Domestic Water Sample Clauses

Domestic Water. The Landlord will stub into each demised area cold water and 140 degrees softened hot water. The Tenant will use the 120 degrees hard hot water where it is practical for the Landlord to provide it and for Tenant to use it. The size of the supply taps will be specified by the Landlord's engineer.
Domestic Water. (a) Domestic water shall be valved and capped at one location for each 20,000 usable square feet.
Domestic Water. 5.2.1 Defense Waste Processing Facility
Domestic Water. 3030: 1 (one) 4” main service and 1 (one) 2-1/2” main service (capped and not used)
Domestic Water. A metered incoming mains water supply is provided. The main will supply storage tank located in the basement sized to provide water for one working day in the event of supply mains failure. From the tank water is boosted throughout the building to serve toilets and tenant vending/tea rooms for which capped branches are incorporated in Cores A and C. Connections are also made to mechanical plant, washdown taps and window cleaning equipment. Within each toilet area an unvented local electric water heater is provided to serve wash hand basin. Hot water to vending/drinks rooms will installed by the occupier.
Domestic Water. A. Building to be provided with a complete cold and hot water distribution system. The system shall include but not be limited to, service into the building from the on site main, meter, storage type hot water generators, piping distribution system and connections to plumbing fixtures and other equipment requiring same.
Domestic Water. The Contractor shall give notice to the Owner’s Representative at least fifteen (15) calendar days in advance of the date on which he wishes to interrupt Domestic Water service to the building or portions thereof. The duration of each separate interruption shall not exceed four (4) hours. No interruptions may take place except on weekends between the hour of 6:00 a.m. on Saturdays and the hour of 9:00 p.m. on Sundays. The Contractor may otherwise interrupt service at any time and duration provided that written permission from the Owner’s Representative to do so has been obtained by the Contractor. The Owner’s Representative may restrict interruptions otherwise PROVIDED: that in such event there shall be an adjustment in the work schedule; and PROVIDED FURTHER: that there shall be no restrictions otherwise except in an emergency affecting the safety of property, health, or life.
Domestic Water. Available from a location determined by Landlord. Extension of service shall be at a point determined by Landlord, routing shall be performed by Tenant at Tenant's expense.