Discover Sample Clauses

Discover. If Merchant has chosen to accept Discover Card Transactions in the Merchant Application, Merchant must accept Discover Cards at all Merchant establishments, including in payment for purchases of goods and services, for charitable contributions and for Cash Over Transactions (subject to the terms of the Operating Guide), when properly presented for payment by a Cardholder. Subject to this Section, a Merchant must create a Transaction Receipt for each Discover Card Transaction and deliver at least one copy of the Transaction Receipt to the Cardholder. A Merchant may issue a Cash Over (subject to the terms of the Operating Guide) in connection with a Discover Card Transaction. Merchant must deliver a single Authorization Request for the aggregate total of the goods/services purchase amount and the Cash Over amount. In addition, the Transaction Receipt must include both the purchase amount and the Cash Over amount.
Discover. We have no liability for not processing or settling a retained Discover merchant’s Discover Cards (as defined by Discover).
Discover or “Discovery” means with respect to a given Nanobody, that such Nanobody was identified, made, developed, created, derived, discovered, characterized, selected, raised against or generated against, or otherwise optimized in the performance of a Research Program. Also, with respect to the rights retained by Ablynx in Sections 2.12.2, 2.12.5 and 2.12.7, and with respect to the licenses granted to Ablynx under Section 3.2.2, the terms “discover” and “discovery” shall be interpreted as having essentially the same meaning as the terms “Discover” or “Discovery” (except that in the terms “discover” or “discovery” as used in these Section do not relate to Nanobodies identified, made, developed, created, derived, discovered, characterized, selected or otherwise optimized in the performance of a Research Program).
Discover. “us,” or “we” means Discover Bank and/or its affiliates;
Discover and any derivation such as Discovered or Discovery -------- with appropriate adjustments in tense as the context shall require) shall mean, with respect to any Gene, to isolate, clone, identify and sequence that Gene.
Discover. Discover Financial Services, Inc.
Discover. GCO/Sales/CA/Para/Lawyer 1 ABSA Rev. 04/11/16 Confidential
Discover. HEALTH® - Population Health Management and Wellness Consulting & Servicesi. Consulting to assist with strategy development and program design
Discover or "Discovery". Discover or Discovery shall mean any activities conducted to discover and characterize siRNAs as potential therapeutics in the Field and to support the designation of the same as Development Candidates in connection with the Proceed-To-PDP Determination or thereafter in connection with an Additional Product Development Program.
Discover or “Discovered” means, with respect to any Licensed Product (a) the invention, discovery or identification of such Licensed Product; (b) the identification of the function, utility or mode of action of such Licensed Product in the Field; or (c) the identification of a new method of synthesizing such Licensed Product.