Determination of whether Sample Clauses

Determination of whether a Bias or Apprehension of Bias Exists
Determination of whether an external enterprise is carrying out agency work
Determination of whether an external enterprise is carrying out agency work In order to quickly determine whether agency work is carried out in specific cases, the shop xxxxxxx in the user enterprise may request information from the user enterprise concerning external enterprises carrying out work for the user enterprise of a nature that could otherwise logically be carried out by the user enterprise’s own employees. The request must be related to one or more external enterprises working for the user enterprise. If the parties still disagree as to whether the work is agency work after they have exchanged information locally and have discussed the matter, the 3F Transport Group may ask the Danish Chamber of CommerceEmployers to arrange a clarifying meeting. Minutes of the local discussions must be forwarded together with the request for such a meeting. The 3F Transport Group may also request a clarifying meeting to be organised by the Danish Chamber of Commerce – Employers in the event that no local discussion of an external enterprise’s work for the user enterprise has been possible because no shop xxxxxxx had been elected in the user enterprise.
Determination of whether an approved leave falls into this category shall be the sole discretion of the University.
Determination of whether an individual has been convicted of a felony crime in each state where the individual has resided during the past seven years;
Determination of whether a situation is critical shall consider any deceleration or acceleration of the ALKS vehicle after it has crossed the lane marking.
Determination of whether a Material Breach exists, provided the County shall not have a vote with respect to any determination of a Material Breach by the County (in which case Special Majority Approval will not require County approval); (xvii) Determination of the sufficiency of any cure to a Material Breach; (xviii) Approval of any Budget modification(s) requiring Executive Committee approval under a Service Provider Agreement and timely determination of adjustments to Service Provider disbursements as required under the Service Provider Agreements; (xix) Approval and revision of Operating Committee plans to address material variances between the SPV Operating Account and the Funding Plans identified in SPV OC Quarterly Report; (xx) Determining whether to allow SPV to assign its rights, duties and obligations under this PFS Contract (other than any assignment pursuant to the Loan Agreements); (xxi) Determining whether to terminate evaluation, project future outcomes, or continue evaluation in the event a Project or this PFS Contract is terminated early, and determining how Success Payments will be paid on such future outcomes, if at all; (xxii) Determining whether, as an alternative to early termination of this PFS Contract upon an event of default by SPV under any Loan Agreement, to repay the applicable Lender any principal amounts drawn on to date and interest accrued on such drawn ... (xxiii) Approving any amendment to the Escrow Agreement which would have a material adverse effect on this PFS Contract. (xxiv) Approving alternate methods to determine Success Payments if required pursuant to Section 10.01(b)(iv); and (xxv) Determining whether to prepay any Lender after Quarter 18 under 4.02(e)(ii)(C) or in the event of a termination of this PFS Contract pursuant to Section 11.01(b)(ix) relating to a County determination to scale the Projects and determining that t... (xxvi) Approval of the termination of any Service Provider Agreement or the replacement of any Service Provider or any successor thereto; (xxvii) Any other matters pertaining to the administration or operation of the Projects or this PFS Contract but only to the extent such matters relate to the rights of the Funders hereunder or under the Loan Agreements, or the timing or amount of Suc... (xxviii) Any matters referred to the Executive Committee by the Operating Committee.

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  • Determination of Seniority Seniority records shall be maintained by the University and shall be based on the employee's seniority date. The University shall maintain current records on seniority for use in the application of these provisions and they shall be available whenever a Union representative shall raise a question of seniority. Such lists and records shall also show the job title and latest employment date with the University for each person, and a copy of the list shall be furnished to the Union every six (6) months, upon request.