Demands Sample Clauses

Demands. Each indemnified party agrees that promptly upon its discovery of facts giving rise to a claim for indemnity under the provisions of this Agreement, including receipt by it of notice of any demand, assertion, claim, action or proceeding, judicial or otherwise, by any third party (such third party actions being collectively referred to herein as the “Indemnity Claim”), with respect to any matter as to which it claims to be entitled to indemnity under the provisions of this Agreement, it will give prompt notice thereof in writing to the indemnifying party, together with a statement of such information respecting any of the foregoing as it shall have. Such notice shall include a formal demand for indemnification under this Agreement. The indemnifying party shall not be obligated to indemnify the indemnified party with respect to any Indemnity Claim if the indemnified party knowingly failed to notify the indemnifying party thereof in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement to the extent that knowing failure to notify actually results in material prejudice or damage to the indemnifying party.
Demands. Any demand on or notice made or required to be given pursuant to this Guaranty shall be in writing and shall be delivered in hand, mailed by United States registered or certified first class mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, sent by overnight courier, or sent by telegraph, telecopy, telefax or telex and confirmed by delivery via courier or postal service, addressed as follows:
Demands. This factor measures the type, amount, continuity and frequency of the physical effort required by the job. It covers stamina as well as strength. It takes into account all forms of bodily effort, for example, that required for standing and walking, lifting and carrying, pulling and pushing. It also includes the physical demands involved in working in awkward positions, for example, bending, crouching, stretching; for sitting, standing or working in a constrained position; and for maintaining the required pace of work.
Demands. The Parent Guarantor undertakes unconditionally and irrevocably immediately upon receipt of any written demand by the Agent from time to time to make payment(s) in accordance with its guarantee obligations (the “Guarantee Obligations”) under Clause 16.1 (Guarantee obligations) where such demand is accompanied by a statement of the Agent that a payment has fallen due under this Agreement, that the Borrower has failed to make such payment when due and that notice of such non-payment has been issued. Each such payment so demanded shall be made by the Parent Guarantor to such account as the Agent may from time to time notify in writing.
Demands. Each demand by Lender for performance or payment hereunder shall be in writing and shall be made in the manner set forth in Section 3.7 below. A dated statement signed by an officer of Lender setting forth the amount of indebtedness at the time owing to Lender by Borrower under the Loan Documents shall be presumptive evidence thereof (subject to rebuttal) as between Guarantor and Lender in any legal proceedings against Guarantor in connection with this Guaranty.
Demands. Any demand for payment made by the Collateral Agent shall be valid and effective even if it contains no statement of the relevant Obligations or an inaccurate or incomplete statement of them.
Demands. Except in cases where demand or notice by a single party is specifically provided for in this ESCROW AGREEMENT or in the Agreement, the ESCROW AGENT shall not be bound to recognize any notice, demand or change of instructions as having any effect on this escrow unless given in writing and signed by all parties considered by the ESCROW AGENT to be affected thereby.
Demands. Each demand by LHC for performance or payment hereunder shall be in writing and shall be made in the manner set forth in Section 4.1. Interest shall accrue at the Default Interest Rate on all sums not paid by the Guarantor to LHC within ten (10) days after demand.
Demands. A Demand shall specify: (i) the aggregate number of Registrable Securities requested to be registered in such Demand Registration, (ii) the intended method of disposition in connection with such Demand Registration, to the extent then known, and (iii) the identity of the Affiliated Shareholder or Affiliated Shareholders (each, a "Demanding Holder") requesting such Demand. Within twenty (20) days after receipt of a Demand, the Company shall give written notice of such Demand to all other Affiliated Shareholders. Subject to Section 2.1(h), the Company shall include in such registration all Registrable Securities with respect to which the Company has received a written request for inclusion therein within fifteen (15) days after the Company's notice required by this paragraph has been given. Such written notice shall comply with the requirements of a Demand as set forth in this Section 2.1(b).
Demands. Agent is hereby authorized and instructed to obtain demands for payment of any recorded liens against the Property and, after approval of such demands by Seller (which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld), to pay such demands and secure the release of such liens at the Closing out of the funds deposited into Escrow by Seller or Buyer.