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Domestic Water Well means a water well, designed and constructed to pump fifty (50) gallons per minute or less, used by a person or by a family unit or household for normal household uses and for the irrigation of lands not exceeding two (2) acres in area for the growing of gardens, orchards, and lawns, and keeping domestic animals. Domestic water wells are exempt from the application of these rules and regulations.
Domestic Water Well means a source or supply of potable water consisting of a pipe sunk in the ground, either drilled or augured by a licensed well driller. The water must be pumped to the surface with a submersible pump.
Domestic Water Well means a well providing water to any water supply system furnishing water for human consumption other than a public water supply system.

Examples of Domestic Water Well in a sentence

  • The applicant shall complete the form titled “Acceptance of Conditions and Approval for Domestic Water Well Use for an Accessory Dwelling” and return to Community Services Department (CSD) for approval.

  • Addenda Incorporated: Additional Clause Domestic Water Well Lead-Based Paint DisclosureLoan Assumption On-Site Wastewater Treatment Facility Schedule of Personal Property Seller FinancingSolar Assumption Other: Escrow: This Contract shall be used as escrow instructions.

  • An Ordinance Amending The FY 2017-18 Budget By Appropriating $60,000 From The Steese Fire Service Area Fund Balance To The Capital Projects Fund For The Steese VFD Station #2 (A.K.A. #62) Domestic Water Well Installation Project.

  • While most of the wetlands in the study area are not connected to groundwater due to a shale and clay soil barrier (Domestic Water Well Assessment, 2007), there are a few areas where groundwater recharge occurs, although it is not known whether there are domestic wells in these areas (AECOM, 2011).

  • The specifications for the Domestic Water Well represent features best suited to the intended use of the water well system.

  • The owner should submit a report to the City for review and approval.5. Domestic Water Well DataThe City currently has 5 Community water supply wells and one additional standby well.

  • As such, Small Public Water Systems, and domestic systems that are not completed under the Domestic Water Well Program do not currently have a minimum legislated standard for construction.

  • The owner should submit a report to the City for review and approval.5. Domestic Water Well Data‌The City currently has 5 Community water supply wells and one additional standby well.

  • Yukon will provide all Domestic Water Well Program funding, as available through appropriation by the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

  • Task 1 - Domestic Water Well Sampling was completed in August, 2007.

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Domestic Water Well means a well which is a source or supply for domestic use. “Irrigating” or “irrigation” means the supply of water by artificial means.
Domestic Water Well means a well devoted exclusively to the residential and related yard, garden and barnyard uses within the curtilage of a dwelling located on the same parcel of land as the served dwelling house or upon another parcel of land respecting which the owner of the served dwelling has a legally cognizable interest in the nature of real property. Such uses as recognized in this
Domestic Water Well means a water well used to supply water for the domestic needs of an individual residence or system of four or less service connections (or "hook-ups" as they are often called).

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  • Water well means an excavation that is drilled, cored, bored, augered, washed, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed for the purpose of exploring for groundwater, monitoring groundwater, utilizing the geothermal properties of the ground, or extracting water from or injecting water into the aquifer. “Water well” does not include an open ditch or drain tiles or an excavation made for obtaining or prospecting for oil, natural gas, minerals, or products mined or quarried.

  • Domestic wastewater means wastewater with a measured strength less than “high-strength wastewater” and is the type of wastewater normally discharged from, or similar to, that discharged from plumbing fixtures, appliances and other household devices including, but not limited to toilets, bathtubs, showers, laundry facilities, dishwashing facilities, and garbage disposals. Domestic wastewater may include wastewater from commercial buildings such as office buildings, retail stores, and some restaurants, or from industrial facilities where the domestic wastewater is segregated from the industrial wastewater. Domestic wastewater may also include incidental RV holding tank dumping but does not include wastewater consisting of a significant portion of RV holding tank wastewater such as at RV dump stations. Domestic wastewater does not include wastewater from industrial processes.

  • Gas well means a well producing gas or natural gas from a common source of gas supply as determined by the commission.

  • Domestic winery means a place where wines are manufactured

  • Dry well means a well which is not a productive well or a service well. A productive well is a well which is capable of producing oil and gas in commercial quantities or in quantities considered by the operator to be sufficient to justify the costs required to complete, equip and produce the well.

