Crops Sample Clauses

Crops. All crops now growing or hereafter to be grown, together with all products and proceeds thereof (the "Crops"), on that certain real property described in the attached Exhibit "A" (the "Real Property"). (vi)
Crops. Lessee will plan its surface operations in a manner that will reduce or minimize intrusion into crop fields. In the event such an intrusion cannot be avoided, Lessee shall compensate Lessor for the damage or loss of growing crops at current market value.
Crops. Tenant shall NOT commit any of the following acts without the prior written consent of Landlord:
Crops. All crops now growing or hereafter planted or grown, whether harvested, unharvested or stored; all products of crops and all seed, fertilizer, chemicals and supplies used or produced in connection with any crop.
Crops. Parties agree that crops planted or growing on the premises at the time of the transfer of the ownership of the respective premises between Optionor and Optionee following an exercise of the Option by Optionee, shall remain the property of the Optionor. Parties further agree that Optionee shall have the right following the closing of escrow to enter upon the property transferred to it to commence construction thereon of improvements contemplated by it, but in such event Optionee shall reimburse Optionor for the fair market value of any planted or growing crops damaged or destroyed by reason of such construction, said value to be determined by an independent appraiser. Parties further agree that the Optionor after closing escrow shall have the continued right to access to the premises transferred to undertake and complete all necessary field work until the crop thereon is harvested.
Crops. All crops growing on the Property. Seller will retain the right to harvest all growing crops until delivery of possession of the Property to a buyer.
Crops. All parties acknowledge that Don Baalman has planted wheat on the above noted real estate and that he will be entitled to harvest said wheat crop in year 2002 for his benefit.
Crops a. Only crops which can be harvested within one year (and only in an assigned plot) may be grown. Existing trees (coconuts, avocados, ulus, oranges, etc) and other types of plants are under the jurisdiction of the FOC.
Crops. “Crops” collectively means any and all of Tenant’s right, title and interest in any and all crops currently growing, harvested, or to be grown upon the Land under the respective Lease, whether remaining located on the Land or in storage or other facilities and the proceeds of the sale or other disposition of the same. The Crops are owned solely and exclusively by Tenant.