Discover Sample Clauses

Discover. We have no liability for not processing or settling a retained Discover merchant’s Discover Cards (as defined by Discover).
Discover. If Merchant has chosen to accept Discover® Card Transactions in the Merchant Application, Merchant must accept Discover® Cards at all Merchant establishments, including in payment for purchases of goods and services, for charitable contributions and for Cash Over Transactions (subject to the terms of the Operating Guide), when properly presented for payment by a Cardholder. Subject to this section, a Merchant must create a Transaction Receipt for each Discover® Card Transaction and deliver at least one copy of the Transaction Receipt to the Cardholder. A Merchant may issue a Cash Over (subject to the terms of the Operating Guide) in connection with a Discover Card Transaction. The Merchant must deliver a single Authorization Request for the aggregate total of the goods/services purchase amount and the Cash Over amount. In addition, the Transaction Receipt must include both the purchase amount and the Cash Over amount.
Discover. Card No. Exp. CVV/CVC Code (security digits on card) Billing Street Address Billing City, State, Postal Cardholder’s Name (as it appears on card)
Discover. ® batteries are specifically designed and produced for particular float or cyclic applications and warranted to have a float or cycle life. Warranty is void on any float type product used in cyclic applications or that upon verification is found to be cycled out, or determined that the frequency of discharges has exceeded acceptable levels based on requirements for safety and performance as maybe defined by DEC and/or Telcordia #SR- 4228 (or other industry recognized body) battery string Certification levels based on requirements for safety and performance. This would include for example Float Service 12V33AH batteries used in wheelchair applications or Tel/UPS/HR type batteries used in Broadband applications.
Discover. Patient with insurance: The patient is responsible for the estimated non-covered portion of the services provided to them and/or deductibles or co-pays at the time of service. Please be familiar with your dental benefit plan. If the insurance company does not provide reimbursement, our follow-up will be limited to filing an additional courtesy claim on your behalf. After 60 days, if the balance remains unpaid, the patient will be responsible for the remaining balance. Parents not accompanying their child to an appointment must make prior arrangements for payment (cash, check, or credit card authorization). Parents accompanying their child (<18 years old) are financially responsible for payment. There is a $30.00 processing charge for non-sufficient funds or returned checks. A two-week deposit will be required for certain procedures due to the lab fees, operatory room, instruments, and personnel that are reserved exclusively for your appointment. These appointments take considerable time and preparation to complete. Our office must be contacted during normal business hours at least 48 hours before the appointment if it needs to be rescheduled. Refunds will not be given for broken appointments without proper notice.
Discover. Opera is not able to link any usage related data to individual per sons. The service collects the web addresses (not content of the webpages), IP- addresses, the end-user device make and model, and a randomly generated identifi er for the Software. Opera stores and processes usage related log data to provid e, debug, maintain and optimize the service. Opera server logs are kept for up t o six months. Usage related log data are also used to generate aggregated and an onymized statistics for Opera’s own use, and for reporting usage to Opera’s customer s.
Discover. The next NSA implemented was with Discover, another financial institution. Filed with the PRC as MC2004-4, this agreement was the first functionally equivalent NSA; available to co-proponents who were in similar mailing situations to Capital One. While Discover does not mail as much as Capital One, it still represents a significant portion of the mail stream. In addition, both firms use a mix of First-Class and Standard Mail to solicit new customers. The deal contained the same elements of the Capital One NSA: foregoing physical returns in favor of electronic ACS, and new First-Class solicitation mail driven by volume discounts. Discover’s volume history was more stable than Capital One’s in the immediate period before implementation of the NSA. Its overall use of the mail, and its mix of Standard Mail and First-Class Mail, was more consistent than that of Capital One. Only two years of the NSA have been completed to date.18 Table 5. Discover Historical Volume Historical Volume Active NSA Volume Year -3 Year -2 Year -1 Year 1 Year 2 FC Operational 309.0 333.0 313.0 300.4 300.3 FC Marketing 209.0 196.0 138.0 196.9 192.5 Std Marketing 591.1 499.8 483.8 471.6 692.4 The primary issue of contention with the Discover NSA was the fact that the volume threshold for discounts was below the before rates volume forecast provided by Discover. This meant that for the first time the Commission and the 18 Due to the filing in the middle of 2004, there is a gap in the volume data available. interveners had to consider leakage discounts a nearly unavoidable aspect of the deal made between the co-proponents. In the first year of the NSA, Discover received discounts on First-Class marketing mail that even USPS agrees would have been sent without any discounts. The leakage incorporated into the deal produces net losses with all elasticities considered in our analysis. Discover responded to the NSA by sending an amount of First-Class marketing mail consistent with its historical pattern, raising questions about the efficacy of the discounts in inducing new mail volume. In the periodic data reports, USPS cites the decrease in Standard Mail and the increase in First- Class Mail as an indication that the deal is working better than expected at developing new First-Class contribution. However, the data suggest that while some mail may have been encouraged to remain in First-Class, a significant amount of the First-Class Mail was anyhow volume. The resulting leakage is very difficu...
Discover. 2 ALIGN Build strategic partnerships through knowledge sharing and understanding objectives and opportunities. • Learn • Educate Engage appropriate resources, develop a strategy and align customized solutions and services. • Assess • Design 4 MANAGE 3 DELIVER Xxxxxx lasting personal relationships for a meaningful impact on those we serve. • Optimize • Retain Execute strategy to unite professionals and achieve success. • Engage • Match Figure 1. Our Kforce Knowledge Process ensures that you receive the right match.
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