  • Domestic Waste means waste, excluding hazardous waste, that emanates from premises that are used wholly or mainly for residential, educational, health care, sport or recreation purposes, which include:

  • Deep well means a well located and constructed in such a manner that there is a continuous layer of low permeability soil or rock at least 5 feet thick located at least 25 feet below the normal ground surface and above the aquifer from which water is to be drawn.

  • Oil well means any well which produces or appears capable of producing a ratio of less than six thousand (6,000) cubic feet of gas to each one (1) barrel of oil on the basis of the initial gas-oil ratio test.

  • Shallow well means a well located and constructed in such a manner that there is not a continuous layer of low-permeability soil or rock (or equivalent retarding mechanism acceptable to the department) at least 5 feet thick, the top of which is located at least 25 feet below the normal ground surface and above the aquifer from which water is to be drawn.

  • Domestic septage means either liquid or solid material removed from a septic tank, cesspool, portable toilet, Type III marine sanitation device, or similar treatment works that receives only domestic sewage. Domestic septage does not include liquid or solid material removed from a septic tank, cesspool, or similar treatment works that receives either commercial wastewater or industrial wastewater and does not include grease removed from grease trap at a restaurant.

  • Horizontal well means a well bore drilled laterally at an angle of at least eighty (80) degrees to the vertical or with a horizontal projection exceeding one hundred (100) feet measured from the initial point of penetration into the productive formation through the terminus of the lateral in the same common source of supply.

  • Domestic sewage means waste and wastewater from humans, or household operations that is discharged to or otherwise enters a treatment works.

  • Static water level means the level at which the water stands in the well when the well is not being pumped and is expressed as the distance from a fixed reference point to the water level in the well.

  • Natural Gas Liquids means those hydrocarbon components that can be recovered from natural gas as liquids including, but not limited to, ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes plus, condensate and small quantities of non-hydrocarbons.

  • stratigraphic test well means a drilling effort, geologically directed, to obtain information pertaining to a specific geologic condition. Ordinarily, such wells are drilled without the intention of being completed for hydrocarbon production. They include wells for the purpose of core tests and all types of expendable holes related to hydrocarbon exploration. Stratigraphic test wells are classified as (i) "exploratory type" if not drilled into a proved property; or (ii) "development type", if drilled into a proved property. Development type stratigraphic wells are also referred to as "evaluation wells".

  • UNIMPROVED REAL PROPERTY means Property in which the Company has an equity interest that was not acquired for the purpose of producing rental or other operating income, that has no development or construction in process and for which no development or construction is planned, in good faith, to commence within one (1) year.

  • Ordinary high water mark (NR 115.03(6)) means the point on the bank or shore up to which the presence and action of surface water is so continuous as to leave a distinctive mark such as by erosion, destruction or prevention of terrestrial vegetation, predominance of aquatic vegetation, or other easily recognized characteristics.

  • Domestic use means that portion of metered water service, electricity, electrical current, natural, artificial or propane gas, wood, coal or home heating oil, and in any city not within a county, metered or unmetered water service, which an individual occupant of a residential premises uses for nonbusiness, noncommercial or nonindustrial purposes. Utility service through a single or master meter for residential apartments or condominiums, including service for common areas and facilities and vacant units, shall be deemed to be for domestic use. Each seller shall establish and maintain a system whereby individual purchases are determined as exempt or nonexempt;

  • mean high water springs or “MHWS” means the highest level which spring tides reach on average over a period of time;

  • Mining overburden returned to the mine site means any material overlying an economic mineral deposit which is removed to gain access to that deposit and is then used for reclamation of a surface mine.

  • Exploration Well means a well that is not a development well, a service well or a stratigraphic test well.

  • Drilling unit means the area fixed for the drilling of one well by order or rule of any state or federal body having authority. If a Drilling Unit is not fixed by any such rule or order, a Drilling Unit shall be the drilling unit as established by the pattern of drilling in the Contract Area unless fixed by express agreement of the Drilling Parties.

  • Subject Lands means the lands subject to or covered by the oil and gas leases described in Exhibit A, insofar and only insofar as they cover the Target Formation, subject to the exceptions, exclusions and reservations set forth on such Exhibit A.

  • Test Well means a well constructed for the purpose of obtaining information needed to design a well prior to its construction. Test wells are cased and can be converted to observation or monitoring wells and under certain circumstances to production wells

  • Fresh water means water having a specific conductivity less than a solution containing six thousand (6,000) parts per million of sodium chloride.

  • Eligible production company means that term as defined under section 455 of the Michigan business tax act, 2007 PA 36, MCL 208.1455.