E-Line Sample Clauses

E-Line a port-based service providing dedicated UNIs for point to point connections. E-Line supports a single EVC between two (2) UNIs.
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E-Line. Point-to-point EVCs. There are two types of E-Line services: Ethernet Private Line, a Port-based service with single EVC across dedicated UNIs; and Ethernet Virtual Private Line, which enables multiple point-to-point EVCs to be delivered over a single UNI to customer premises. •
E-Line. An E-Line is a point-to-point Ethernet service that connects 2 UNIs. Those 2 UNIs can communicate only with each other. E-Lines are used to create: Figure 12: E-Line service type: point-to-point  Ethernet Private Lines  Ethernet Virtual Private Lines  Ethernet Internet access For example, it can be used to replace TDM private lines. E-Line is the most popular Ethernet service type due to its simplicity.

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  • Picket Line It shall not be considered a violation of this Agreement for an employee to refuse to cross a picket line which has been legally established as a result of a bona fide labour dispute between a recognized Trade Union and an Employer with whom the picketing Union has a dispute.

  • Crossing Picket Lines The Company will not expect an employee to cross a picket line, including a picket line at a customer site, if to do so would place the employee's life, limb or personal property in jeopardy.

  • Network Facilities At the time of termination, the Transmission Provider and the Interconnected Entities shall keep in place any portion of the Interconnection Facilities that the Transmission Provider deems necessary for the safety, integrity and/or reliability of the Transmission System. Otherwise, Transmission Provider may, in its discretion, within 30 days following termination of Interconnection Service, require the removal of all or any part of the Interconnection Facilities.

  • Existing Facilities Each of the Existing Facilities shall be repaid in full and terminated and all collateral security therefor shall be released, and the Administrative Agent shall have received pay-off letters in form and substance satisfactory to it evidencing such repayment, termination and release.

  • Rest Facilities The District shall designate restroom and lunchroom facilities at each work site.

  • Laundry Facilities SF State University assumes no responsibility in the use of laundry equipment or for lost items.

  • Generating Facility The Interconnection Customer’s device for the production of electricity identified in the Interconnection Request, but shall not include the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities.

  • Purpose of Interconnection Facilities Except as may be required by Applicable Laws and Regulations, or as otherwise agreed to among the Parties, the Interconnection Facilities shall be constructed for the sole purpose of interconnecting the Large Generating Facility to the Participating TO’s Transmission System and shall be used for no other purpose.

  • Water Supply The system may or may not meet state and local requirements. It is the right and responsibility of Buyer to determine the compliance of the system with state and local requirements. [For additional information on this subject, request the “Water Supply and Waste Disposal Notification” form.]

  • Crossing of Picket Lines 15 Employees in the bargaining unit, while acting in the course of their employment, 16 shall not refuse to cross any picket line established by any labor organization when called 17 upon to cross such picket line in the line of duty. It is understood, however, that no 18 employee shall be disciplined or discharged for refusal to cross a picket line:

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