Deterioration Sample Clauses

Deterioration. Repairs, work required or parts exposed as the result of age, storage, weathering, lack of use, demonstration use, or for transportation of corrosive chemicals.
Deterioration. Despite any rule of Law to the contrary:
Deterioration. Lender reasonably determines that the condition of the Property has materially deteriorated.
Deterioration. 9. Immediately to notify the Landlord of any deterioration of the Property or of the Fixtures, Fittings, Furnishings and Effects whatever may be the cause thereof. Activities
Deterioration. 10.1 The Supplier shall protect any item of Work or part thereof that might deteriorate during transportation, storage or installation.
Deterioration. Any damage other than normal wear resulting from proper use will be charged to the lessee (parts and labour). Parts will be charged for their replacement value if they are not repairable.
Deterioration. TMCC reasonably determines that the condition of any material portion of the Collateral has deteriorated to such a degree that it impairs the security of TMCC therein.
Deterioration. The Customer will be responsible for any damage caused by him or by the people with him in the car (except the Driver) or the Passenger (s) during the Service, inside the Car, and will be invoiced accordingly for any repairs or repairs necessary to restore the Car to good working order and / or cleanliness and / or presentation.
Deterioration. The Occupant understands that storing an empty spa for more than two (2) months is not recommended due to natural deterioration. The Occupant acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for any natural occurrence that could happen to the spa including non-working equipment (Pumps, Heaters, Electrical Components), leaking pipes, rotting wood, etc.
Deterioration of business or financial conditions, inability to pay off due debts, or being involved or about to be involved in major litigation or arbitration proceedings and other legal disputes, which the Lender believes may or has affected or prejudiced the Lender’s rights and interests hereunder;