drawings maintained at the job site. The Project Architect shall label the revised drawings and specifications as “Record Drawings” and “Record Specifications” and shall deliver copies to the Owner for record purposes, as follows: Reproducible Mylar Film Prints “Record Drawings” – blueline “Record Specifications” – diskettes Editor’s Note: LIFE SAFETY ENGINEERING CONSULTANT: OPTIONAL FOR UT AUSTIN PROJECTS – MAY ALSO BE INCLUDING AS A BASIC SERVICE
Editor’s Note. For details concerning amendments and modifications to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and for access to decisions of the Assembly of the International Patent Cooperation Union (PCT Assembly) concerning their entry into force and transitional arrangements, reference should be made to the relevant reports of the PCT Assembly available from the International Bureau or via the WIPO web site at: xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxx/xx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxx.xxx. Details of transitional arrangements adopted in respect of selected amendments, where it appears that those arrangements are likely to be applicable to a significant number of international applications at the time of publication of the present text, are included as Editor’s Notes in the text. Patent Cooperation Treaty Preamble Done at Washington on June 19, 1970, amended on September 28, 1979, modified on February 3, 1984, and on October 3, 2001 TABLE OF CONTENTS* Introductory Provisions
Editor’s Note. Table of Contents and Editor's Notes are added for the convenience of the reader; they do not appear in the signed text of the Treaty.